buy local week july 3 - 10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

as a general life rule i make it a point to shop and buy local as often as possible.

for example, i go to constantino's market more often than i care to admit.... for christmas one year i bought every single gift i needed to buy at banyan tree... and i
rarely ever eat at chain restaurant or bar.

go independent or go home, yo.

so i can obviously get behind the 2nd annual Buy Local Week that is happening from july 3rd to 10th - i buy NEO and COSE are asking the people of northeast ohio to pledge to redirect $100 of existing spending to locally owned and operated businesses.

easy enough right?

a startling fact is that if everyone in NEO participated in the buy local challenge $48 million would be pumped into the local economy - how awesome would that be?

personally i took the Buy Local Pledge (with probably all $100 being spent at local bars this weekend, FTR), and by doing so i'm going to receive a thank you gift within the next week that allows for discounts at up to 40 local businesses - so sign up for yourself here to get your own!

i hope you sign up and take the buy local challenge seriously - think of it as a 30th birthday gift to me... that and voting the plum as the best blog in cleveland would be rad gifts.

i also accept diamonds and cash - either or.

summertime and the livin's easy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wait, what did i do this past weekend?

let me check foursquare.....


ok, memory refreshed.

friday: reddstone, speakeasy, flying monkey and lava lounge

saturday: barley house, mercury and touch supper club

sunday funday: sunset grille and tremont taphouse

apparently, i like to go to bars. apparently, i like the near west side. apparently, i'm a lush. apparently, i like to celebrate birthdays (MOB and moe's on friday).

yet another great summer weekend with great friends is on the books.

too many of my friends participated in the weekend festivities to list in fact.

although i will say that i was with hartzell... cause he'll whine like a baby if i don't.

let's look at some (of the very few) pictures i took over the weekend shall we?

the jerk had a brilliant realization at reddstone on friday - our friend hartzell (left) looks like scott from keeping up with the kardashians (iphone pic on the left). fact.

moe, myself and lzone at speakeasy on friday for moe's 30th birthday party

AJP, sara, shibani and JV at touch supper club saturday for old school hip hop night

lzone and selvaggio at sunset grille for sunday funday... save the date card?

some of the sunday funday crew - myself, seanski, lzone, moe and selvaggio. this picture was blatantly stolen from moe's FB page, fyi.

so where did you go that was fun in cleveland (or your hometown) this past weekend?

sidenote: i turn 30 in three days, omg.

summertime and the blogging isn't easy...

Monday, June 28, 2010

i've decided that blogging is easier for me to do in the winter...

it's cold in cleveland, miserable even, and with blogging for the most part being an indoor activity it's pretty easy for me to cozy up on my couch and type.

but it's summertime in cleveland and the last thing i want to do is be inside with my laptop.

plus this whole trend of spending my sunday nights on whiskey island isn't helping my monday morning weekend recap writing to say the least.

but when you write out the pros and cons of either laying in the grass on the lake listening to reggae while drinking a beer vs blogging - it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out which one i'm going to choose.

on that note, it's time to head to sunset grille with the crew (i'm typing this sunday around noon, fyi).

have a great monday kids!

when 29 becomes 30

Thursday, June 24, 2010

can we please talking about the fact that i'm turning 30 next friday?


//deep breath//


i was born july 2, 1980...

almost at a billy joel concert // almost an independence day baby // almost named blair

instead i was born...

at a traditional hospital // on july 2nd // named alexa harriet marinos

i grew up...

at st. haralambos // at central catholic high school // in canton, ohio

but became me...

at university of dayton // in cleveland

but instead of the cliche freak out about 30 i'm going to embrace it. i'm actually looking forward to it.

it's going to be a really good year, i can already tell.

but the question is... what should i do with my last week in my 20's?

go crazy? i.e. tequila shots for breakfast, random bathroom sex, 8 balls, wild nights out, drink whole milk instead of skim? all of the above?

the possibilities are endless.

so i'm pretty positive this upcoming weekend is going to usher me out of my 20's in style.

bring it.

