kentucky derby bound

Thursday, April 29, 2010

on this fine thursday morning i'm currently en route, road trip style with muffin, to louisville, kentucky for a little thing called the kentucky derby.

it's my good friend kate's bachelorette party and when i found out that we were heading to the derby for the festivities i couldn't have been more excited.

i mean, mint juleps, horses, hats, a big house with a bunch of my girlfriends and plenty of debauchery... what could be better?

not much.

with this trip to the derby being the first time for the majority of our group i'm open to any advice you guys may have. we're sitting in the infield, which i know is pretty down and dirty, so any tips are appreciated!

like where do i buy the best mint juleps? what horse should i bet on? and most importantly, how do i prevent myself from stepping in horse shit?

these are important questions people.


check back on monday for a full recap and here's to a fun-filled weekend with my girls, you kids try to do the same!

i love miller high life and i don't care who knows

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i have a bone to pick with some bars in northeast ohio.


i'm beyond sick and tired of looking forward to having a nice, refreshing and delicious champagne of beers only be rejected by the bartender saying that they don't carry miller high life.


it makes me sad inside.

in the last four days i have been to four bars where i have attempted to order a miller high life where i was swiftly denied the beverage of my choice.

the humanity.

i mean, it's not like i'm asking for some rare microbrew, some expensive aged scotch, or a glass of opus one, i'm asking for a MILLER HIGH LIFE!

perhaps i'll see if the bars i frequent can start ordering the high life just for me like my favorite bar in all of the world, geisen haus, did when i was a 5 day a week regular back in north canton.

it could happen.

until then, how about you miller high life people send me some samples?!?!

or how about a t-shirt?

yes? YES!

of course i have time

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i'm a procrastinator.

have been my whole life.

case in point, it's 11:22pm monday night as i'm typing this, and lord knows i should be sleeping right now, but of course i wait till the absolute last moment possible to start writing this blog.

right as my eyes are beginning to get heavy, my creativity is at its lowest point and the
likelihood of spelling errors is high.

why couldn't i have started writing something at 9pm instead of piddling around on the internet for hours prior to getting down to the blog writing business?

because i procrastinate.

case in point 2.0, i've known forever that i was flying to LA the first weekend in june for my friend tigger's wedding, yet i wait till about a month before the flight instead of just buying my ticket with the rest of my friends months ago to save money.

but that would be too smart of me.

my first memory of procrastination for me was in the 3rd grade. i was writing my first "paper" on walt disney and ended up staying up way past my bedtime essentially forcing my mom to write it for me because i has put everything off for so long.

kinda like i'm doing now...


ok, full disclosure here: right after i typed "kinda like i'm doing now..." i went to bed thinking to myself, i'll just finish it in the morning before i go to the gym.

more procrastination.

so my alarm(s) goes off this morning, and i wake up to finish writing whatever is left of this now lame blog post... but not after i hit snooze 385 times.

more procrastination.

what. the. hell.

hey, if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would ever get done.

right? RIGHT?

teen and daryl get hitched!

Monday, April 26, 2010

in my two and a half years of being a blogger i've never left the plum go so long without updating, but i have some good excuses.


i was in nashville last wednesday/thursday for work, arriving back in the CLE with just enough time to head to pittsburgh bright and early friday morning for teen's wedding weekend.

my life is pretty busy these days, but my life is also pretty damn awesome so you're not going to hear many complaints from me.

now, back to teen and daryl's wedding!!!!

there's no one like teen (her friends call her the boss for a reason), and when i met teen on our freshman year move in day at UD little did i know what an important part of my life she would still be 12 (!) years later.

it appears as if she's stuck with me for life.

and now daryl is too - MWAHAHAHA.

weddings are emotional for me as it is, but when it's one of your best friends let's just say i couldn't control the tears falling from my eyes multiple times throughout the day.

when i saw her with her hair done.

when i saw her with her dress on for the first time.

when i saw her getting nervous.

when i saw her getting excited.
when i saw her walking down the aisle with her father.

when i saw her give her vows.

when i saw her dance with her father.

when i ....

you get the point -
i was just so happy for her!

let's see some pictures shall we?

post rehearsal dinner drink on atria's patio - amie, bri, teen, daryl, mike, me, and diva

teen, the beautiful bride in the limo bus "going to the chapel", which her maids sang to her multiple times throughout the day.

daryl and teen - the happy couple!

the bridal party post ceremony - looking good guys.

