TBAFATSOO, cinco de dova's and getting plummed

Monday, May 24, 2010

this weekend felt like the official kick off of summer to me.

i know memorial day weekend is supposed to
officially kick it all off, but in my little world summer is here in cleveland. especially when you have a 10 day forecast like this to look forward to.

friday night started with
@timmybennett's 5th annual T-bone and Friends at the Showdown of Ohio (TBAFATSOO for short), where 50 plus people headed to progressive field to watch the cleveland indians take on the cincinnati reds.

the group met at
thirsty parrot before the game but the weather wasn't really sure what it wanted to do. cooperate? or not cooperate?

the weather did cooperated enough to create this beautiful rainbow in the sky over progressive field. USA! USA! USA! USA!
rainbow aside to me it looked like it was about to pour at anytime so walking over to the game only to get soaking wet didn't really seem all that appealing. it wasn't appealing to katie and cara either so we bellied up to the bar at thirsty parrot for another beer or two.

we actually ended up giving our tickets away to a couple of dudes at the bar.... for a small fee.

price of admission: two newport 100's for two indians tickets - seems to be an even trade right?

next stop for katie, cara and i while everyone was still at the game was
the clevelander where we ate some food, drank summer shandy and played photohunt. allison and tim stopped by to hangout too. good times were already being had and it wasn't even 9pm.

once the game let out it was time to head back to the parrot to meet everyone, but not before we made the bartender at the clevelander give us trash bags to wear as ponchos because we thought it was pouring down rain.

it wasn't, and we looked like idiots. comical.

the thirsty parrot trip was semi short lived as CK one and i ran over to
panini's so he could get food which was a necessity at this point because karaoke fuel needed to be obtained.

next stop
tina's niteclub for karaoke debauchery, not my karaoke debauchery of course.... maybe one day i'll get the guts to actually sing but until that day comes i'll just watch my friends.

saturday morning was an early rise for me as i had to get on 77S to canton for a LONG overdue haircut and color at GSV Salon. i was so excited for my appointment that i literally hugged my stylist, abby, when i saw her.

a quick stop at my mom's to say hi was in order but i eventually headed over to my yiayia lambo's house for an early dinner. there's something about eating a delicious meal that your yiayia (grandma) has made for you a million times that takes you right back to your childhood.

except this time you're drinking wine of course.

after dinner i headed out to north ridgeville to linsday and mark's house for cinco de dova's! think cinco de mayo but instead of may 5th it was may 22nd.

we drank sangria, margaritas and corona, ate mexican food, had a beer pong tournament, played flip cup and even murdered a pinata.

babs rocking her delonte donuts tshirt and our wonderful hostess lindsay

hart being the beer pong tournament "ring girl" and travis just rockin' his striped shirt

while not playing drinking games in the basement we hung out on the back patio and driggs even brought out his mandalay. yes, mandalay.

this ridiculous picture of heather doing a handstand in heels and babs mounting(?) her via crutches is um, um, um, just plain funny and an awesome prequel to the video below.

there's something about an old school house party with good friends that i really needed. we got out of control, drank way too much and acted like we were in college.

i actually woke up sunday morning with a sore stomach from laughing so hard. i'll take any ab workout i can get.
and now to the crown jewel of this post... a ridiculous documentation of ridiculous parts of the evening that was cinco de verdova.

crutches, pinata murder, bad dancing, flip cup, sombreros and adults acting like kids - just watch.

yeah, those are my friends and i heart them.

so, who wants to play with crutches next weekend too?

have a great week everyone!


  1. I hear the older you get in age, the younger you act.

    Actually I know this to be a fact. Because today I turned 31 and now I feel more like I'm 5 (last year it was 6).

    Those are some seriously awesome pictures. Especially the last one because HOLY CRAP how did they do that?!

  2. that was rather impressive with the crutches.

    This past weekend did seem like the start to summer.

    I mean we went to our first street fair

    and hit up dairy king for the first time

  3. It's amazing how crutches turn into a toy. We have a friend who's been on them for a while, now, but we've each taken turns holding ourselves up on them and seeing how long we can kick.

    ...what about being an adult?

  4. Smokes? Bad, Alexa, bad (and not in a Good Alexa kind of way)... =)

  5. that takes some talent to balance like that. I think you should encourage that act to go on the road....get some tickets to some awesome shows as the opener, and maybe sell them for a whole pack of smokes next time! =)

  6. hmm... maybe i can incorporate crutches into my pole tricks somehow? :-)

  7. I don't think I've ever wanted something more in my life than a Delonte Donuts shirt. Can you say AMAZING?!?

  8. That picture with the rainbow, the flag and the field is amazing. I am glad that you had such a fantastic weekend.

  9. Oh my stars, girl! Sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm jealous you always have crazy fun! And, um, you did an insane amount of driving! Haha, N Ridgeville from Canton? Starting downtown? You are nuts (in an awesome way, obviously).

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