a brief update

Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day!

...which also this year happens to fall on my wonderful mom's birthday... so i'm currently in canton spending time with her and my friends/family which is obviously not leaving much time for a nice weekend blog recap.

so check back wednesday morning for my attempt to try to detail out all that was this awesome long holiday weekend.

enjoy what's left of it...

and more importantly, happy birthday mom - love you!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

seriously, how is today only thursday?

longest. week. ever.

if someone could miraculously turn today into friday i would recreate the following picture with my friends.

muffin, MOB and beav: you guys would be ok with this right?

though so.

now, who's making it friday?

house hunting

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i've been known to have a temporary obsession in my life now and again.

where i'm so infatuated with a topic that i go online and read/watch/listen to every bit of information i can on the subject till my thirst for knowledge is quenched... OR i find something else to obsess over.

this is also my usual my approach with men.

but that's not the point of this post.

the point is to get help with my current obsession - home ownership.

i'm currently on the hunt, a hunt for a house/condo/large cardboard box for me to purchase and call my own.

i know for the most part where i want to buy (downtown or near west side) and i'm pretty confident that i'll end up with something fabulous.

but signing on the dotted line is just the beginning people.

the good stuff starts when i get to decorate!

paint colors, furniture, lighting, granite counter tops, art - ya know, "pieces" as poo poo calls them.

i can't stop coming home and looking at home decorating websites and my brain is about to explode. there are so many styles i like and i'm actually starting to get nervous that i'm never going to be able to make a decision on anything.

hell, currently i can't even find good flowers to plant in the whopping five pots on my deck without going to seven nurseries first.

it's official ladies and gentlemen, i'm turning into my mother. i may as well come to terms with it as it was bound to happen... i am about to be 30.

but again, that's not the point of this post.

how am i going to decorate a whole house/condo/large cardboard box?

so i'm looking for any tips you may have about buying and or decorating a new home, websites, resources, recommendations, etc.

thanks in advance, kids.

side note: i wonder if i could get cast on the HGTV show Property Virgins?!?

i would like to keep jason mulgrew in my pocket at all times

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i don't normally talk about books that i read here on the plum for a couple of reasons:

1. i don't know how to read good

2. i don't read enough books that i actually enjoy enough to plug on my blog
3. i don't know how to read good

but upon finishing the book "Everything Is Wrong with Me: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong" by Jason Mulgrew i knew i had to attempt to make every single one of my 16 readers go buy a copy.

admittedly, i was pretty positive that i was going to fall in love with this book as i've been a fan of the author, jason mulgrew, for a ridiculously long time.

i remember reading his blog while i was still working at scene magazine in '05, before i really had any idea what a blog was let alone even an inkling that someday i would actually author one.

author. ha, that's a word i never thought i'd use in reference to this blog.

moving on.

after years (literally) of online stalking jason mulgrew i was obviously excited when word got out that he was publishing his memoir, and he did not disappoint.

i don't care how long he had to lock himself in his room, or how many extensions he had to get from his publisher to finish the book, i'm glad he did it.

his self deprecating humor, semi-dysfunctional irish catholic family, uncanny video game skills, and ability to hunt for hookers... all while thoughtfully observing his life and the people around him with a snarky charm made me wish i was a fly on the wall of his childhood.

but let's get back to present day. the majority of my reading is done while working out on the elliptical and i found myself being stared at on more than one occasion by my fellow gym-mates because i was laughing out loud so much.

snorting even.

while reading the book i could see a lot of myself in jason mulgrew (minus the whole penis thing), it was relatable. you'll have that growing up in the 80's/90's i suppose, so reading his book made the stories that much more entertaining for me.

the sex, drugs, parties and masturbation jokes didn't hurt either.

long story short, i simply loved the book and i think if you would too.

yes, YOU.

i mean, if you come to this blog everyday and find any of my antics even slightly entertaining you will be blown away by jason mulgrew.

if you buy one book this summer it should be "Everything is Wrong With Me: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong". trust me, it's worth the $10, GO BUY IT.

side note: this blog post may or may not have been sponsored by jason mulgrew himself because when i actually/finally got to hang out with him in person this past march in NYC he fed me endless bottles of miller high life. he obviously knows the way to my heart.

side note #2: i promise i know how to read well.... "i don't know how to read good" was sarcasm - ok MOM? but thanks for the text telling me that i needed to change it this morning... xoxo.

