kentucky derby recap #3: the big show

Thursday, May 6, 2010

if you need to catch up on my derby weekend: here's post #1 and here's post #2.

so, it was finally game time, the big show, the
kentucky friggin' derby.

the bad news was that it was supposed to (AND DID) rain the whole day, the good news was that we knew this, planned for it, and had an excellent outlook on the whole thing.

rain wasn't going to ruin our derby experience, hell no.

i could go on and on about how we started "tailgating" at 9:30am before heading into churchill downs under a bridal shop awning, or how the mud was so thick even our rain boots got stuck, or how we all ate foot long sausages, or about the ungodly amount of mint juleps i drank, or how muffin got hit in the face with a blow up donkey, or how court passed out in a chair around 3pm.

the stories are endless, so i think the best idea is to just show you our experience in video and pics - ENJOY.

to kick it all off check out this video which includes balls being kicked, preachers saying we are all going to burn in hell, USA chants, mud wrestling (both male AND female), fish hooks, dance parties and the F word at least once, FYI.

this video is completely ridiculous, right?!?! out. of. control.

beaver, me and muffin upon our arrival

the bachelorette kate and her penis poncho (with help from beaver)

kate going to hangout with one of the many preachers outside of churchill downs who were telling us we were all going to burn in hell. it was odd.

some of the ladies with matching orange jumpsuit horse hat wearing people, please note beaver petting the dude's horse head.

we found muffin's hat twin outside of the track, little did we think her hat twin would be a man holding an orange

ladies, all the ladies (and some random dudes), in ponchos.

tiffo loves the derby, can't you tell from this picture?!?!

tiffo, kate and deirdra bringing it

my rain boots chilling in the mud - thankfully they are really the only thing that got muddy on me, unlike the woman below...

LOOK! it's a mud statue!

and to think this is only a small fraction of the pictures i took... GOOD TIMES.

the biggest question i keep getting from people is if i would go to the derby again, and i don't even have to think twice before i say yes. i do really want to experience the derby in the grandstand all dolled up with heels, a hat and a nice dress though - next time.


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  1. The mud statue reminds me of the Statue of Liberty. After one too many drinks. Passed out in the middle of the day. Good stuff.

    And your video - oh my. I was giggling and I wasn't even there. I can only imagine you laughing your way through the editing process!

  2. Not even one pic of a horse!?

  3. mom, i would have taken a pic of a horse if i saw a horse! we didn't even see the racetrack other than on the jumbo screen.

  4. HAHA! I went two years ago and never saw a horse either! I did however make a point to get a video of the crazies in the mud pit. Looks like you gals had a blast, mud and all!

  5. Wow this makes the Derby look like Woodstock... except with funny hats.

  6. I love all the hats - particularly paired with the ponchos and rain boots. Overall, looks like a great success.

  7. Just out of curiosity, did you get a name for the hat doppelganger? Was his name Drew, by chance??

  8. I want to go to the Kentucky Derby immediately. Even though it's over. Still.

  9. Were you guys at the Kentucky Derby or an Arkansas family reunion?

  10. wow, i have a whole new view on the derby. The only thing i know about it is what is aw on the real housewives of orange county...lame.

    now this, this i can hang with!

  11. I HAVE THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously, that's what's important.

  12. Next year I want to have a derby party with big hats and lots of alcohol.

    Like it just needs to happen.

  13. seriously that looks like so much fun. love the ridiculous pics, especially the mud lady and the guy with the horse hat, amazingness.

  14. Love that mud statue. I would frame that picture.

  15. So much fun girl... next time I want to go!

  16. holy mud statue! That is amazing.

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