K & A, bowling, screaming rooster, icing, rock hall and sunset grille

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

guess what?

i had yet another fabulous weekend in the CLE.

actually, i'm starting to think i sound like a broken record in regard to my fun weekends, but i'd rather write about the fun then the suck.


thursday (cause the weekend really starts on thursday)
- delicious lunch at crop bistro with CK.
- delicious strongbow and caprese salad at reddstone with lots of friends including the likes of CK, miss metromix janet herself, and salami rose.

friday (it was a K and A kind of night)

- K and A kind of night means quality beaver and alexa hangout time, ftr.

- had a mouth orgasm over spoon me (i order the natural flavor with coconut, almonds and white chocolate chips, ridiculous). you guys all know my obsession with pinkberry.... well the fact that this spoon me opened up in westlake makes the fact that cleveland doesn't have a pinkberry almost bearable.
- The A-Team at crocker park with beaver. ok, i enjoyed this movie way more than i expected to, WAY MORE. it was SO entertaining, way funnier than i expected and the cast was perfect, i actually want to go see it again and i hope there's a sequel. "i love it when a plan comes together"

saturday (some of this, some of that and lots of icing)
- tons of errands, with some shopping in between.
- sunning with AJP on my deck paired with a killer
vital juice bikini body workout was the perfect pregame to a fun saturday night out.
- cubby's 30th birthday party at madison square lanes where too many good friends to list got together to celebrate yet another one of us crossing into our 30's.
- the screaming rooster for post bowling cocktails and lots of bros icing bros. i wonder if i can start hos icing hos?
- laughing so much i snorted, taking more shots than i have in a VERY long time and hanging out with good people makes me happy.
- finding
things like this in bowling alleys also makes me happy.
- oh, and i ran into
HARTZELL at harbor inn. (hartzell likes attention, fyi)

the birthday boy cubby and his wonderful wife martha

boooooooooooooooooooowling at madison square lanes

beaver, verdova, the klutz, babs, martha, and mrs verdova rockin' the cubby-esque shades

sterl icing cubby at the screaming rooster

taking a knee and chugging said ice

mmmmmm tasty.

suns out guns out! a father son pick-up team showing off their guns, they're like weapons i tell you, weapons.

babs, beaver, me and the klutz

sunday (funday)
- world cup watching at barley house with CK.

- a very enjoyable
U2 3D viewing at the rock and roll hall of fame (thanks KJ for the tickets!! xo)
- landsharks and beautiful weather at
sunset grille with CK, AJP, hartzell, timmybennett, colleen and katie.
- back to the future soundtrack on vinyl, mojitios, sunnyside pizza and frites with CK, AJP and hartzell.

yeah, i'm thinking i did pretty good this past weekend.

i like my friends.

and of course i'm already thinking about this weekend....
is it friday yet?

you know there's a blog called cleveland's a plum?

Monday, June 21, 2010

the scene: constantino's market in the warehouse district. it's early this past saturday morning and i'm buying a roll of paper towels and turkey bacon.

my outfit: i was being totally cliche and wearing workout shorts, my very own "cleveland's a plum" tshirt, and my glasses... essentially looking like a hot mess.

check out girl (noticing my tshirt): you know there's a blog called cleveland's a plum?

me (playing along): oh yeah?

check out girl: yeah, it's pretty random, it's just like this girl who lives downtown and writes about going out in cleveland. she's all over the place.

me (smiling): hmmm, sounds cool, i should probably check it out.

check out girl: for sure, you should, have a good day!

as i walked out of the store i was literally looking around to see if someone was playing a joke on me, or if there was a hidden camera.

i preceded to laugh out loud to myself as i walked home to eat my turkey bacon.

as for that weekend recap showing me "all over the place" in cleveland, check back tomorrow.

happy monday, kids.

