a 1/2 CLE 1/2 PGH kind of weekend

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's tuesday and i'm supposed to remember what happened all the way back to last weekend?!?!

good thing fun times are easy to remember.

friday night brought happy hour at dragonfly lounge in ohio city courtesy of lastic with MOB, pete, muffin, the klutz, beaver, foxxy, lisa and new cleveland resident and fellow UD grad reagan.

i had been wanting to check the place out and although it was only there for like an hour it seemed cool and i want to go back on a friday/saturday night to see what the crowd is like.

after dragonfly lounge we walked over to old angle tavern to get some food, lamb sliders... YUM. seriously, i think i have an unhealthy obsession with lamb - blame the greek in me.

hangout time at old angle was fun per usual, although watching the cavs lose, not so much.

it was from there that my friends decided to head back west to the public house and while i love that bar with all my heart teen's bachelorette party was looming and the "blackout house" may have been too much for me.

instead my friend CK and i headed to my crush bar ABC the Tavern for drinks and bar bowling. it was while bar bowling that i notice a sign that despite all of my visits to ABC i have never noticed....


after ABC we headed to tina's nite club in the detroit shoreway neighborhood for karaoke. now while i've heard many a karaoke tale from tina's, last friday was my maiden voyage to a bar that is so amazing if i don't go back soon i'll be sad. although next time i need to get there before last call.

a picture from inside of tina's. note the dude on the left with a sweet denim hat and browns coat, the dude in the white shirt on the right chugging a beer while holding his back up beer and finally the girl on the way right i the gray who is obviously horrified of something. just a regular night at tina's apparently.

saturday morning came way too quickly but there was no rest for the wicked because it was time for teen's bachelorette party in pittsburgh!

as i have mentioned here before teen is my old college roommate from UD and i have the honor of being in her wedding on the 24th of april. and being in a wedding means throwing a badass bachelorette party.

some of the girls at amie's house for some pre-bar cocktails

bridesmaids lee-anna and diva in our party limo bus

for the post-house party festivities we headed to diva's dad's new bar villa southside, i was so excited to check out villa since it changed concepts (was previously bruschetta's) and i was beyond impressed. they did such an awesome job with this dance/lounge/dining spot. so modern and packed with cool people - if i lived in pittsburgh i would hangout there all the time.

we got a table, we were inapproproate with penis straws, we danced, we laughed, did shots and toasted to the wonderful friend that is teen.

fun with penis straws!! look like a got a got angle up amie's skirt huh?

lee-anna showing that her lady parts are reserved for her man only

lee-anna, teen and lara max-in-relax-in

me and teen at villa - i may or may not have already had 1/2 a bottle of makers mark at this point

at the end of the night we hopped back on the limo bus for late-night at amie's, don't worry though, i wasn't alone.

i picked up the following hot piece outside villa. i couldn't control myself... i was attracted to his sense of style - RWAR.

this is how you spell s-e-x-y... ed hardy satin bird jacket? bleached blonde hair? black jeans? be still my heart.

judging people on the street aside, fun was had by all, and i simply can't wait till the wedding next weekend - teen is getting MARRIED - eep!


  1. Is that the man you need to tell me about? Bahh.
    Congrats Teen!!

  2. poo poo - ha, yes it is.... i was waiting for the right time to announce it to the world, confess my love in fact. sammy is going to be the ring bearer, fyi,

  3. You are the busiest person ever. Glad you had fun. I'd say I want your life but, truth be told, I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  4. Whoa, this is on post of hotness. I started at the bottom and didn't get past that pic though.

    Was there more?

  5. On top of his fantastic fashion sense, his face looks purple... quite a nice ensemble if I ever did see one!

  6. Dude that Ed Hardy jacket is HOT. ANd that photo with the penis straw and the sequin skirt is hilarious.

  7. The worst part about Tina's is that the 50 cent jello shots run out quickly. The best part is when someone you know buys the whole batch and feeds every girl in the bar for free.

  8. Oh, the bar picture. And the final picture. OHIO IS THE KLASSIEST.

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