i would like to keep jason mulgrew in my pocket at all times

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i don't normally talk about books that i read here on the plum for a couple of reasons:

1. i don't know how to read good

2. i don't read enough books that i actually enjoy enough to plug on my blog
3. i don't know how to read good

but upon finishing the book "Everything Is Wrong with Me: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong" by Jason Mulgrew i knew i had to attempt to make every single one of my 16 readers go buy a copy.

admittedly, i was pretty positive that i was going to fall in love with this book as i've been a fan of the author, jason mulgrew, for a ridiculously long time.

i remember reading his blog while i was still working at scene magazine in '05, before i really had any idea what a blog was let alone even an inkling that someday i would actually author one.

author. ha, that's a word i never thought i'd use in reference to this blog.

moving on.

after years (literally) of online stalking jason mulgrew i was obviously excited when word got out that he was publishing his memoir, and he did not disappoint.

i don't care how long he had to lock himself in his room, or how many extensions he had to get from his publisher to finish the book, i'm glad he did it.

his self deprecating humor, semi-dysfunctional irish catholic family, uncanny video game skills, and ability to hunt for hookers... all while thoughtfully observing his life and the people around him with a snarky charm made me wish i was a fly on the wall of his childhood.

but let's get back to present day. the majority of my reading is done while working out on the elliptical and i found myself being stared at on more than one occasion by my fellow gym-mates because i was laughing out loud so much.

snorting even.

while reading the book i could see a lot of myself in jason mulgrew (minus the whole penis thing), it was relatable. you'll have that growing up in the 80's/90's i suppose, so reading his book made the stories that much more entertaining for me.

the sex, drugs, parties and masturbation jokes didn't hurt either.

long story short, i simply loved the book and i think if you would too.

yes, YOU.

i mean, if you come to this blog everyday and find any of my antics even slightly entertaining you will be blown away by jason mulgrew.

if you buy one book this summer it should be "Everything is Wrong With Me: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong". trust me, it's worth the $10, GO BUY IT.

side note: this blog post may or may not have been sponsored by jason mulgrew himself because when i actually/finally got to hang out with him in person this past march in NYC he fed me endless bottles of miller high life. he obviously knows the way to my heart.

side note #2: i promise i know how to read well.... "i don't know how to read good" was sarcasm - ok MOM? but thanks for the text telling me that i needed to change it this morning... xoxo.


  1. "i don't know how to read good"

    This is easy: read from left to right, follow punctuation cues for pacing. Voila! You're set.

  2. this is so wrong but whenever I read "I don't know how to read good"
    I heard John Turturo's voice from secret garden saying it like he said "you stole my story"

    but thats a good thing cus I love saying that!

    Mulgrew is way funny and I plan on checking out the book.
    Also making a note about the miller high life to win you over.

  3. It's on my summer reading list..thanks for the heads up!

  4. Added to my summer reading list.

    Have you read Jen Lancaster's books? If not, I think you would like them. I would offer to lend them to you but we're still fighting about the ABC---

  5. I've got 900 books on my To-Read list, but I'll definitely add this one! I think I'm due for a good comedic read.

  6. Thanks for the rec, I've just started my list of books to pick up for summer reading & this will be perfect! Memoirs are the way to my heart.

  7. I must say, I absolutely love your blog. As a new blogger myself, I find your blog so inspirational and so much fun.I've told a ton of my girlfriends about your blog, and the concensus is... "Love it, love it, love it!!" I love book reviews, and for someone who "doesn't read good" (haha) you're certainly good at doing reviews. You sold me!! And since summertime poolside reading season is almost here, I love getting a good reading list together. So thank you very much. And you should totally take Suzanne's advice. Jen Landcaster's books are hilarious and easy reads. Keep up the amazing work.

  8. This post brought to you by The Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good. ;)


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