put a ring on it

Thursday, April 8, 2010

tuesday night i headed to the cavs game with lara, AJP and sibiani.

spoiler alert.

the cavs won.

but today i'm not going to be talking about something that happened at the game but something that happened after the game while AJP and i were at flannery's.

AJP and i were minding our own business sitting at the bar when we decided we wanted to take a lap around the bar to look for cute boys.

it just so happened that a cute boy found us first, started chatting us up and offered to buy us a drink.

one harp and one makers mark please.

so immediately upon talking to this gentleman i noticed how cute/personable he was, and although kinda drunk, was funny.

i also noticed something else immediately.

his wedding ring.

which immediately turned my "flirting eyes" off.

but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop talking to him, he did buy us a drink, and just because a man is married doesn't mean he can't chat up some awesome chicks like me and AJP.

he kept doing something that really, really bugged me though.

he was trying to hide his wedding ring.

like wouldn't take his left hand out of his jeans pocket. and when he did, he made his hand into a fist trying to block the ring.

it was awkward, and blatant.

i mean if you are going to "hide" the fact that you're married you may as well remove the ring all together.

which is another pet peeve of mine....

as a single woman spending an hour or two talking to a seemingly cute single boy then finding out that he's married is NOT COOL. buzz kill even.

if you're married, wear a ring.

and if you're married and you wear your ring, don't try to hide it.


end rant.

so who agrees/disagrees with me?


  1. Like you said, if he was trying to hide the ring and making a bad job of it, then why NOT take it off? It makes no sense.

    Not that we're going to condone any intention he had to cheat, but at keast have the balls to take it off and totally lie.

    Other option though - perhaps he was doing what girls sometimes do . . . wearing a ring in order to look unavailable, and then he started chatting and wanted to take it off but decided that would REALLY Look bad.

    Hmmm. Unlikely...

  2. What a douche.

    The guy probably just wanted to see if he still "had it" and didn't think 2 hot chicks would talk to him if they noticed his ring! Immature.

    Who knows what was going through his head.....

  3. Wait..do I have a third option? THIS IS SO RESTRICTING!!

  4. Some women do the same thing. It's ridiculous for anyone, man or woman, to hide their ring, or the fact that they are married. Scumbags like that disgust me. I had a similar thing happen to me once with the woman trying to hide her wedding ring. I finally told her if she's that unhappy being married, get a divorce.

  5. Scumbags are by far the worst kind of bags.

    If you're going to commit to being scum, take the plunge and take your damn wedding ring off! Ring or no ring, you're still married, and that's awful!

  6. if my future husband doesn't wear his ring i will rip his penis off.


  7. Ha. I just finished telling JV this story, and then I saw your post.

    Let's not forget about the co-workers that he was with who were pulling him aside asking him what he hell was doing.

    And let's also not forget how defeated he looked when we asked if he was married.

    Jerk. Oh well, at least we got roughly $18 in free drinks out of it :)

  8. Agree, agree, agree! I can not stand that shit. I wouldn't have even entertained the conversation, no patience for that.

  9. Ha! I am the opposite of this dude. My wedding ring recently got bent, so I'm not wearing it while it's being repaired. All I do is play with the spot where it's supposed to be, like a lost tooth. And a couple of times when I've been in bars and talking to women, I've had to say, "I'm married, but I don't have my ring on right now because it's damaged."

  10. Phil -- good thing I'M married to a pretty awesome dude, because i am SMITTEN with your response!

    I am fairly certain (or hopeful!) that my Mister would do the same thing.

    This story is one I've seen and heard too many time. gross. puts a horrible taste in my mouth and i hate these stories because i feel like they bring the perception of marriage down a notch. Gross with a capital G.

    plum -- can't wait to see you tonight! ;)

  11. Yuck, agreed. Those guys/girls are the worst! A friend's hubby refuses to wear his ring (not to be sneaky but just hates jewlery) and he doesn't understand why she thinks it is a big deal. Put it on and keep it on is my motto!