TBAFATSOO, cinco de dova's and getting plummed

Monday, May 24, 2010

this weekend felt like the official kick off of summer to me.

i know memorial day weekend is supposed to
officially kick it all off, but in my little world summer is here in cleveland. especially when you have a 10 day forecast like this to look forward to.

friday night started with
@timmybennett's 5th annual T-bone and Friends at the Showdown of Ohio (TBAFATSOO for short), where 50 plus people headed to progressive field to watch the cleveland indians take on the cincinnati reds.

the group met at
thirsty parrot before the game but the weather wasn't really sure what it wanted to do. cooperate? or not cooperate?

the weather did cooperated enough to create this beautiful rainbow in the sky over progressive field. USA! USA! USA! USA!
rainbow aside to me it looked like it was about to pour at anytime so walking over to the game only to get soaking wet didn't really seem all that appealing. it wasn't appealing to katie and cara either so we bellied up to the bar at thirsty parrot for another beer or two.

we actually ended up giving our tickets away to a couple of dudes at the bar.... for a small fee.

price of admission: two newport 100's for two indians tickets - seems to be an even trade right?

next stop for katie, cara and i while everyone was still at the game was
the clevelander where we ate some food, drank summer shandy and played photohunt. allison and tim stopped by to hangout too. good times were already being had and it wasn't even 9pm.

once the game let out it was time to head back to the parrot to meet everyone, but not before we made the bartender at the clevelander give us trash bags to wear as ponchos because we thought it was pouring down rain.

it wasn't, and we looked like idiots. comical.

the thirsty parrot trip was semi short lived as CK one and i ran over to
panini's so he could get food which was a necessity at this point because karaoke fuel needed to be obtained.

next stop
tina's niteclub for karaoke debauchery, not my karaoke debauchery of course.... maybe one day i'll get the guts to actually sing but until that day comes i'll just watch my friends.

saturday morning was an early rise for me as i had to get on 77S to canton for a LONG overdue haircut and color at GSV Salon. i was so excited for my appointment that i literally hugged my stylist, abby, when i saw her.

a quick stop at my mom's to say hi was in order but i eventually headed over to my yiayia lambo's house for an early dinner. there's something about eating a delicious meal that your yiayia (grandma) has made for you a million times that takes you right back to your childhood.

except this time you're drinking wine of course.

after dinner i headed out to north ridgeville to linsday and mark's house for cinco de dova's! think cinco de mayo but instead of may 5th it was may 22nd.

we drank sangria, margaritas and corona, ate mexican food, had a beer pong tournament, played flip cup and even murdered a pinata.

babs rocking her delonte donuts tshirt and our wonderful hostess lindsay

hart being the beer pong tournament "ring girl" and travis just rockin' his striped shirt

while not playing drinking games in the basement we hung out on the back patio and driggs even brought out his mandalay. yes, mandalay.

this ridiculous picture of heather doing a handstand in heels and babs mounting(?) her via crutches is um, um, um, just plain funny and an awesome prequel to the video below.

there's something about an old school house party with good friends that i really needed. we got out of control, drank way too much and acted like we were in college.

i actually woke up sunday morning with a sore stomach from laughing so hard. i'll take any ab workout i can get.
and now to the crown jewel of this post... a ridiculous documentation of ridiculous parts of the evening that was cinco de verdova.

crutches, pinata murder, bad dancing, flip cup, sombreros and adults acting like kids - just watch.

yeah, those are my friends and i heart them.

so, who wants to play with crutches next weekend too?

have a great week everyone!

oh, jason alexander, why must you trouble me so?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

i have a bone to pick with jason alexander.

because thanks to jenny craig i'm never going to be able to look at him the same again.

this isn't a good thing, fyi.

while watching tv last night i saw the newest jenny craig commercial featuring george costanza himself, jason alexander.

upon seeing this commercial my jaw literally dropped, i said, "um, what the hell george?", and paused/rewound the spot again to make sure it wasn't seeing things.

don't know what i'm talking about? how about you guys watch it first so we are all on the same page...