this picture makes me laugh a lot, teen is the epitome of a bride in this picture. lara is feeding her while amie and diva are bustling her trane.

teen surprised daryl (a major motorcycle racing enthusiast) with an ice sculpture/luge at the reception. vroom vroom.

lara, diva and lee-anna dance party USA at the reception

me and my hot momma

please note two things in this picture: that you can now see our legs and the piece of black fabric in teen's hand. that piece of fabric would be the bottom of my bridesmaid dress because our dress was DETACHABLE! yes, detachable. because of this we obviously had to take our bottoms off at some point in the evening. sexy.

as mentioned before teen was my college roommate, and so was everyone else in this pic (except for daryl) at some point. d-ray, me, teen, seifs and beth all lived at 520 lowes for our junior and senior year and it was some of the best times of our lives. even diva lived at 520 for a summer.

essentially we've all grown up together, became adults together... well, maybe became adult-ish together.

makes me all warm and fuzzy inside -
good times this weekend, good times.

congrats again teen and daryl, love you both!

when i saw him standing there

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i'd consider myself an outgoing person.


i'm far from shy and can talk to pretty much anyone.

but recently i was thinking about what/who it would take for me to be in front of to render me speechless.

like if i was in the same room with "X" i would be so intimidated that my outgoing personality would immediately shrink like a violet.

c-ya loud contagious laugh, c-ya confidence, c-ya normal alexa.

this may be a weird topic but i've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and i came up with a few people that i think would have this effect on me.

and they all are musicians.

which surprises me because while music is a huge part of my life, movies tend to reign supreme and my list of actors that i admire runs a mile long - but i don't think if i was put in a room with any of them it would make me mute.

but put me in front of:
3. jay z - i could probably mutter, "hey hov, nice to meet you."
2. dave matthews - i could get this out, "um, wow, um, er, um, hi."
1. paul mccartney - yeah, nothing, "... ... ... ..."

side note: billy joel was also going to be on this list, but considering i basically told him he had a small penis to his face when i was 16 he can't be on this list now can he? and if you haven't read the blog post (i posted it almost two years ago) about this billy joel encounter you need to.

but i digress...

i honestly think that if i were to ever meet paul mccartney i would cry - his music has had that big of an impact on my life.

i can picture it now, crying and speechless.

way to play it cool lex.

so, what/who do you think would have this effect on YOU?


Monday, April 19, 2010

fact: was i a bad blogger last week.... let's change that this week shall we?

as mentioned previously this is the year of 30th birthdays for me and my fellow 1980 born friends and this past saturday we celebrated the 30th of one of my very dear friends and frequent plum character, muffin.

if you know muffin at all in real life you know that her birthday celebration was going to have to be absolutely fabulous.

and that it was.

a gaggle of girls met at venetian nail spa in rocky river for cocktails (which they let us bring in) and mani/pedis. from there the retro rider bus picked us up and took us to speakeasy which is located in bier markt's basement for a party that the boys could also attend.

there was food, cake, signature cocktails and a cardboard cutout - i.e. all the makings of a fabulous party.

after a few hours at speakeasy the girls hopped back on the retro rider and headed to bounce nightclub for a drag show. yes, drag show.

post bounce we met up with everyone again at my crush bar ABC the tavern where i think everyone was sufficiently bombed after over 8 hours of drinking.

i may or may not have drank too much champagne.

all in all it was a ridiculously fun night out to help celebrate the birthday of one of my besties, and i hope muffin had fun.

although after viewing all the pictures below, i don't think there's a doubt in mine or anyone's mind that she didn't have an awesome time.

this pretty much sums up muffin in one photo - fabulous. (at venetian)

just hanging out drinking at a nail salon... random much? the klutz, babs, jen, leann, martha, and lindsay

the retro rider! martha, JV, lindsay, the klutz, jen, AJP and lara

erin rocking "the stability pole"

at speakeasy - the shrine to muffin with a hot 4th grade picture of her

muffin and court posing with a hot cardboard cutout featuring muffin's face of course

MOB, beaver and peatridge - whatcha pointing at kate?

group shot! the klutz, martha, MOB, peatridge, me, babs, erin, bethany, muffin, dubiel, lastic, court and lindsay

back on the retro rider - party in the usa, obviously.

good thing "the stability pole" was stable because who knows where muffin would have ended up. this picture makes me laugh so hard.

the birthday girl on stage with a supreme queen at bounce!

