cleveland blogger dinner, random greekness and market under glass ticket winner

Friday, April 9, 2010

last night i went to johnny mango's for an amazing blogger dinner that the fabulous allison of green dog wine organized.

i'm sure she'll eventually post a way better recap than i ever could over on her blog so check out her site because frankly between dinner with the girls and drinks at flannery's and map room i'm kind of dying.

but there's a random story to tell first....

long story short i was going to meet up with my friend CK and one of his friends (who happened to be greek), in from out of town for a drink after my dinner. well wouldn't you know this friend of CK's is actually a distant cousin of mine and, AND, i was a flower girl in his wedding!

small. friggin'. word.

me and peter - long lost flower girl and groom reunited!

it was very cool to get to hangout with him and catch up, it had been a very long time. it was just too funny that he's buddies with CK - random.

anywho i have one last important piece
of info to share.

i chose the winner of the Market Under Glass ticket giveaway. i was going to do a fun video but ended up coming home a bit later than anticipated and i just picked a name from the comment pool.

yes, the post-its were just chillin' on my nightstand with my jewelery

and don't ask why the winner's post-it note was all chewed up like that, you don't wanna know where that post-it note was...

regardless, congrats to Tori! email me at clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com so i can get you your tickets. and don't worry, if you didn't win, tickets are still available to purchase online HERE.

and to the rest of you? have a great weekend, i know i will.


  1. That is a great story about meeting up randomly with your distant cousin. It is a small world. I am more aware of that more now, than ever.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. Great post, and THANK YOU :D

  3. Though I confess I can't help but be curious about the post-it note! :)

  4. if it was a post it note of mine it'd probably look way worse!

    if this show doesn't kill me this weekend I'll have a good one.

    Hope you do too

  5. SMALL flippin' world! How crazy is that story! :)

    You don't need to thank me - I need to THANK YOU! :) I'm so glad you could come, and I think we need a happy hour VERY SOON! (me and my dubmass challenges...) :) Happy Friday my dear!

  6. Wow that Post-It got worked over. night terrors?

  7. Haha SMALL WORLD :D Now where is this picture from your flower girl era? we need to see that!

  8. Small world indeed! Fun that you got to catch up... and I love the chewed up post-it!


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