{{shaking my head}}


jason, what happened to you?

singing? dancing? stripping? are those spanx you're wearing?

you may as well had taken off the tank top, what else do you have to lose?

i do want to be clear on one thing, i have nothing against the jenny craig program, just their ad agency who allowed jason alexander to sing and dance broadway style in his underwear.

whatever happened to a well tailored suit to show off a new svelte body?

more importantly, whatever happened to jason alexander? why can't he just live off his seinfeld royalties and let me keep his the costanza memory eternal?

i suppose though if we had taken a look at his resume of work we would have caught a glimpse into the future....

does anyone recall him singing and dancing in a mcdonald's commercial for the McDLT in the 80's?

"the new McD (clap clap) LT!"

guess we should have seen it coming huh?

vital juice bikini body challenge

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

exactly 46 days from today, on july 2nd, i will turn 30 years old.

let. the. countdown. begin.

when a milestone such as turning 30 is quickly approaching one tends to take sometime to reflect on their life thus far.

but not me.

i'm more concerned about looking as hot as possible at my birthday party.

i've been trying to slowly but surely get in better shape for awhile now. since january i've been doing a biggest loser competition with friends, specifically ang, where we not only have pride but money on the line.

the biggest loser competition is officially over june 1st and i've lost nearly 30 pounds in the process, which is awesome, but nowhere near the original weight loss goal i set for myself in january.

so it's time to kick it up a notch and the big 3-0 is a perfect milestone to wrap a second challenge around.

last week my sissy sent me a link of a 6 week workout program that her and her friend amy were starting this week. i checked it out, it seemed legit, and would definitely be a challenge for me as for the last few months i've really only been doing cardio and arms.

sign. me. up. (i also rooked my roommate the klutz into doing it with me too, btw)

the workout plan came from a website called vital juice which from looking briefly through the site seems like some kind of health website that sends out daily emails about fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness.

i sure hope they know what they are talking about.

yesterday was officially day one of the vital juice bikini body challenge, a six week workout program that promises to "remake your shape" - you can get all the details on how to follow the program at the above link or by downloading the pdf here.

considering i'm typing this from bed and my bum/thighs/arms are beyond sore (in a good way), i'm thinking day one was a success.

sidenote: i'm not writing this post today to necessarily try to get you to participate in the vital juice workout with me, but more so to hold myself accountable. unless you really want to, if so let me know :)

so wish me luck... perhaps i'll look like the picture on the website by the time i'm done!

hahahahahahaha. wouldn't THAT be the day?

this weekend made me happy in CLE

Monday, May 17, 2010

what an amazing weekend, seriously.

after last thursday's cavs episode i was pretty much full of sadness,so the only thing i wanted to do was go home and curl up on my couch, which is exactly what i did.

saturday morning brought a trip to beachwood place which ended up being very fruitful for me - shoes, dresses, tops, tanks, skirts, bras, accessories, OH MY!

considering i spent a little too much time at beachwood i had to hustle my butt back downtown to get ready to see my man russell crowe in robin hood at the capitol theater with CK-one.

admittedly, i would pay to watch russell crowe scooping up a pile of mulch for 2+ hours, so there was no twisting my arm to see him hotly ride a horse and shoot bow and arrows in robin hood so maybe i'm a little biased in my review.

as a whole i enjoyed the movie, i guess. it wasn't gladiator (my favorite movie) by any means but considering i'm a sucker for russell, historical period piece movies and good guys fighting bad guys i was entertained. but i know a few of my other friends who saw the film this weekend and they hated it, so i'll let you guys make your own decision.

