oh, jason alexander, why must you trouble me so?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

i have a bone to pick with jason alexander.

because thanks to jenny craig i'm never going to be able to look at him the same again.

this isn't a good thing, fyi.

while watching tv last night i saw the newest jenny craig commercial featuring george costanza himself, jason alexander.

upon seeing this commercial my jaw literally dropped, i said, "um, what the hell george?", and paused/rewound the spot again to make sure it wasn't seeing things.

don't know what i'm talking about? how about you guys watch it first so we are all on the same page...

{{shaking my head}}


jason, what happened to you?

singing? dancing? stripping? are those spanx you're wearing?

you may as well had taken off the tank top, what else do you have to lose?

i do want to be clear on one thing, i have nothing against the jenny craig program, just their ad agency who allowed jason alexander to sing and dance broadway style in his underwear.

whatever happened to a well tailored suit to show off a new svelte body?

more importantly, whatever happened to jason alexander? why can't he just live off his seinfeld royalties and let me keep his the costanza memory eternal?

i suppose though if we had taken a look at his resume of work we would have caught a glimpse into the future....

does anyone recall him singing and dancing in a mcdonald's commercial for the McDLT in the 80's?

"the new McD (clap clap) LT!"

guess we should have seen it coming huh?


  1. Although it is quite a fall from grace for George Coastanza, he has been popping up here and there since Seinfeld ended. He's even in a (GASP!) country music video with Brad Paisley for his song "Celebrity" where he dons a marching band uniform and plays a tuba. Is that worse than JC commericals?

  2. Oh, I think it's hilarious. No offense to his role on Seinfeld, but I never thought all that highly of him in the first place. So, having a little fun with this commercial - I think it shows a good spirit. Plus, guys under 5'2 shouldn't really wear suits to show off anything - they always look like they're swimming in their clothes. =)

  3. well, at least it was a reason to google that old mcdonalds commercial! i love old commercials!

  4. He was already ruined for me by too many viewings of Pretty Woman.. so yeah... and I agree with Nilsa i think that the commercials show that he's actually a good sport.

  5. Omg...he had hair!

    But yeah, I agree that the Jenny commercial's a bit much. I mean, what's he going to do now if he loses *more* weight?

  6. "George" definitely would have done the commercial.

  7. "George" would have done the commercial for sure.

  8. Isn't anyone even slightly amazed by the "hot hot side/cool cool side" container!? Genius! Maybe if he only ate the "cool cool side" he wouldn't have ever had to do Jenny Craig.

    I think tonight I'll watch the episode where George saves the whale choking on Kramer's golfball. I'd rather remember him as a fake marine biologist than a real Jenny Craig burlesque dancer.

  9. guess his old quote:

    "when it comes to between my career and a twinkie the twinkie always wins"

    doesn't apply anymore?

  10. The funny thing is, I saw your tweet about this yesterday almost instantly after I'd seen the commercial for the first time... made me laugh. Anyway, the commerical kinda creeped me out, dude!

  11. I'm incredibly creeped out by this. Props to him for losing so much weight, but jeers to him for not being smart enough to flaunt it better!

  12. look at all his HAIR! ha! i dunno, he's been in a bunch of broadway stuff singing & dancing over the years... i suppose i've seen enough of this side of him to not be too upset :-)

  13. Man, he's tiny now. Congrats to him. And why I'd like to fault him for that ad, hey...it's all about gettin' a paycheck.

  14. Oh geez, that video is just all sorts of wrong! lol so hilarious though.

  15. Four things:

    1)That Jenny Craig commercial is nightmare inducing.

    2)Seeing George with hair is freaky.

    3) Whoa, Styrofoam burger containers! I haven't seen those in years.

    4) Oh great, now I'm kind of craving a burger. Maybe if I watch the Jenny Craig ad I will lose my appetite?!

  16. I'd much rather my Jason Alexander be the chubby guy in white briefs, lol. The Seinfeld version of him is way better than the creepy, skinnier dancing guy. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this commercial for the first time. A major "WTF" moment.


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