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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i'd consider myself an outgoing person.


i'm far from shy and can talk to pretty much anyone.

but recently i was thinking about what/who it would take for me to be in front of to render me speechless.

like if i was in the same room with "X" i would be so intimidated that my outgoing personality would immediately shrink like a violet.

c-ya loud contagious laugh, c-ya confidence, c-ya normal alexa.

this may be a weird topic but i've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and i came up with a few people that i think would have this effect on me.

and they all are musicians.

which surprises me because while music is a huge part of my life, movies tend to reign supreme and my list of actors that i admire runs a mile long - but i don't think if i was put in a room with any of them it would make me mute.

but put me in front of:
3. jay z - i could probably mutter, "hey hov, nice to meet you."
2. dave matthews - i could get this out, "um, wow, um, er, um, hi."
1. paul mccartney - yeah, nothing, "... ... ... ..."

side note: billy joel was also going to be on this list, but considering i basically told him he had a small penis to his face when i was 16 he can't be on this list now can he? and if you haven't read the blog post (i posted it almost two years ago) about this billy joel encounter you need to.

but i digress...

i honestly think that if i were to ever meet paul mccartney i would cry - his music has had that big of an impact on my life.

i can picture it now, crying and speechless.

way to play it cool lex.

so, what/who do you think would have this effect on YOU?


  1. In order to be rendered speechless I think it would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker because I'd be too busy vomiting on my own shoes to speak.

  2. Elliott Smith....too late =(

  3. I think a Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren sort of person would do the trick. I'd definitely be all, OMG IT'S THE QUEEN.

  4. Really any A-List celebrity, I think. Or you, of course. And the title of this post reminds me of Blink 182. :)

  5. i got an opportunity to meet dave before a concert at blossom a couple of years ago. i was freaking out, of course, but then when he came to meet & greet area, he acts/talks exactly like you think he would. he lit up a camel, said "how y'all doing toniiiight?" and it was like we were old friends! so fwiw, i think you'd be fine in front of dave. as long as you don't make comments about his manhood :)

  6. I think you would get a few more words out then that. I think it would be easier if I were interviewing the people versus just meeting them.
    Then, I feel like i'd have a job to do.

    however, i might stutter around Madonna.

  7. Who was that Last Comic Standing guy we saw at the Improv. You went mute with him.

  8. Any celebrity ever.
    We saw Tara Lipinksi in LA and Holler and I followed her around like animals. I am a huge loser.

  9. What about your love of Russell Crowe...aka Gladiator and Robin Hood?!

  10. matt - i do tend to have that effect on people

    mooooog - you really do hate her don't you?

    JE - sad.

    ben - haha. i don't know why i thought you would say kelly clarkson!

    shannon - hardly me, we'd be too busy having fun for you to be speechless.

    heidzilla - um how did you get that opportunity and how can i get it this year?!??!

    coop - oooooo good one!

    allison - no i wouldn't, seriously, speechless, i promise.

    MOB - omg, i just laughed out loud!! john hefron! i was so obsessed with him i talked to him though, i just made zero sense and he asked if i was drunk. whoops!

    poo poo - tara lipinski? the figure skater? REALLY?

    mom - while my love of russell is unparalleled i think i'd be able to talk to him. i may be nervous as hell and awkward, but i'd be like hey dude let's go drink a beer and talk about how sexy you are.

  11. Any basketball player, mainly Garnett, Lebron or Howard. Why? Because they are so tall they probably couldn't hear me even if I managed to mutter something.

  12. I think for me it's my sports crushes that would render me speechless. For instance, if I met Jayson Werth (Phillies right fielder - yes, I'm a Phillies fan - no, not one of *those*), I really don't know if I could speak. I clam up just being 100 feet away from him during warm-ups.

  13. That's a good question and I don't really have an answer. But, it reminds me when I was in college at UNC and rumor had it Michael Jordan was in town. Friends and I raced over to the bar where he was and squeezed in. I was stunned to see a big bubble around him - people were too scared to approach him. Finally, one of my friends grabbed my arm and we walked by. She was speechless (she just wanted to get close to him). I said hello to him and exchanged a few words with him. It was cool ... but, I won't ever forget how many people were rendered speechless in front of him.