after robin hood, CK-one and i walked over to luxe for an early dinner on the patio. we went with the "family meal" option where for $22 a person you get three courses, a salad, entree and dessert. the kicker is that you have no idea what you're getting, so i'd say that to order this you would have to be pretty much up for anything. i'd give our hilarious server and our meal that gave me my first taste of lake erie perch two thumbs up!

the creepy scene magazine photographer that was trying to take our picture even though i repeatedly asked her not to, not so much...

after some post dinner cocktails at my apartment (not my deck due to midges, jerks), we headed to flying monkey to meet up with lzone, seanski, nugget and jenny where the makers mark continued to flow and an amazing cleveland collaboration was dreamed up.

stay tuned for that one, kids. stay tuned.

sunday brought lunch at west side market cafe and an impromptu trip to the harp to hangout with beaver, jilly, rory, and sarah (with special guests mandy, katy and kristin) who all had just completed the cleveland marathon (or half)... and what else would they want to too but drink to celebrate their accomplishments.

i had great times at the harp drinking cider beer which turned into shots, which turned into heading to parkview nite club and turned into me making myself go home at a reasonable hour.

i was at the point of the night where if i had one. more. beer. monday would have been a totally mess - i'm glad, and i'm sure my boss is too, that i went home.

sadly i didn't take many pictures this weekend (bad blogger), but the ones i did take on sunday are stellar enough that there only needs to be two of them.

i'm not sure i have words for this one.... here is the famous beaver post 1/2 marathon race outside of the parkview in her sweet spandex, knee highs, dayton sweatshirt and blue blockers. 'nuff said.

sarah's guinness with a perfect 'lil shamrock on top

basically this weekend made me happy and i'm glad summer is quickly approaching - and that's all i'm gonna say about that.

have a good week everyone!


Friday, May 14, 2010


i have no words.

i'm admittedly in a cavs depression.

and as to pour salt in an open wound i saw my first batch of midges last night while walking home after the game. ew. ew. ew.

i think i'm just going to sit at my desk and eat carbs all day.

the. cavs. have. driven. me. to. eat. carbs.


oh, and to the DJ at barley house who upon hearing the final buzzer ending the cavs season started playing Jay Z's empire state of mind, i hope you get genital herpes.

i smell sex and candy here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

so i spend quite a few days a week at the gym in my apartment building as i'm trying to, ya know, not be a total fat ass anymore be a healthy 29 year old.

the jury is still out if it's working, but that's not the point of this post.

getting a solid workout scheduled into my day is difficult for me in and of itself, between work, my social life, boys, friends, and A.D.D., i can hardly concentrate enough to get through 45 minutes on an elliptical machine...

without this distraction...

yes, there's a vending machine IN MY GYM

it's just wrong on so many levels.

everyday i'm all hey, i'm working out, i'm trying to be good.... as a bag of peanut M&M's is taunting me from afar.

i took this pic from where the elliptical machines that i workout on are. hello chips, candy and sugar drinks!

so tonight i was discussing the weirdness that is the vending machines in my gym with some friends, and one of them said that seeing the junk food would be motivation. like, i-don't-need-no-stinking-potato-chips-motivation instead of a distraction.

which got me thinking that tomorrow morning when i'm truckin' along on my machine i may simply mentally flick off the vending machine, a big FU if you will.

i don't need no stinking peanut M&M's.

so would you be motivated or distracted by working out with a giant vending machine full of junk food staring at you?

italian cheese and wine tasting at l'albatros

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this past tuesday night i was lucky enough to be invited to an Italian Cheese and Wine tasting at zack bruell's east side establishment L'Albatros.

being an avid fan of bruell's i find is shocking that this was my first visit to L'Albatros, i guess with
parallax and chinato being closer to home i head there more often, you'll have that.

for this Italian Cheese and Wine tasting my friends michelle and allison were along for the ride as we made our way through Italy with bottles of wine and delicious cheese.

upon our arrival we were greeted with a variety of food bites, the veal and pancetta mealballs being my favorite, but in no time it was cheese/wine time.

