momocho, w 6th, abc the tavern, blatchel and lamb, oh my!

Monday, April 5, 2010

having been out of state the last three weekends in a row, spending this past weekend in cleveland was just what drew carey ordered.

now if only i had time to catch up, unpack and clean my room - there's always tomorrow right?

friday night happy hour started promptly at 5pm with margarita's at
momocho in ohio city where myself, salami rose, matt, seanski, K$ and ben all went out for batch's last day at t::t.

momocho's happy hour and a 1/2 (5 to 6:30) is a great deal where the traditional margs and tacquito's are all 1/2 off - quite the steal. per my usual i went with the lobster tacquitos and as always the mod mex cuisine was spot on and crave worthy. can't wait till their new patio is finished.

after our yummy dinner we headed to
market avenue wine bar for some, um, wine. with the sun still shining market avenue itself was bustling with everyone enjoying all the restaurants patios.

by now it was around 10pm and i headed to west 6th to meet up with likes of
vince the polack, cleveland frowns, hammer and brian where we made stops at barley house, panini's, liquid and map room. a warehouse district bar crawl? why not.

saturday night the kids got together at
ABC the Tavern on west 25th to wish our dear friends court and hatchel good luck as they get ready to move to columbus. i'm still kind of in denial about the fact that they are moving but i think i'll make it through based on how close they are moving.

now before i get into the party picture recap i need to send a special thanks to the friendly and awesome staff of ABC the Tavern, they have hands down the best customer service at a bar that i've ever experienced. their food is delicious and the fact that you barely have to pause at the bar before you have a new drink in your hand says something about their hustle.

i have a crush on ABC the Tavern.

moving on...

hatchel and court - we'll miss you! note the sweetness of blatchel button...

my hot friends bethany, dubiel (hi ryan!!), gina and muffin.

court and muffin sharing the love

court, muffin, me, babs and martha continuing to show the love

after 6 glorious hours at ABC that included some bar bowling domination we headed to bier markt for last call before making my cherry popping visit to the big egg for "easter breakfast".

but were we done? nope.

a night cap at AJP's was in order were i got to experience play with the largest cat i've ever seen in my life, polo. this cat was so large and in charge i was bench pressing him and i'm annoyed there is no video evidence of this - next time.

someone told me that after i left AJP's hartzell and polo the cat slept together - you heard it here first kids.

sunday brought easter in canton with the family where copious amounts of lamb was consumed but the real treat didn't come till dessert where my tia jo made mine and my little cousin jenna's favorite dessert of all time sabayon with strawberries.

the dessert was required for this holiday feast specifically after christmas when jenna and i found out that we weren't going to be having sabayon and we threw a revolt. thankfully this year no small children were harmed.

the family was lucky that jenna and i even shared. in other news, i need a tan...

and that's a wrap.

this ended up being an excellent weekend with my friends and family and i can't wait to do it all over again all spring/summer.


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  1. Oh I love your friend Courtney!

  2. YOU played with a cat?!?!? I don't believe it.

  3. "In other news, i need a tan."

    Oh man, do I hear you on that one. My skin is starting to look like a milk bottle.

  4. Murray and Axe Murderer demand equal cat love!!!

  5. Love your blog!

    And I've been totally wanting to go to Momocho. Jealous.....!

  6. What are you eating in that last pic? It looks delicious!

  7. I'm really gonna miss Court! Can you make sure Court knows that I love her!

    also.. I think there needed to be more pictures of Easter! since it is my favorite food holiday I wanted to at least see the pictures since I couldn't be there!

  8. Dubiel's HusbandApril 6, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    I've been busted! I am no longer an anonymous blog-stalker.

  9. i'm super bummed i left early.
    although AJP did think i went to big egg with you guys!

    i bet polo was the big spoon to hartz.

  10. I drive by the ABC Tavern everytime I go to Whiskey Island and/or Edgewater Park. I've often wondered if it was worth stopping in, and now I know. I just hope to have as much fun as you!

  11. Polo looks like an even match for manfriends cat, mojo. even their names go together. Of course, she's a torti, and he's mostly a tabby and i dont know what the other cats would think...but size-wise, perfection!

    And this is probably why I still live alone.

  12. Your weekends are always so epic.

  13. Oh, and Muffin in purple (maybe?) dresses can be added to the very short list of things I don't dislike about Cleveland today.


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