weekend fun

Monday, March 15, 2010

i like weekends.

i like driving to pittsburgh.

i like my friends.

i like whiskey.

i like pictures.

i love the cavs.

i hate the celtics.

as i headed to pittsburgh saturday morning for one of my best friends bridal showers the above picture happened.... there's a happy ending though - i just got a warning!! score.

i'm so honored to be in my friend teen's wedding this april, and the next month with the bachelorette party and the wedding itself it's going to be a fun time. from left to right, meet the bridesmaids... lara, me, amie, the bride teen, lee-anna and diva

with much work to do on sunday i drove back to cleveland after teen's wonderful shower in pittsburgh with plans to stay in and "be good" for the remainder of saturday night.

i was swayed a bit...

the grevey sisters! poo poo, norah and ellen at reddstone

the reason for the reddstone get together was my friend drew's 30th birthday. that's drew there rocking sonpal's (dude on the right) sweet, sweet t-shirt

aside from t-shirt modeling drew also had a blast playing DJ with sonpal who was obviously playing good tunes as the following happened...

poo poo rocking the heck out, with MOB and ellen as backup dancers of course...

sunday brought lunch at the greenhouse tavern with salami rose, mark and jill before the cavs vs celtics game.

yes, the cavs won.

literally our entire section (133) tried to get the above sign on the jumbotron throughout the entire game. we danced, we yelled in unison at the cameraman, we chanted, but still no camera action - FAIL. again.

at least the sign salami rose made was cute...

'twas a good weekend kids and i hope yours was as well.


two announcements:

1. only two days left to donate $16 to Providence House to help tuck a baby in tonight.

2. my buddy scott sargent, who is an editor of the cleveland sports blog waiting for next year, has been chosen as a top four finalist in the FSO "Blog Sports Ohio" sports blogger contest. and if you are so obliged, sending an online vote his way this week would be much appreciated because obviously we need a cleveland sports blogger to win... vote as many times as you can!


  1. Clearly you weren't doing enough favors for the cameraman... because I'm quite certain he heard your request. =)

  2. Ummm, the next time you come to Pittsburgh give me a yell, I'll come meet you for coffee somewhere along the way.

    Your weekends are always so full of friends, I love it!

  3. I love a good weekend retreat too.

    Now, onto better weather!

  4. I love that picture of poo poo! She has been a dancing machine the past 2 weekends.

  5. What do you think of Reddstone? They invited me to come check them out. Certainly looks like you guys had a good time!

  6. Your friends all have the coolest names!

  7. those cameramen are total jerks! that's a fantastic sign. psh.

  8. You look SO PRETTY in the pic from the shower.

    That is all. :)

  9. That sign should be made for every game (obviously with the night's opponent name in place of Celtics) until it sees screen time.

    You truly do live the dream Alexa. My life fails in comparison!

  10. Just wanted to drop you a note that I donated to Providence House. I don't know if your links notify you so you know how close you are to your goal. Also, I linked to you on my blog today.

    Yay for babies!

  11. ugh! i'm so jealous you just got a warning! EVERYTIME i have gotten pulled over, i have gotten a ticket!! never once have i had a warning!!!!

  12. heres my opinion. kids are good for one thing, getting attention. people think they are just soooo cute. you get a kid to hold up that sign and pick their nose, or do some cock-a-mamey dance, and itll get on the jumbo tron.

    no doubt.

  13. that sign is awesome, i don't know why they wouldn't have put it on the big scren, let alone sports center! i mean really.

  14. That sign is awesome. That camera operator gets a major fail for not hooking you guys up

  15. Congrats on not getting a ticket. I can't believe you took a pic of that! Glad you had such a fun weekend... love the pics!

  16. Glad you just got a warning;
    You do look pretty in the shower pic;
    and in real life;
    I just really like dancing but as evidenced by that picture am not very good at it. Ugh.

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