my cheese tasting plate, yes, just mine.... a glorious plate of cheese, just for me.

our host for the evening was the L'Albatros sommelier and fromager Brandon Chrostowski whose knowledge on the subject was as brilliant as his delivery - i learned a lot. i also drank a lot...

the cheeses and wine we sampled (in order):
la tur cheese with a kerner
casatica di bufala cheese with a chardonnay
salva cremasco cheese with a chardonnay
pecorino sardo cheese with a cannonau
testun al barbolo cheese with a beni di batasiolo
monte veronese malga with a stefano accordini
taleggio bergamasco with a tolanini
blu del moncenisio with a cin santo del chianti

my hands down favorite was the first tasting of the la tur and kerner - so good in fact that i had to buy the bottle of kerner, abbazia di novacella. (say that 3 times fast)

allison liked and bought the kerner too. see, look how excited she is!

by end of the tasting i was happy but 100% cheesed out, which i didn't even think was humanly possible. in hindsight it would have been nice to have something to break up all the cheese though, like some meat or greens. obviously i still made it through but that's something i would maybe change out of the evening.

so if this wine and cheese tasting event is something you'd be interested in i know that L'Albatros plans them on a fairly frequent basis and run around $50 a ticket which is a steal in my opinion for appetizers, 8 cheeses, 7 wines and dessert. check their facebook page for additional events and updates.

mmmmm cheese. mmmmm wine.

karaoke, mother's day, the cavs and pearl jam

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

holy weekend, batman.

no need for and intro, let's just get it on.

friday night started with hosting my first plum dinner party series - kind of. while i cooked some delicious pad thai for my friends JV, AJP and lara i don't know if i'm going to really count it because the whole meal was really just a doctored up box meal, ha.

doesn't mean it wasn't tasty though.

this would be tofu pad thai with peanuts, bean sprouts, cilantro, and lime.

the girls and i ate and drank lots of wine in preparation for our friend hartzell's 30th birthday karaoke bash at reddstone cleveland.

now while i may not karaoke, i have a group of friends who do all. the. time.

perhaps one of these day i'll actually participate but until then, i'll just take the roll of flip video recorder. the sad thing about the below video is that i know i missed so much debauchery, but between what i and my trusty co-documenters captured i think i was able to paint a nice little picture of some awesome karaoke talent....

sidenote: i'm fairly positive that if you don't know any of the people in this video you won't find it as funny as i do.

ummm yeah, is right. hysterical.

this is one song i wish i captured on my flip video - this would be range and lzone performing kris kros, jump... hence the backwards shirt which lzone is adamant on me saying that while it may appear that she is 400 pounds due to the backwards shirt in fact, she is not. obvy. (photo credit colleen!)

CK, hartzell the birthday boy and muffin getting their vocal chords ready

travis w, katie "don't video record me", and yours truly (photo credit colleen!)

at the end of the night hartzell got some birthday cake to the dome, poor guy.

saturday i spent the majority of the morning/early afternoon in bed, it was just too cozy to leave, but canton and mother's day celebrations were calling.

first stop in canton was at my cousin's house to see my not so little cousin jenna off to prom, she looked so pretty! kids grow up so fast - i.e. i'm getting old. post prom festivities my mom, my cousin david and i headed out for dinner at my old employer don pablo's and then on to see iron man 2 which was very entertaining and i recommend it. nice little saturday if i do say so myself.

sunday, mother's day, found the usual suspects (all my family) at my cousin cathi and grog's house in north canton for a delicious brunch.

check out the spread cathi put together - she spoils us, i swear.

after laughing till i cried with the family i kissed my mom goodbye and drove back up to cleveland - the cavs were playing game 4 in boston (i think we all know how this one ended), so my friends and i all gathered at the clevelander to watch. this little watch party also doubled at a pre-game for the pearl jam concert at the Q.

pearl jam is one of those bands that i've been listening to for years and years but never have seen live. they put on as good of a show as i expected and eddie vedder's voice is still as sexy as all hell.

i wonder if he'd let me run my fingers through his hair. yes? no? i can't help it, the man is hot/talented/hot.