HOT in cleveland

Thursday, June 17, 2010

you guys knew i had to comment on the new TV Land sitcom HOT in Cleveland eventually right?

well this past tuesday night i had the opportunity to attend a VIP premiere party put on by
positively cleveland and tower city center for the new comedy based in the city i call home.

the premise is simple: three fabulous yet slightly over-the-hill best friends from LA (valerie bertinelli, jane leeves, and wendie malick) end up in cleveland after their plane makes an unexpected emergency landing. upon being "stranded" in cleveland they rediscover themselves in a new "promised land" where they all end up living under one roof with a feisty caretaker (betty white).

the premiere party itself was fabulously fun. with the copious amounts of food and heavy wine pours it didn't take much for myself, seanski, lzone, lara and AJP to get equally full and looped.

and just as our wine buzz came to a head it was the perfect time to settle into the screening room to check out the HOT in Cleveland pilot.

my group screening HOT in Cleveland - can you spy my friends in the audience?

i was giggling from the very beginning, and i even guffawed at a few lines - hello, betty white!

while the pilot was entertaining, funny and surprisingly positive towards cleveland, personally i'm looking forward to additional episodes to see where the show really goes - which you can catch every wednesday night at 10pm on TV Land, fyi.

what it comes down to though is that i'm ecstatic that my fair city of cleveland is getting exposure on a national level - who cares if they take little jabs here and there, those jabs are what make cleveland cleveland in my opinion.

hey, i may not be hot in LA but damn straight i'm HOT in Cleveland.... i mean, have you seen me and my friends?

top 3% hotties FOR SURE.

may i show the jury exhibit A...

the HOT in Cleveland premiere poster...

lara, seanski, AJP and lzone reenacting the premiere poster, obvy.

post party the group headed to reddstone for cocktails and more laughs than i've had on a tuesday night in. my. entire. life. i'm pretty positive that 6 of 8 people at our table were crying because they were laughing so hard.

if you don't believe me ask zee dishes... (about their leeeeeeeeeeeeegs) #insidejoke

this entire evening is just another reason why i'm so damn happy in CLE.


shameless self promotion: if you like me (and my blog) do me a favor and vote cleveland's a plum best blog in cleveland magazine's best of cleveland 2010 reader's choice awards. i won last year so i have a reputation to uphold... you can vote here, and thanks in advance!

Using 117-102 dumps and 642-145 test questions, pass BH0-010 exam on first try with 100% guaranteed success.

happy 30th birthday MOB!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dear MOB,

from the moment i met you at university of dayton that summer in between sophomore and junior year of college i knew we were going to be friends.

who would have thought that over ten years later you are still one of my very best friends in the entire world.... i wouldn't have it any other way.

you consistently make me laugh till i snort while always being there for me when i need you - no matter what the situation.

you are the best.

my very, very, very
SPECIAL friend...

see, i love you enough to even be your friend when you broke your neck and had to wear a neck brace during our junior year of college.

on that note....

happy 30th birthday MOB!

i wish you nothing but happiness and hope this is your best year yet.

love you!!

:: alexa

reddstone, wally world II, and phish man, PHISH

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i've been having this problem recently where i keep having such amazing weekends that by the time sunday night rolls around the last thing i want to do is blog.

but i didn't say this was a bad thing... yet.

this past weekend was one of those all around great weekends in cleveland, lots of friends, lots of fun, and lots of laughs. and aside for the ridiculous humidity/heat on saturday the weather was even perfect.

so i'm pretty positive that running down my weekend for you guys play by play could be pretty boring even for my most enthusiastic stalkers readers so i'm thinking bullet points is the way to go today.

- friday my friend shibani, who recently started writing an awesome blog that you all should be reading, won an after work happy hour party at reddstone that a big group of my friends attended - read: too many to list, but y'all know the usual suspects by now.

- after a few cocktails on reddstone's patio myself, muffin, foxxy, kearns, AJP, JV and CK one all headed to
harbor inn to participate in wally world II where we listened to the stone pony band and drank beers in the parking lot behind harbor inn - i.e. a lot of fun

- saturday morning after waking up too early for my own good i muscled through the morning and still completed some errands and managed to get a mani/pedi at liz nails. life is hard :)

- there's this thing called the world cup going on... heard of it? well a group of my friends met at flannery's pub for a watch party/beverages and while i'm not a crazy soccer fan by any means i'm down with anything involving a U-S-A chant.

