italian cheese and wine tasting at l'albatros

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this past tuesday night i was lucky enough to be invited to an Italian Cheese and Wine tasting at zack bruell's east side establishment L'Albatros.

being an avid fan of bruell's i find is shocking that this was my first visit to L'Albatros, i guess with
parallax and chinato being closer to home i head there more often, you'll have that.

for this Italian Cheese and Wine tasting my friends michelle and allison were along for the ride as we made our way through Italy with bottles of wine and delicious cheese.

upon our arrival we were greeted with a variety of food bites, the veal and pancetta mealballs being my favorite, but in no time it was cheese/wine time.

my cheese tasting plate, yes, just mine.... a glorious plate of cheese, just for me.

our host for the evening was the L'Albatros sommelier and fromager Brandon Chrostowski whose knowledge on the subject was as brilliant as his delivery - i learned a lot. i also drank a lot...

the cheeses and wine we sampled (in order):
la tur cheese with a kerner
casatica di bufala cheese with a chardonnay
salva cremasco cheese with a chardonnay
pecorino sardo cheese with a cannonau
testun al barbolo cheese with a beni di batasiolo
monte veronese malga with a stefano accordini
taleggio bergamasco with a tolanini
blu del moncenisio with a cin santo del chianti

my hands down favorite was the first tasting of the la tur and kerner - so good in fact that i had to buy the bottle of kerner, abbazia di novacella. (say that 3 times fast)

allison liked and bought the kerner too. see, look how excited she is!

by end of the tasting i was happy but 100% cheesed out, which i didn't even think was humanly possible. in hindsight it would have been nice to have something to break up all the cheese though, like some meat or greens. obviously i still made it through but that's something i would maybe change out of the evening.

so if this wine and cheese tasting event is something you'd be interested in i know that L'Albatros plans them on a fairly frequent basis and run around $50 a ticket which is a steal in my opinion for appetizers, 8 cheeses, 7 wines and dessert. check their facebook page for additional events and updates.

mmmmm cheese. mmmmm wine.


  1. An entire night of wine and cheese sounds like a perfect night to me.

  2. WOW! That looks AMAZING! I LOVE wine and cheese. I think I would choose it as my final meal! Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. Wine and cheese is sorely underrated. One of the best meals or desserts or apps or whatever you want it to be!!! Looks like you had a blast!

  4. well that isn't exactly a great photo of me.

    it must be the cheese.

  5. I tried posting a comment earlier but it was giving me an error. I hope it works this time!

    All that food looks DELICIOUS! If at all possible please send wine and cheese here. Kthanks!

  6. This needs to happen in my life, STAT.

  7. i second lilu's comment. i need that wine and that cheese in my life like right now. yummm.

  8. I hate wine. But Oh. My. Gosh. That CHEESE. I want.

  9. I'm suddenly having a craving...


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