who's a bad influence? me? never.

Friday, March 26, 2010

freshman year at university of dayton i was matched up with a wonderful random roommate named mary.

we were total opposites in that she was a viola major and actually went to class freshman year while i focused more on not going to class and spending my evenings at the bar. we did have one thing in common though, we liked to smoke lots of cigarettes - along with the rest of our floor, 6 Adele, for that matter.

despite our differences we still got along very well, and i got a kick out of "teaching" her things.

when she came to UD, she had never drank, never had sex, never smoked pot, never wore makeup and never had a boyfriend.

now i don't want to say i was a bad influence on her, but i may or may not have gotten her drunk off of three zima's causing her to puke in our room's sink.
not too long after the zima incident mary got a boyfriend, a fellow classically trained musician who was just perfect for her.

we are all adults here, and i don't need to be teaching you about the birds and the bees, but the time soon came when these two consenting adults thought it would be a good idea to start inserting tab A into slot B...

because of this, i had a "talk" with mary about it. telling her to go ahead and take the next step with her boyfriend if she thought they were ready to take the plunge.

the next day we made a trip to the drugstore to buy condoms (because of course our catholic university wouldn't sell them on campus, GASP!).
the day of official sexing came and went and the couple was even more in L.O.V.E.

of course i still continued to influence mary throughout the year...

there may have been a couple more drinking incidents, first pot smoking experiences, and more condom buying - if nothing, this classical music playing couple was having LOTS of sex.

a lot more than i was having my freshman year of college, that's for sure.

in a weird way i was proud of my little mary, she was experiencing life, having fun, being a normal college kid.

that is until she got pregnant.

decided to keep the baby, broke up with her boyfriend, dropped out of school and moved back to rural pennsylvania.

um, yeah, no guilt there at all...

to this day i blame myself for taking a 19 year old straight A scholarship student, getting her drunk, buying her condoms and essentially getting her pregnant.

i may as well have gotten her knocked up myself.

but i didn't, she was an adult and not my responsibility..

but still.

it may be horrible, but i still can't help but fondly giggle when i think about mary and our freshman year living situation and all the fun times.

go college.

on that note, have a good weekend, kids - i'm off to NYC for the weekend to visit my sissy!

p.s. mary is currently happy as all heck living in PA with her two sons.


  1. Pretty sure the semester I started hanging out w/ you my gpa dropped from 3.0 to 2.0. But we had a LOT of fun.

  2. poopoo - i forgot about that!! haha. we need to blame eck for that too though.

  3. I was Mary in terms of life experience when I went to college. And by the second semester, I was Alexa in terms of interest in school. And I take full responsibility for skipping lots of classes, drinking lots of beer and avoiding pregnancy altogether. Glad to see Mary landed on her feet after all.

    Have a blast in NYC. I'll think of you as I'm sitting beach-side in the Cayman Islands. =)

  4. ALEXA.....TMI for all to see!! Not liking this post at all as your mother....

  5. Ths is awesome. I'm switching rooms next year, and I just got my roommate assignment. No joke, she's a straight-A music major. She plays her effing clarinet 2 hours a day.

    We have nothing in common.

    We'll see how this goes.

  6. OMG I did the same thing to my husband at Sam Houston!!! I wasn't really partying but the first day I met him he started hanging out with me and by the time we started dating going to class was NOT on our agenda! :) He went from As to failing..OOPS! Heck it was fun so it wound up being worth it...and I married him a year later (after we both had to leave due to grades, lol)

  7. This is hilarious. Mary reminds me of Tom Wolff's Charlotte Simmons, except less offensive (I hated that book). It's always the good girls who fall the hardest in college. Amazing.

    But more than anything I loved your Zima reference. It was the creator of so many high school memories...A few years ago they took it off the shelves altogether. Blasphemy.

  8. I just want to point out that the fact that you took her to the drugstore/bought her condoms should absolve your feelings of guilt!

  9. Hey, it all worked out! No harm done.

    Sometimes I feel like a bad influence... When Dave and I met, he was all Catholic-y and church-y; now he's an aethist. All I did was tell him I'm a Jewtheran! Oy.

  10. Like Sara said - you *did* take her to get condoms. That has to count for something.

    And...at least she's happy now. Do you still talk to her?

  11. Did Mary really go to Syracuse and her real name was Laura? Because I swear you just told the story of my freshman year of college. Ahh, to be the bad influence in someone's life. It was fun! Again, she is happy and settled in life, but I like to think that she is a better (more experienced) person because of me! :)

  12. I love the P.S. at the end of the story.

  13. i was a bad influence on a lot of people too, but i think it was all for the best. and i'm with allison, the ps. makes this story even better. :)

  14. I'm a sophomore at Dayton and I love reading your stories from college! Keep them coming!

  15. I can see where you'd feel the guilt, being educated at a Catholic Universtiy and all.

    At least you introduced her to the finer things in life... I'm glad to hear she's doing well!

  16. Oh, man. You win. Poor Mary. What a sap. The PS just makes me feel even worse!

  17. Oh my god you cannot blame yourself for this. Alexa! Come on! Hope you had fun in NYC

  18. It's not your fault but I can see why you feel guilty. Really, it's not your fault though. It's like that with people who were so goodie goodie sometimes. Glad she's happy now.

  19. I'm with your mother, but mainly because you gave info re: ANOTHER person who may not want all that crap known!

  20. I do, have a semester where my roommate was solely responsible for my GPA dropping a whole point.

    Ah, college.

  21. I was Mary. But my Alexa was several different people, ha.

    And that's the end of this comment.

  22. OMG, I LOVE your mom's comment on this post. Ha ha ha.

  23. I mean, you bought her condoms. You did what you could.


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