  12. While I completely agree with you, at least he was honest enough to not take the ring off. That I think is much worse cause then you are at their mercy of them telling you they are married and chances are if they have the ring off their goal is for you not to find out.

  13. If you're married and don't want to wear your ring, you shouldn't be married.

  14. If you ever see my husband out there without or hiding his ring you have full permission to kick him.
    Should I include his picture here?

  15. I'm absolutely with you on this - if you're married, wear it, and don't try to hide it. It's just that simple.

    I'd want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was friendly and not flirting, but it doesn't sound like it at all.

    Wonder where his wife was.

  16. My ring is always on. If I'm out and getting chatted up by some random, I've been known to fold my arms (body language)and keep my left hand on my right bicep since thats usually about her eye level.

    Then again, I'm now thinking about a pint of Guinness and a shot of Makers...


  17. Don't even get me started on this. Just take the ring off if you are going to cheat. Or, here's a thought, just don't get married.

    I'm curious - did you ask about his wife? Bet he would stammer all over that answer.

  18. in case you forget, there are some girls who could care less if a guy is married.

  19. I usually don't double post, but this really irritate's me. It's douchebags like this dude who make it virtually impossible for guys like me to even strike up a conversation with a woman in a bar. More often than not I'm just being friendly, trying to converse, it's my nature. But before the conversation can even get started, the woman automatically assumes I'm stepping out on my girlfriend, or wife (mostly because I'm 30 and single I guess) or trying to get in her pants. I could go on and on about what's wrong with the dating scene in this town, in general really, but I must get back to work.

  20. I HATE when guys do that. I was once talking to a guy and knew he was married. (I had known him years earlier when he wasn't married, but heard through the grapevine that he'd gotten hitched since I saw him last.) Within seconds of reconnecting, he went to the bar to buy some beers, at which point he moved his wedding ring to his middle finger, then came back to chat more. EEEEEWWWWWW! (P.S. I totally called him out on it. Bastard.)

  21. Some guys are just shady no matter what. I unfortunately know many who are having affairs as we speak! Oddly enough, none of them ever wore their ring. Huh-odd. Seriously, we had a conversation before we got married. I told my husband if he didn't wear his ring, that's cool-I wouldn't wear mine. Not that he wouldn't because he never takes it off, but I'm sure it made him think!

  22. Ugh, totally agree with you. That's very shady of him.. :S ugh.

  23. You're lucky I wasn't with you. I totally would've called him out on it. I'm not against making a scene. Drinks or no drinks. There's just too many shades of WRONG in trying to hide you're married.

  24. Chicks love wedding rings.

    This is why I wear one everywhere.

    It's made of aluminum foil.

  25. Agree. Big time. That's why people should have to get tattoos. Can't hide that shit! Also can't get it removed if you divorce, so there is that downer, lol.

  26. I totally agree with you. I have a weird habit of checking to see if there's a ring on it, but there's nothing more disappointing than finding out he's married. Not to mention that he's a jerk for not being straight up about it.

  27. ugh i completely agree, that is ridiculous. why would he try and hide his ring? so lame.

  28. Wow. Nobody's going to disagree with you. Anybody that would try to hide their wedding ring is obviously trouble. And trouble is NOT attractive after high school.

  29. This was the topic of discussion on Q104 this morning...they did not say the girl was a plum, but I knew the girl was a plum!!

  30. People like that deserve tattoo wedding bands.

  31. Ooo, oo, oo, I know this one! Agree!

  32. What the hell. Agreed, squared.

  33. Yuck. This totally made my skin crawl. EW.

  34. So this doesn't just happen in my town? What a douche. I'd like to punch him. Trying to make sense of it doesn't work anymore. I don't understand the lying. If you're going to be an ass and a cheater, just do it. I've flat out started asking for divorce decrees because men (and I'm sure women) lie about it so much.

    If you're that unhappy, or that much of a douche, get a divorce. Don't make everyone else pay for your unhappiness.

  35. Ummm, agree agree agree. Are there people who DON'T agree?!


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