kentucky derby recap #2: the ultimate pre-game

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

full disclosure: i'm typing this under the influence of quite the wine buzz as i just got home from an amazing Italian cheese and wine tasting at l'albatros. and while i have lots to say about the event the full recap post must come after tales from the kentucky derby part 2.

so when you last left the plum muffin and i had finally arrived safely in louisville, kentucky after the
debauchery that was our road trip down south and it was time to party.

it was thursday night, muffin was turning 30 at midnight, the bars were staying open until 4am and it was kate's stag weekend. bring. it. on.

the group of girls that were in attendance for the first night of festivities, me, mistiburr, muffin, kate, tiffo, deirdra and court started laughing/drinking/eating the moment we got to the house we were renting.

as we settled onto the deck for cocktails and catching up we made pizza to eat while the mosquitoes ate us.... i still have bite marks, no joke.

four hours of drinking later it was officially past midnight and we decided to walk to the bars. we stopped at donegan's pub who had a sweet ass tap system and was cheap as all heck but we spent the majority of our evening at o'shea's irish pub which was a total blast.

we had a full out dance party inside and outside of o'shea's - they played all sorts of old school hip hop and we felt like we were in college... ja rule anyone?

how about some pics from thursday night...

deirdra and tiffo at the house before we went out

mistiburr and the bachelorette kate also at the house before we went out

at o'shea's i decided that i needed not one, but two drinks at all times - the high life and a glass of makers mark... note that this was around 3am, totally normal.

seeing as it was muffin's birthday we had to get her a cake... which we devoured at 4am obviously. note court's teeth... black icing will do that to you. doesn't it look like she was eating babies in a horror movie?

we were all pretty hungover when we woke up friday morning. i mean, who wouldn't be after all the boozing, cake and totino's pizza roll eating we participated in.

but that wasn't going to stop us from drunch (drunk lunch), we walked to a place called dundee tavern where we drank bloody's and ate lunch. the service was sub-par to say the least and kate almost didn't get to drink because the server didn't think her ID was real OR her - apparently they don't see many colorado IDs in KY.

we did a little shopping but ultimately headed back to the house because we had more important things to do - like wait for the rest of the girls to arrive (MOB, foxxy, beaver, and holler) and infuse fruit with vodka in preparation for the derby the next day.

kate showing the watermelon who's boss with a giant syringe full of vodka

kate, me and muffin before dinner at the house of friday... in looking at my eyes i think i'm still a bit hungover from the night before. but it was time to RALLY.

friday night brought a mexican fiesta themed bachelorette evening for kate. we gave her her presents, laughed about penises, played silly games, talked about sex and drank tequila. i.e. my kind of evening.

kate opening presents and receiving the traditional penis bendy straw of course, duh.

bachelorette party game time! the goal: to get the hot dog that is tied around your waste to snap the mousetrap that's on the ground under you. i have NO IDEA where this game came from but it was hysterical. that's kate, muffin and me, btw.

for a final gift to kate we decided that she needed a little flair for the derby and knowing that it was going to be pouring rain the entire day what better than a penis poncho?!?!

so court got to work and created the hotness that was kate's (her nickname is also big pete, btw), penis poncho.

ummmmmmm, can we please talk about the detail on this? court is a true penis artist. i think this poncho gives a new way to think about "dirt off your shoulder", if you know what i mean... i'm still laughing!

by the time dinner, drinks, presents and games were over we knew our early morning wake up call of 7am was going to come fast, so we pretty much forced ourselves to be in bed by midnight friday night.

wow, i'm tired already, and to think i haven't even gotten to the main event...

tomorrow, part #3 - THE DERBY.

side note: i don't think i've ever typed the word penis so much in a post on this blog before, it's fun though. PENIS. take that search engines! PENIS!


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  1. I really feel like your life (and your friends!) should be in a tv show/book/movie! I swear you have the most fun life! :)

  2. I think I'd be a walking zombie if I was lucky enough to hang with you for one night of adult beverages, let alone a whole weekend. My oh my. You win. =)

  3. very nice etching on it too! don't forget about that.

  4. Ha ha ha! OMG, I am laughing so hard about the Penis Poncho right now.

  5. I'm simultaneously grossed out and amazed by the poncho. Wow. I have no words.

  6. I was just at L'albatros for the first time yesterday for lunch. I though it was great. Looking forward to hearing about their wine tasting!

  7. im totally stealing that hot dog/mouse trap game for friends bach party!!!

    and what is better when drinking, than totinos pizza rolls? how bout NOTHING!

  8. Red Cup = party.

    It's the first law of party throwing.

  9. Love the hot dog game concept- genius! I'll have to remember that one.

  10. the penis poncho looks great!!!! kudos

  11. I love the penis poncho. It makes me want to get married just for the bachelorette party.

  12. Oh my God, I'm dying about the poncho! You should market those!


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