this weekend made me happy in CLE

Monday, May 17, 2010

what an amazing weekend, seriously.

after last thursday's cavs episode i was pretty much full of sadness,so the only thing i wanted to do was go home and curl up on my couch, which is exactly what i did.

saturday morning brought a trip to beachwood place which ended up being very fruitful for me - shoes, dresses, tops, tanks, skirts, bras, accessories, OH MY!

considering i spent a little too much time at beachwood i had to hustle my butt back downtown to get ready to see my man russell crowe in robin hood at the capitol theater with CK-one.

admittedly, i would pay to watch russell crowe scooping up a pile of mulch for 2+ hours, so there was no twisting my arm to see him hotly ride a horse and shoot bow and arrows in robin hood so maybe i'm a little biased in my review.

as a whole i enjoyed the movie, i guess. it wasn't gladiator (my favorite movie) by any means but considering i'm a sucker for russell, historical period piece movies and good guys fighting bad guys i was entertained. but i know a few of my other friends who saw the film this weekend and they hated it, so i'll let you guys make your own decision.

after robin hood, CK-one and i walked over to luxe for an early dinner on the patio. we went with the "family meal" option where for $22 a person you get three courses, a salad, entree and dessert. the kicker is that you have no idea what you're getting, so i'd say that to order this you would have to be pretty much up for anything. i'd give our hilarious server and our meal that gave me my first taste of lake erie perch two thumbs up!

the creepy scene magazine photographer that was trying to take our picture even though i repeatedly asked her not to, not so much...

after some post dinner cocktails at my apartment (not my deck due to midges, jerks), we headed to flying monkey to meet up with lzone, seanski, nugget and jenny where the makers mark continued to flow and an amazing cleveland collaboration was dreamed up.

stay tuned for that one, kids. stay tuned.

sunday brought lunch at west side market cafe and an impromptu trip to the harp to hangout with beaver, jilly, rory, and sarah (with special guests mandy, katy and kristin) who all had just completed the cleveland marathon (or half)... and what else would they want to too but drink to celebrate their accomplishments.

i had great times at the harp drinking cider beer which turned into shots, which turned into heading to parkview nite club and turned into me making myself go home at a reasonable hour.

i was at the point of the night where if i had one. more. beer. monday would have been a totally mess - i'm glad, and i'm sure my boss is too, that i went home.

sadly i didn't take many pictures this weekend (bad blogger), but the ones i did take on sunday are stellar enough that there only needs to be two of them.

i'm not sure i have words for this one.... here is the famous beaver post 1/2 marathon race outside of the parkview in her sweet spandex, knee highs, dayton sweatshirt and blue blockers. 'nuff said.

sarah's guinness with a perfect 'lil shamrock on top

basically this weekend made me happy and i'm glad summer is quickly approaching - and that's all i'm gonna say about that.

have a good week everyone!


  1. I'm kind of torn on seeing the new Robin Hood, but I'm pretty much a sucker for all the things you mentioned might be worth a shot.

    Sounds like a perfect kind of weekend.

  2. I met the guy in charge of special effects for Robin Hood. He's really cool (and his girlfriend is the bomb - a fellow blogger!). But, I kinda hate Russell Crowe, so you won't see me going to see that movie. Glad you got your fill, though.

  3. Sounds like another fantastic weekend. Love the shamrock... totally cute! Way to exercise some self-control Woman! I'm so proud!

  4. Ehhh I'm glad to hear I skipped Robin Hood for a reason. Maybe Russell and I need some private time when that comes out on DVD.

  5. I'm glad that you rallied for a fantastic weekend. Also how is it that you live in Cleveland and have never had Lake Erie Perch? Glad thats been remedied.

  6. Ohhh, Beachwood Place, I miss you. Malls here just don't compare - who wants to carry all those bags home when you can just throw 'em in the car back in the Midwest?!

    Glad your weekend was a good one. Sounds like you had exactly what was needed for a partial Cavs recovery.

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