and to think those are only a fraction of the pics i have from saturday - good times, good time.

have a good week kids!

start of the plum dinner party series

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i'm pretty damn good at quite a few things...

like being loud, wearing black, laughing till i snort, busting balls, shopping, playing guitar hero and drinking whiskey like an old man.

but there's one thing that i'm really good at that i don't talk nearly enough about here on the plum and that's cooking.

i'm a really good cook.

from an elaborate/complicated 12 layer cake, to my "famous" mandarin orange almond salad, and don't even get me started on the things i can do with feta cheese, to scrambled eggs - i just have a knack for cooking.

seriously though, you should try my scrambled eggs, they're amazing - breakfast anyone?

for cooking being something i genuinely enjoy (there's nothing better than seeing a bunch of happy, full dinner guests), it's something i don't do nearly enough.

between work, blogging, events, happy hours and working out i never have time for the whole have my friends over for dinner thing.

and i would like that to change.

so i've decided that i'm going to cook dinner for my friends twice a month, different groups of friends, different numbers of people, different themes, but it's going to happen twice a month.

i'll then precede to document what i make, and who i make it for here on the blog - it's going to be fun.

i like cooking, i like eating, i like my friends, and i like that fact that soon i'll be able to sit on my deck, eating the said food i just cooked, with said friends.

and wine.

don't forget the wine.

so who am i cooking for first? shall i make a schedule? ha.

a 1/2 CLE 1/2 PGH kind of weekend

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's tuesday and i'm supposed to remember what happened all the way back to last weekend?!?!

good thing fun times are easy to remember.

friday night brought happy hour at dragonfly lounge in ohio city courtesy of lastic with MOB, pete, muffin, the klutz, beaver, foxxy, lisa and new cleveland resident and fellow UD grad reagan.

i had been wanting to check the place out and although it was only there for like an hour it seemed cool and i want to go back on a friday/saturday night to see what the crowd is like.

after dragonfly lounge we walked over to old angle tavern to get some food, lamb sliders... YUM. seriously, i think i have an unhealthy obsession with lamb - blame the greek in me.

hangout time at old angle was fun per usual, although watching the cavs lose, not so much.

it was from there that my friends decided to head back west to the public house and while i love that bar with all my heart teen's bachelorette party was looming and the "blackout house" may have been too much for me.

instead my friend CK and i headed to my crush bar ABC the Tavern for drinks and bar bowling. it was while bar bowling that i notice a sign that despite all of my visits to ABC i have never noticed....


after ABC we headed to tina's nite club in the detroit shoreway neighborhood for karaoke. now while i've heard many a karaoke tale from tina's, last friday was my maiden voyage to a bar that is so amazing if i don't go back soon i'll be sad. although next time i need to get there before last call.

a picture from inside of tina's. note the dude on the left with a sweet denim hat and browns coat, the dude in the white shirt on the right chugging a beer while holding his back up beer and finally the girl on the way right i the gray who is obviously horrified of something. just a regular night at tina's apparently.

saturday morning came way too quickly but there was no rest for the wicked because it was time for teen's bachelorette party in pittsburgh!

as i have mentioned here before teen is my old college roommate from UD and i have the honor of being in her wedding on the 24th of april. and being in a wedding means throwing a badass bachelorette party.

some of the girls at amie's house for some pre-bar cocktails

bridesmaids lee-anna and diva in our party limo bus

for the post-house party festivities we headed to diva's dad's new bar villa southside, i was so excited to check out villa since it changed concepts (was previously bruschetta's) and i was beyond impressed. they did such an awesome job with this dance/lounge/dining spot. so modern and packed with cool people - if i lived in pittsburgh i would hangout there all the time.

we got a table, we were inapproproate with penis straws, we danced, we laughed, did shots and toasted to the wonderful friend that is teen.

fun with penis straws!! look like a got a got angle up amie's skirt huh?

lee-anna showing that her lady parts are reserved for her man only

lee-anna, teen and lara max-in-relax-in

me and teen at villa - i may or may not have already had 1/2 a bottle of makers mark at this point

at the end of the night we hopped back on the limo bus for late-night at amie's, don't worry though, i wasn't alone.

i picked up the following hot piece outside villa. i couldn't control myself... i was attracted to his sense of style - RWAR.

this is how you spell s-e-x-y... ed hardy satin bird jacket? bleached blonde hair? black jeans? be still my heart.

