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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

holy weekend, batman.

no need for and intro, let's just get it on.

friday night started with hosting my first plum dinner party series - kind of. while i cooked some delicious pad thai for my friends JV, AJP and lara i don't know if i'm going to really count it because the whole meal was really just a doctored up box meal, ha.

doesn't mean it wasn't tasty though.

this would be tofu pad thai with peanuts, bean sprouts, cilantro, and lime.

the girls and i ate and drank lots of wine in preparation for our friend hartzell's 30th birthday karaoke bash at reddstone cleveland.

now while i may not karaoke, i have a group of friends who do all. the. time.

perhaps one of these day i'll actually participate but until then, i'll just take the roll of flip video recorder. the sad thing about the below video is that i know i missed so much debauchery, but between what i and my trusty co-documenters captured i think i was able to paint a nice little picture of some awesome karaoke talent....

sidenote: i'm fairly positive that if you don't know any of the people in this video you won't find it as funny as i do.

ummm yeah, is right. hysterical.

this is one song i wish i captured on my flip video - this would be range and lzone performing kris kros, jump... hence the backwards shirt which lzone is adamant on me saying that while it may appear that she is 400 pounds due to the backwards shirt in fact, she is not. obvy. (photo credit colleen!)

CK, hartzell the birthday boy and muffin getting their vocal chords ready

travis w, katie "don't video record me", and yours truly (photo credit colleen!)

at the end of the night hartzell got some birthday cake to the dome, poor guy.

saturday i spent the majority of the morning/early afternoon in bed, it was just too cozy to leave, but canton and mother's day celebrations were calling.

first stop in canton was at my cousin's house to see my not so little cousin jenna off to prom, she looked so pretty! kids grow up so fast - i.e. i'm getting old. post prom festivities my mom, my cousin david and i headed out for dinner at my old employer don pablo's and then on to see iron man 2 which was very entertaining and i recommend it. nice little saturday if i do say so myself.

sunday, mother's day, found the usual suspects (all my family) at my cousin cathi and grog's house in north canton for a delicious brunch.

check out the spread cathi put together - she spoils us, i swear.

after laughing till i cried with the family i kissed my mom goodbye and drove back up to cleveland - the cavs were playing game 4 in boston (i think we all know how this one ended), so my friends and i all gathered at the clevelander to watch. this little watch party also doubled at a pre-game for the pearl jam concert at the Q.

pearl jam is one of those bands that i've been listening to for years and years but never have seen live. they put on as good of a show as i expected and eddie vedder's voice is still as sexy as all hell.

i wonder if he'd let me run my fingers through his hair. yes? no? i can't help it, the man is hot/talented/hot.

i do have one complaint about the concert though. they didn't play elderly woman behind the counter in a small town which is one of my favorite songs of all time. i may still be a little bitter, guess i'll just have to go see them again.

annnnnnnnnnd that's a wrap. i'd like to give this weekend five stars, good times kids, good times.


  1. Karaoke gold. I don't know what else to say about "We Are the World." We put on a clinic.

  2. LOL - I those Bennett children and their karaoke... :)

  3. This post made me hungry.

    And Karaoke + drinking = awesome!

  4. Are those deviled eggs I spy? Seriously, that's quite the spread. And ditto Marie - I'm hungry now.

  5. Did you manage to make it up to Map Room at all later? They had the official Pearl Jam party there :-D

    See you tonight at the city advocates meeting!

  6. I'm a no go with karaoke, too, though I'm happy to egg on friends who will!

  7. oh MAAAAN that food looks good. i seriously want to come eat @ your family's house some time...

  8. Thank you for the disclaimer that I don't weigh 400 lbs. xoxo

  9. No one does that to the Boss!

  10. This sounds like a fun idea for my 30th...hmm. P.S. Thanks for putting my blog on your roll! xo

  11. that mother's day spread is making me hungry and i don't even know what half of that stuff is, haha.

    and woo for the cavs! i am seriously hoping for a cavs/lakers show down this year :)

  12. I think you should definitely try karaoke at least once. With a little liquid courage, you could do it!

  13. Once again, I'm totally jealous! The brunch looks delish, and the concert sounds like it was great. My BFF's hubby is a MASSIVE Pearl Jam fan, so I know all about them. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  14. The Pearl Jam concert was awesome. They have such an extensive back catalog, there are very few songs you can count on to hear at any single show. "Elderly Woman" is definitely great live with the whole audience joining in on "I just want to scream... hello!" I was soooooo happy they closed with "Indifference" on Sunday.

  15. I lovelovelove the idea of hosting dinner parties - & I wish I could cook... I don't even like pad Thai, but that looks delicious!

    And I love how glowing & happy you always look in your pics. <3

  16. Clevelands Pearl Jam concert was a good one! Looked like you had some good seats too! Or a great zoom! ;-)

    That food looks great too!



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