i do have one complaint about the concert though. they didn't play elderly woman behind the counter in a small town which is one of my favorite songs of all time. i may still be a little bitter, guess i'll just have to go see them again.

annnnnnnnnnd that's a wrap. i'd like to give this weekend five stars, good times kids, good times.

when life gets in the way

Monday, May 10, 2010

normally i write my weekend recap sunday night to post for monday, normally.

but this past sunday i was too busy spending the morning in canton with my wonderful mother for mother's day before heading back up to cleveland to watch the cavs game and attend the pearl jam concert at the Q to be able to write something adequate.

stupid life getting in the way of blogging..

it's a catch 22 really, if i don't have a social life i have nothing fun to write about, but then if i have too much of a social life and don't have time to write.

confession: i'm actually writing this sunday morning at 9am before my mom wakes up and yells at me for spending part of HER mother's day on the computer blogging. thank goodness for the advance schedule a post option.

anyways, check back tomorrow for my normal weekend recap that may or may not involve an epic karaoke montage video from hartzell's birthday party.

happy monday kids!

this is how we do it, it's friday night, and i feel alright

Friday, May 7, 2010

hello friday, how ya doin'? how ya been? i'm very excited that you're here!

i've been a decently good girl this week, got a ton of crap done at work/home and between the cavs game and a 30th birthday party tonight, canton saturday night to hangout with my mom, sunday brunch with the family, another cavs game sunday afternoon and then the pearl jam concert at the Q, i'm definitely watching the clock for this weekend to start.

loverboy was right... everybody's workin' for the weekend.

now it's time to announce the winner of the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards tickets.

drum roll please....

congratulations to @KGebhardtNEO!!!

she was the 51st person out of 58 entries, and the 51 was chosen via random.org. i'd show you a screen shot of the random number generator but i tried, and i couldn't get it to work. fail.

anywhoodle congrats to the winner, and if you didn't win you can still buy tickets to the party online here - you know i'll be there.

have a great weekend kids, i know i will.

kentucky derby recap #3: the big show

Thursday, May 6, 2010

if you need to catch up on my derby weekend: here's post #1 and here's post #2.

so, it was finally game time, the big show, the
kentucky friggin' derby.

the bad news was that it was supposed to (AND DID) rain the whole day, the good news was that we knew this, planned for it, and had an excellent outlook on the whole thing.

rain wasn't going to ruin our derby experience, hell no.

i could go on and on about how we started "tailgating" at 9:30am before heading into churchill downs under a bridal shop awning, or how the mud was so thick even our rain boots got stuck, or how we all ate foot long sausages, or about the ungodly amount of mint juleps i drank, or how muffin got hit in the face with a blow up donkey, or how court passed out in a chair around 3pm.

the stories are endless, so i think the best idea is to just show you our experience in video and pics - ENJOY.

to kick it all off check out this video which includes balls being kicked, preachers saying we are all going to burn in hell, USA chants, mud wrestling (both male AND female), fish hooks, dance parties and the F word at least once, FYI.

this video is completely ridiculous, right?!?! out. of. control.

beaver, me and muffin upon our arrival

the bachelorette kate and her penis poncho (with help from beaver)

kate going to hangout with one of the many preachers outside of churchill downs who were telling us we were all going to burn in hell. it was odd.

some of the ladies with matching orange jumpsuit horse hat wearing people, please note beaver petting the dude's horse head.

we found muffin's hat twin outside of the track, little did we think her hat twin would be a man holding an orange

ladies, all the ladies (and some random dudes), in ponchos.

tiffo loves the derby, can't you tell from this picture?!?!

tiffo, kate and deirdra bringing it

my rain boots chilling in the mud - thankfully they are really the only thing that got muddy on me, unlike the woman below...