judging people on the street aside, fun was had by all, and i simply can't wait till the wedding next weekend - teen is getting MARRIED - eep!

blame it on the makers mark

Monday, April 12, 2010

dear blog,

i'm sorry that i can't get my shit together and write something fabulous for you today.

but it's sunday night, i've had three awesome nights out in a row and i'm plum tired.

heh, plum.

anyways, i hope you're not too lonely on this fair monday and will forgive me for blowing you off.... but mamma needs to sleep.



p.s. teen, i love you and i'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to hold your horses for your bachelorette party recap till tomorrow. xoxo.

cleveland blogger dinner, random greekness and market under glass ticket winner

Friday, April 9, 2010

last night i went to johnny mango's for an amazing blogger dinner that the fabulous allison of green dog wine organized.

i'm sure she'll eventually post a way better recap than i ever could over on her blog so check out her site because frankly between dinner with the girls and drinks at flannery's and map room i'm kind of dying.

but there's a random story to tell first....

long story short i was going to meet up with my friend CK and one of his friends (who happened to be greek), in from out of town for a drink after my dinner. well wouldn't you know this friend of CK's is actually a distant cousin of mine and, AND, i was a flower girl in his wedding!

small. friggin'. word.

me and peter - long lost flower girl and groom reunited!

it was very cool to get to hangout with him and catch up, it had been a very long time. it was just too funny that he's buddies with CK - random.

anywho i have one last important piece
of info to share.

i chose the winner of the Market Under Glass ticket giveaway. i was going to do a fun video but ended up coming home a bit later than anticipated and i just picked a name from the comment pool.

yes, the post-its were just chillin' on my nightstand with my jewelery

and don't ask why the winner's post-it note was all chewed up like that, you don't wanna know where that post-it note was...

regardless, congrats to Tori! email me at clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com so i can get you your tickets. and don't worry, if you didn't win, tickets are still available to purchase online HERE.

and to the rest of you? have a great weekend, i know i will.

put a ring on it

Thursday, April 8, 2010

tuesday night i headed to the cavs game with lara, AJP and sibiani.

spoiler alert.

the cavs won.

but today i'm not going to be talking about something that happened at the game but something that happened after the game while AJP and i were at flannery's.

AJP and i were minding our own business sitting at the bar when we decided we wanted to take a lap around the bar to look for cute boys.

it just so happened that a cute boy found us first, started chatting us up and offered to buy us a drink.

one harp and one makers mark please.

so immediately upon talking to this gentleman i noticed how cute/personable he was, and although kinda drunk, was funny.

i also noticed something else immediately.

his wedding ring.

which immediately turned my "flirting eyes" off.

but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop talking to him, he did buy us a drink, and just because a man is married doesn't mean he can't chat up some awesome chicks like me and AJP.

he kept doing something that really, really bugged me though.

he was trying to hide his wedding ring.

like wouldn't take his left hand out of his jeans pocket. and when he did, he made his hand into a fist trying to block the ring.

it was awkward, and blatant.

i mean if you are going to "hide" the fact that you're married you may as well remove the ring all together.

which is another pet peeve of mine....

as a single woman spending an hour or two talking to a seemingly cute single boy then finding out that he's married is NOT COOL. buzz kill even.

if you're married, wear a ring.

and if you're married and you wear your ring, don't try to hide it.


end rant.

so who agrees/disagrees with me?

i'm watching you

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

you know how people always talk about finding their dream job?

fact: my dream job would to simply be famous.

but that's not the point of this post.

for awhile now i've had this other dream job that i'm itching to try out, and by try out i mean for only like two weeks.... so maybe it isn't so much a dream job as it's something i'm intrigued by.

living in a large apartment complex in the warehouse district for the last 4+ years as a resident i've become friends with the buildings concierges, and i've determined that i want to do their job.

perhaps it's the voyeur in me but i think it would be fascinating to work over nights watching residents come home.

think about it, you're the eyes and ears of the building - the power!

you'd know who gets packages, who has lots of guests, who's a jerk and never says hi to you, and who stumbles in at 2am 4 nights a week with multiple hook-ups.

you could even rate the hotness of said hook-ups based on the hotness of the resident and see if it correlates with the intoxication level.

yes, these are the things i think about on a normal basis.

you could feel sorry for the ugly awkward residents who come home alone night in and night out.

or maybe i should just become an anthropologist.


nah, i think i'll stick to marketing shit.

so what's a random job you've always wanted to try out?

momocho, w 6th, abc the tavern, blatchel and lamb, oh my!