  14. tiki barber, and any other football great i've ever idolized :-)

  15. Ok, don't laugh, but it would be JT. I would be rendered speachless if we ever met.

    And, yes, my husband is completely aware that I would leave him for JT...... :)

  16. I'm the same way with authors that you are with musicians. If Shel Silverstien was still alive, I'd probably blurt out his bathtub poem back to him and then stand there frozen in embarrassment.

  17. I LOVE this post! I have come by quite a few celebs in my day and never had a problem speaking with anyone EXCEPT Sarah Jessica Parker.

    I ran into her and her hubby at a play and for some reason froze up. Once I realized I was staring at her (she was standing behind me in the snack line) I literally ran away. HAHA

  18. Definitely Paul McCartney for me, too. He's my musical, bass playing role model. I would probably be like Chris Farley in that old SNL sketch where he interviews McCartney.

    Funny story: Back in college, I got to interview Sarah McLachlan for college radio, and talked to her for almost 90 minutes without sounding like an idiot. Then I to back to the studio to edit and discovered that the tape hadn't recorded anything.

  19. when I was in High school I met Stephen King (who was one of my biggest influences writing wise then) and I totally went blank. I mean said nothing and so though he was willing to talk I just gawked and then he asked my name to sign my book and well I didn't even get that out. My sister told him.

    I've gotten better tho I suppose. I mean I met one of my biggest influences in poetry and talked to him for a long time. Not that Paul Muldoon is a celeb but he's big time in my head. I thought I'd be like that with Bernie Kosar but I talked with him for a bit too.

    In closing this novel like comment probably Gillian Anderson cus I totally have a huge crush on her!

  20. I am with you on Paul McCartney. If I ever met him I think he would think I was having a spaz attack or something. But I love meeting celebs. Even ones I am not that big of fan of, it is still fun.

  21. Jimmy Buffet. Jimmy has gotten me through some tough times!

  22. I would also say Tiki Barber would also render me speechless, only cause his dick would be in my mouth.

  23. Hands down - Jimmy Buffett! I'd be speechless!

  24. I'm with you on Paul McCartney. He's been my idol since I was 13. I'd probably be speechless in front of just about any celebrity, because I'm always nervous!

  25. Jon Hamm.

    Even the 30 Rock Jon Hamm.


  26. I love Edwin McCain, i mean, hes my future husband, right? I've seen him countless times, and met him 3 times. none of these times have i had an intelligent conversation, or even uttered something hundreds havnt said before "i really love your music"

    im totally origional

  27. I just read the Billy Joel story...hahaha

    I think I'd be speechless meeting the president.

  28. that billy joel story is hilarious. and as for who who render me speechless or close to?

    i'd say, sam worthington because i wouldn't be able to understand his accent anyways. or keanu, so when it happens i better figure out what to do. and um. sandra bullock, she's always been a fave i would try not to embarrass myself too much.

  29. Christian Bale.

    Newsies made my life. What could I possibly say to explain that to him? He even wishes he had never done it! And if he said that to me, I would be too devastated to carry on.

  30. Ian Somerhalder, I will start scratching my head and giggle like an idiot.

    I would be speechless if I met Jay-Z :p

  31. I'll have to agree with Paul, and add Mick. I'm not THAT old, but talk about icons!
    LOL to your Billy story! That's awesome. I wore out my Stranger album.

  32. When I met my favorite author, Douglas Coupland I was sweaty palmed, nervous, stammering & starstruck. I might as well have been a teenage girl with a back stage pass at a Jonas Brothers concert. AND, my favorite author is a middle aged man that I am not at all attracted to...I can't imagine what would happen if I came face to face with someone like Gael Garcia Bernal. I think I would either die of nervousness OR jump him on the spot.

  33. There would be nothing coming out of my mouth in front of Dave Matthews. I would faint.

  34. Haha, that's a very interesting post ! What a fun idea :)

    I think Jake Gylenhaal would probably make me go mute and blush (A LOT). There are other no-celeb men in myself who have that effect on me, but Jake.. Oh, Jake, you're one of a kind !!

  35. Probably just about any major celebrity. I'm not incredibly outgoing anyway so it wouldn't take much to render me speechless.

  36. When I was 16 I met Ben Affleck and basically had the blank "uhhhh" reaction for at least 15 minutes. Fortunately, I recovered, but yeah.

    I can't really think of anyone now, but I'm sure there are celebrities out there who would render me speechless in real life!


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