- after a couple hours of drinking and soccer watching it was time to head to the phish show at blossom music center, so muffin, jesse and matt swung by flannery's with a cab to pick up CK one and i to head east.

- a group of 26 people meet at our friends chris and caroline's gorgeous house in cleveland heights where a limo bus would be our sweet (hot and long) ride to blossom.

the view from the back of the bus... a tight fit, but at least we had beer (and ice)

MOB, nicole, drew and hunter (who happens to not really be paying attention)

my friends steve and kristen enjoying the party bus

- once we arrived at blossom CK one was "looking for his miracle" but ended up just going to the box office to get his ticket because well, there were LOTS of people "looking for their miracle"...

the line to get into the venue - how many women do you see? not many.

- now this may have been my first phish show but that doesn't mean i haven't been listening to the band for awhile now. i think initially i was content with just buying the CDs in college and putting phish songs on my mixes but not actually attending the hippied out shows. i think i thought i was too much of a yuppie to go - but yeah, that's not the case anymore at all.

- i'm SO glad i went and experienced this show, did i mention we had amazing seats?

trey, man, trey

a non-zoomed in photo from our seats, these guys were killing it per usual - probs should have got a good shot of page though huh?

my show highlights:
- sample in a jar, obviously, it's a classic for me.
- suzy greenberg into waste into character zero - holy shit, holy shit, HOLY SHIT.
- my #1 highlight though was when page absolutely killed a john lennon instant karma cover. i even found a good video of the song from the show too, check it out...

"and we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun"

good stuff guys, this won't be my last show.

- you would think i would want to sleep in all day sunday after my friday and saturday night escapades... well i did just that.

- i became human again in enough time for CK one and i to make it to progressive field by the 5th inning where the indians were losing but it was a beautiful day for a ballgame. so many friends were there too - from moe and mark, to frowns, to biscuit and oakes and katie and timmybennett.

- not done yet... after the indians game we headed to whisky island to enjoy the sun/lake, watch our friends play volleyball and have some beers at sunset grille while listening to reggae music and stare at uber hipsters.

soooooooooooooo have i mentioned that i love cleveland in the summer?

yeah, i'd say i'm pretty happy in CLE... i mean, how could you not when there is so much fun stuff to do?

the love bubble: part two

Friday, June 11, 2010

let's continue to talk about tigger and nik's manhattan beach, california wedding shall we?

if you missed
the first post you can find it here.

but if you are too lazy to click through to the link you can also just scroll the page down.... i'm obviously all about the user experience kids.

i said it before and i'll say it again the entire wedding experience was perfection and seriously made me appreciate my friends all the more - we are pretty lucky to have each other.

i'm being a sap, i'll stop now.

pictures are less sappy, so let's get it on, cause there's a lot of them....

while we were waiting for the bus to take us to the ceremony me, MOB and poo poo all realized our dresses were rockin' the pockets which obviously warranted a photo

the ceremony was held at the wayfarers chapel, which with its ocean view and natural light was an absolutely GORGEOUS venue.

the beautiful bride tigger and her proud father walking her down the aisle.

and now they are officially husband and wife - YAY!

poo poo, addison montgomery (formerly kate), muffin, me, pichee, holler and MOB outside of the chapel - that would be the pacific ocean behind us.

upon arriving back to the shade hotel for the reception we were greeted with the coolest place cards ever - SAND DOLLARS with our names on them!

addison montgomery signing the surfboard for the bride and groom.

a shot of the dinner area of the reception

the most delicious (and stylish) dessert/candy table ever!

dance party at the reception, obvy.

all the UD girls! muffin, pichee, MOB, tigger, addison montgomery, me, holler, mistiburr and poo poo - this was right before we made the DJ (who was awesome) play escape by enrique

nations and mistiburr attempting to reenact a specific wedding picture set up - i'm thinking something got lost in translation though, ha.

post reception we headed to the side door where champagne was flowing and then to the kettle for late night food where i think i had the best BLT&Avacado ever.

from this point we begrudgingly headed back to the hotel not really wanting the weekend to come to an end...