Monday, April 5, 2010

having been out of state the last three weekends in a row, spending this past weekend in cleveland was just what drew carey ordered.

now if only i had time to catch up, unpack and clean my room - there's always tomorrow right?

friday night happy hour started promptly at 5pm with margarita's at
momocho in ohio city where myself, salami rose, matt, seanski, K$ and ben all went out for batch's last day at t::t.

momocho's happy hour and a 1/2 (5 to 6:30) is a great deal where the traditional margs and tacquito's are all 1/2 off - quite the steal. per my usual i went with the lobster tacquitos and as always the mod mex cuisine was spot on and crave worthy. can't wait till their new patio is finished.

after our yummy dinner we headed to
market avenue wine bar for some, um, wine. with the sun still shining market avenue itself was bustling with everyone enjoying all the restaurants patios.

by now it was around 10pm and i headed to west 6th to meet up with likes of
vince the polack, cleveland frowns, hammer and brian where we made stops at barley house, panini's, liquid and map room. a warehouse district bar crawl? why not.

saturday night the kids got together at
ABC the Tavern on west 25th to wish our dear friends court and hatchel good luck as they get ready to move to columbus. i'm still kind of in denial about the fact that they are moving but i think i'll make it through based on how close they are moving.

now before i get into the party picture recap i need to send a special thanks to the friendly and awesome staff of ABC the Tavern, they have hands down the best customer service at a bar that i've ever experienced. their food is delicious and the fact that you barely have to pause at the bar before you have a new drink in your hand says something about their hustle.

i have a crush on ABC the Tavern.

moving on...

hatchel and court - we'll miss you! note the sweetness of blatchel button...

my hot friends bethany, dubiel (hi ryan!!), gina and muffin.

court and muffin sharing the love

court, muffin, me, babs and martha continuing to show the love

after 6 glorious hours at ABC that included some bar bowling domination we headed to bier markt for last call before making my cherry popping visit to the big egg for "easter breakfast".

but were we done? nope.

a night cap at AJP's was in order were i got to experience play with the largest cat i've ever seen in my life, polo. this cat was so large and in charge i was bench pressing him and i'm annoyed there is no video evidence of this - next time.

someone told me that after i left AJP's hartzell and polo the cat slept together - you heard it here first kids.

sunday brought easter in canton with the family where copious amounts of lamb was consumed but the real treat didn't come till dessert where my tia jo made mine and my little cousin jenna's favorite dessert of all time sabayon with strawberries.

the dessert was required for this holiday feast specifically after christmas when jenna and i found out that we weren't going to be having sabayon and we threw a revolt. thankfully this year no small children were harmed.

the family was lucky that jenna and i even shared. in other news, i need a tan...

and that's a wrap.

this ended up being an excellent weekend with my friends and family and i can't wait to do it all over again all spring/summer.


don't forget to enter to win two tickets to the Harvest for Hunger fundraiser Market Under Glass by leaving a comment on this post!

66th place is better than 67th place last time i checked

Friday, April 2, 2010

we're 66th!

we're 66th!

we're 66th!

last night my alma mater, university of dayton, beat north carolina to win the NIT championship. ranking UD's men's basketball team in 66th place overall for the season based on us not making it to the NCAA tournament, but winning the "runners up" tournament.


the NIT championship is cooler.

we're 66th! we're 66th! we're 66th!

so yeah, this is about all you're getting from me today, because last night i enjoyed happy hour with my friends at the southside in tremont (service still completely sucks), today is good friday, the sun is shining, and i'm already counting down the hours till tonight's happy hour...

have a good weekend and a happy easter everyone!

strapless? more like strap-mess.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i'm a bridesmaid in my friend teen's wedding in a few weeks and the dress requires me to wear a strapless bra.

easy enough right?


mainly because i do not look like the model in the above picture.

i spent approximately three hours trying to find a strapless bra that was comfortable and made my boobs look good last night.

and while i ended up finding one, that i
kinda liked it was pretty much torture.

women with racks like mine should never go strapless, it's just not natural, kind of like joan rivers face.

even skinny girls with small chests can still look weird with strapless bras on - especially when the bra is all weirdly shaped and visible under their clothes.

god, and otto titsling, created straps on bras for a reason.

viva la strap!


clevelanders: don't forget to enter to win two tickets to the Harvest for Hunger Market Under Glass event by leaving a comment on this post