LOOK! it's a mud statue!

and to think this is only a small fraction of the pictures i took... GOOD TIMES.

the biggest question i keep getting from people is if i would go to the derby again, and i don't even have to think twice before i say yes. i do really want to experience the derby in the grandstand all dolled up with heels, a hat and a nice dress though - next time.


today's the final day to enter to win two tickets to the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party as i'll be choosing the winner tonight to post on the plum tomorrow. simply comment on this post with the name of the restaurant you're most interested in trying out at the party to win... good luck!

kentucky derby recap #2: the ultimate pre-game

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

full disclosure: i'm typing this under the influence of quite the wine buzz as i just got home from an amazing Italian cheese and wine tasting at l'albatros. and while i have lots to say about the event the full recap post must come after tales from the kentucky derby part 2.

so when you last left the plum muffin and i had finally arrived safely in louisville, kentucky after the
debauchery that was our road trip down south and it was time to party.

it was thursday night, muffin was turning 30 at midnight, the bars were staying open until 4am and it was kate's stag weekend. bring. it. on.

the group of girls that were in attendance for the first night of festivities, me, mistiburr, muffin, kate, tiffo, deirdra and court started laughing/drinking/eating the moment we got to the house we were renting.

as we settled onto the deck for cocktails and catching up we made pizza to eat while the mosquitoes ate us.... i still have bite marks, no joke.

four hours of drinking later it was officially past midnight and we decided to walk to the bars. we stopped at donegan's pub who had a sweet ass tap system and was cheap as all heck but we spent the majority of our evening at o'shea's irish pub which was a total blast.

we had a full out dance party inside and outside of o'shea's - they played all sorts of old school hip hop and we felt like we were in college... ja rule anyone?

how about some pics from thursday night...

deirdra and tiffo at the house before we went out

mistiburr and the bachelorette kate also at the house before we went out

at o'shea's i decided that i needed not one, but two drinks at all times - the high life and a glass of makers mark... note that this was around 3am, totally normal.

seeing as it was muffin's birthday we had to get her a cake... which we devoured at 4am obviously. note court's teeth... black icing will do that to you. doesn't it look like she was eating babies in a horror movie?

we were all pretty hungover when we woke up friday morning. i mean, who wouldn't be after all the boozing, cake and totino's pizza roll eating we participated in.

but that wasn't going to stop us from drunch (drunk lunch), we walked to a place called dundee tavern where we drank bloody's and ate lunch. the service was sub-par to say the least and kate almost didn't get to drink because the server didn't think her ID was real OR her - apparently they don't see many colorado IDs in KY.

we did a little shopping but ultimately headed back to the house because we had more important things to do - like wait for the rest of the girls to arrive (MOB, foxxy, beaver, and holler) and infuse fruit with vodka in preparation for the derby the next day.

kate showing the watermelon who's boss with a giant syringe full of vodka

kate, me and muffin before dinner at the house of friday... in looking at my eyes i think i'm still a bit hungover from the night before. but it was time to RALLY.

friday night brought a mexican fiesta themed bachelorette evening for kate. we gave her her presents, laughed about penises, played silly games, talked about sex and drank tequila. i.e. my kind of evening.

kate opening presents and receiving the traditional penis bendy straw of course, duh.

bachelorette party game time! the goal: to get the hot dog that is tied around your waste to snap the mousetrap that's on the ground under you. i have NO IDEA where this game came from but it was hysterical. that's kate, muffin and me, btw.

for a final gift to kate we decided that she needed a little flair for the derby and knowing that it was going to be pouring rain the entire day what better than a penis poncho?!?!

so court got to work and created the hotness that was kate's (her nickname is also big pete, btw), penis poncho.

ummmmmmm, can we please talk about the detail on this? court is a true penis artist. i think this poncho gives a new way to think about "dirt off your shoulder", if you know what i mean... i'm still laughing!

by the time dinner, drinks, presents and games were over we knew our early morning wake up call of 7am was going to come fast, so we pretty much forced ourselves to be in bed by midnight friday night.

wow, i'm tired already, and to think i haven't even gotten to the main event...

tomorrow, part #3 - THE DERBY.

side note: i don't think i've ever typed the word penis so much in a post on this blog before, it's fun though. PENIS. take that search engines! PENIS!


