Monday, April 19, 2010

fact: was i a bad blogger last week.... let's change that this week shall we?

as mentioned previously this is the year of 30th birthdays for me and my fellow 1980 born friends and this past saturday we celebrated the 30th of one of my very dear friends and frequent plum character, muffin.

if you know muffin at all in real life you know that her birthday celebration was going to have to be absolutely fabulous.

and that it was.

a gaggle of girls met at venetian nail spa in rocky river for cocktails (which they let us bring in) and mani/pedis. from there the retro rider bus picked us up and took us to speakeasy which is located in bier markt's basement for a party that the boys could also attend.

there was food, cake, signature cocktails and a cardboard cutout - i.e. all the makings of a fabulous party.

after a few hours at speakeasy the girls hopped back on the retro rider and headed to bounce nightclub for a drag show. yes, drag show.

post bounce we met up with everyone again at my crush bar ABC the tavern where i think everyone was sufficiently bombed after over 8 hours of drinking.

i may or may not have drank too much champagne.

all in all it was a ridiculously fun night out to help celebrate the birthday of one of my besties, and i hope muffin had fun.

although after viewing all the pictures below, i don't think there's a doubt in mine or anyone's mind that she didn't have an awesome time.

this pretty much sums up muffin in one photo - fabulous. (at venetian)

just hanging out drinking at a nail salon... random much? the klutz, babs, jen, leann, martha, and lindsay

the retro rider! martha, JV, lindsay, the klutz, jen, AJP and lara

erin rocking "the stability pole"

at speakeasy - the shrine to muffin with a hot 4th grade picture of her

muffin and court posing with a hot cardboard cutout featuring muffin's face of course

MOB, beaver and peatridge - whatcha pointing at kate?

group shot! the klutz, martha, MOB, peatridge, me, babs, erin, bethany, muffin, dubiel, lastic, court and lindsay

back on the retro rider - party in the usa, obviously.

good thing "the stability pole" was stable because who knows where muffin would have ended up. this picture makes me laugh so hard.

the birthday girl on stage with a supreme queen at bounce!

and to think those are only a fraction of the pics i have from saturday - good times, good time.

have a good week kids!


  1. Your friends must place so much trust in you that you won't post any of the, errr, more revealing pics of them. You're a good friend, which is clear from all the celebrating of your friends you like to do!!!

  2. Happy birthday, muffin.

  3. 1. I've always wanted to know what it looked inside one of those retro rides.

    2. Muffin looks FAB!! Love her outfit. Happy birthday to her!

    3. That looks like an awesome way to throw a 30th birthday party. :)

  4. I always laugh when I see old school pictures of kids wearing giant glasses. Why do parents never let their kids take of the glasses for the school pic?

  5. Wow, I had an amazing time due to all the amazing people in my life!! What a fun, fun night that I will always remember :)

  6. this is the year of the 30th bdays for my friends as well!! we're headed to vegas in a month for the first big one. looks like you guys did it up right for muffin! :-)

  7. What a fun night - I was on one of those buses for someone's leaving night last year - it was called a Boogie Bus - but I was wearing heels so my legs were too sore to dance. And I would probably have fallen over. But it was still great fun!

  8. i love it! you guys looked like you had so much fun.

  9. looks like a great time!

    But the website for bounce is not correct.. that is for Bounce.. a BBW club somewhere in the south..

    The site for Bounce in Cleveland is

    Just an FYI.

  10. Muffin looked so cute! (As did the rest of you, obvs.)

    Also, was that drag queen 12 feet tall? Muffin looks like a wee little sprite next to him. I mean, her.

  11. um that birthday party sounds like so much fun!! love the cardboard cut out, that is classic, haha.

  12. Um that party looks amazing. I mean, a stripper pole? How awesome is that? I need to make a list of everywhere you need to take me when I come visit

  13. Looks like an incredible night! You city kids and all your epic parties. ;-)


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