when life gets in the way

Monday, May 10, 2010

normally i write my weekend recap sunday night to post for monday, normally.

but this past sunday i was too busy spending the morning in canton with my wonderful mother for mother's day before heading back up to cleveland to watch the cavs game and attend the pearl jam concert at the Q to be able to write something adequate.

stupid life getting in the way of blogging..

it's a catch 22 really, if i don't have a social life i have nothing fun to write about, but then if i have too much of a social life and don't have time to write.

confession: i'm actually writing this sunday morning at 9am before my mom wakes up and yells at me for spending part of HER mother's day on the computer blogging. thank goodness for the advance schedule a post option.

anyways, check back tomorrow for my normal weekend recap that may or may not involve an epic karaoke montage video from hartzell's birthday party.

happy monday kids!


  1. somewhat like so much of my material came from work and then all of a sudden I wasn't working anymore and I was like damn how will I be able to post anything.

    That is similar in a non cool way.

  2. we spent mothers day waiting on my brother to get out of work. we ate at 9pm at winking lizard. lol. we wanted to have a sit down dinner, i guess we sat down!

  3. Oh yeah, I totally understand that catch22 situation. The more things I do that I want to blog about, the less time I have to do it.

  4. Hopefully epic karaoke video has some nudity.

    It's the only way to make it epic.

  5. Dude your Mother's Day sounded awesome. How was Pearl Jam? I love that you went to that concert :)


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