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kentucky derby recap #1: the drive south

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

let the kentucky derby recap begin!

after a very fun wednesday night out i woke up last thursday morning fairly hungover/tired but ready to tackle the
kentucky derby 2010 weekend.

there was lots to celebrate, muffin was officially turning 30, it was kate's bachelorette weekend, and lots of UD ladies getting together - essentially it was time to evacuate the dance floor (whoa whoa).

when i arrived at muffin's house in lakewood, CD's were gathered, bottled water was purchased, twizzlers were ready to be eaten, and muffin's mom even got us a triptik from AAA.

alexa and muffin roadtrip to KY: annnnnnnnnnnnd go!

everything was going smoothly until we got about 60 miles outside of louisville, suddenly traffic came to a crawl, like 5 miles an hour crawl, and it stayed like that.

our friends AJP and lara were ahead of us about 15 miles and told us that there was an overturned semi-truck causing the commotion which sucked, but we suddenly had bigger problems.

the check engine and coolant level light came on in muffin's A4 - we ignored it.

that is until the engine started smoking....

we immediately pulled over, took about 15 minutes figuring out how to pop the hood, and made a very scientific observation that the car was leaking coolant. (see pic)

cue calling roadside assistant and a 2 1/2 plus hour wait on the side of 71 south.

muffin and her sad little broken car hanging out on the side of the highway... no, she's not bitter AT ALL.

are we having fun yet?

as you can see from the picture there's still an accident causing traffic to crawl so people are constantly asking us if we need help. granted, this was VERY kind, but every two seconds we had to be like, "no, we're ok, thank you!" - meh, it could have been worse.

thankfully we had excellent attitudes. i mean, at least we weren't stranded alone, the sun was shining, and we could laugh out loud at each other, A LOT.

confession: peeing between car doors happened - thank god for wendy's napkins.

finally, over 2 1/2 hours later, the tow truck arrived and muffin and i hopped in the truck family shotgun style with a toothless chain smoking man from KY. 50 minutes later we were at the audi dealership and court was there to bring us back to our rental house.

ten hours later.

luckily there were cocktails waiting for us.

and to think that was just the beginning...

...to be continued!


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cleveland magazine silver spoon awards ticket giveaway

Monday, May 3, 2010

if you read my last post or you've been following my twitter or foursquare feed you know i spent the past few days in louisville, kentucky participating in my friend kate's bachelorette party festivities at the kentucky derby.

obviously i have plenty to catch you kids up on, but those posts (yes, multiple, there's so much to cover)
, are going to have to wait till tomorrow....

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every year cleveland magazine publishes a best restaurant issue and hands out silver spoon awards to northeast ohio's best eateries. the winning restaurants are then showcased at the annual silver spoon awards party which is an amazing food and wine tasting event that not only promotes the cleveland culinary scene but also helps raise money and awareness for the arthritis foundation.

this year the festivities are thursday, may 13th from 6 to 9pm at the intercontinental hotel and you can purchase general admission or VIP lounge tickets ($80 and $125
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participating restaurants: Aladdin's Eatery, Angelo's Pizza, Bubba's-Q World Famous Bar-B-Q & Catering, Chinato, Corky & Lenny's, Downtown 140, Eat'n Park, fire food & drink, Flying Fig, Great Lakes Brewing Co., The Greenhouse Tavern, Heck's Cafe, Hot Sauce Williams, Hyde Park Prime Steaks, L'Albatros, Lola, Pacific East Coventry, Paladar Latin Kitchen, Parallax, Pearl of the Orient, Pier W, Red - The Steakhouse, Saffron Patch, Sans Souci, Shuhei Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar, Sweet Melissa's, Table 45, Ty Fun Thai Bistro, and VegiTerranean.

sounds good/fun/delicious doesn't it?

leave a comment and you can try them all, obvy.

don't forget to leave me your email address if i don't know you personally and or can't contact you through twitter/blogger account.

good luck, have a great week, and check back tomorrow for my kentucky derby recap part one.