but as we left california we all headed back home with wonderful memories of tigger and nik's wedding - congratulations again guys and thanks for having us!

and in the blink of an eye it's friday again... no complaints here.

have a great weekend everyone!

dirty mind? clean it up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i decided to work out, do two loads of laundry, clean my bathroom, clean half of my bedroom and watch so you think you can dance while performing all of the above instead of writing my second blog post recapping the gloriousness that was tigger and nik's wedding.

organizing alexa's life: 1

blogging: -5

entertaining my faithful readers: -2,431

you'll have that.

but on a random note, i think i would rather consecutively give the entire cleveland browns starting line up hand jobs rather than clean my bathroom/shower ever again.

side note: the previous sentence was brought to you by a combination of daddy issues and the fact that i had a cleaning lady clean my bathroom/shower every two weeks for my entire life.

i'm thinking it's time to get a maid, OR call joe thomas.

either or.

the love bubble: part one

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i have been to a lot of weddings, this is a fact.

i have not been to a lot of weddings in california though, this is also a fact.

but the wedding i attended the past weekend in manhattan beach, california that joined my dear college friend tigger and her wonderful husband nik in holy matrimony was one of the happiest weddings i have ever been too, FACT.

the wedding was literally a bubble of love.

so much joy, so much love, so much perfection.

it was contagious.

so contagious i tongued a bartender.


seriously though, my friends and i had such a fabulous time celebrating tigger and nik's big day and
i couldn't be happier for them - congratulations guys!!

now let's discuss the details and show some pictures, shall we?

muffin, MOB and i arrived at LAX airport saturday morning where we headed straight to the shade hotel in manhattan beach where everyone was staying and the wedding reception was being held.

i would like to go ahead and gush about the shade hotel for a minute. the rooms were amazing, the staff was attentive and fun, the cocktails/food was delicious and the swank was officially brought. i think we all felt cooler by simply staying at the boutique hotel. upon our check in at the shade we quickly met up with our friends and walked over to the manhattan beach brewing company for lunch. but not before MOB decided to test out the bathtub in our suite.

comfortable MOB?

lunch was delicious but the fun was just beginning.

at this point i left the group to go meet up with my friend rahul. a blogger who used to
blog here, but now blogs here, that i've been reading and chatting with for like two years now.... but have never met in real life. that is until saturday when i crashed was invited to his friends house, which was also conveniently located in manhattan beach, for a BBQ. it was so cool finally meeting him and he's exactly how i thought he would be, which is awesome, especially because he wore the cleveland tshirt that he won from a giveaway on my blog back in may 2008.

post bbq party i headed to rock'n fish to meet back up with my friends for dinner and drinks.

i ordered a delicious lobster tail which was even more awesome when poo poo decided to pick up the entire table's tab. totally unnecessary but ridiculously appreciated. i got you next time poo poo.

muffin (who wore her small earrings) and pichee (who is glowing and preggers) at our tasty dinner

after dinner we headed back to the shade to meet up with the bridal party and hangout in the zinc lounge - happy times all around.

my loves holler, bridesmaid mistiburr and MOB - all smiles.

bridesmaid kim, poo poo and the beautiful bride, TIGGER!

around 11 or 12 california time the majority of my friends were ready to hit the hay, but not me... i was persuaded to continue to go out by rahul, who ended up not having his ID and couldn't even go out. good thing the dave's (pack and nations) wanted to continue going out.

and that's how i ended up at shellback's doing shots of tequila and lemon drops with two of my good friends husbands. i mean, they are obviously my friends too, but you know what i mean, ha.

we decided we needed to document the randomness by taking a picture....

yeah, that didn't really work out.

that's better, thanks random dude who took the picture... pack, me and nations.

from there nations and i somehow ended up at a bar called shark's cove where because there was live music walked in and danced to pearl jam and who knows what else. good times.

by now i'd been up for almost 24 hours with the time change and it was officially time for bed but when i got back to the hotel room i found this:

muffin, holler and MOB sleeping together in the giant king bed

for whatever reason i just couldn't stop laughing when i walked into the room and saw them. it may or may not have had something to do with the beer though...

and to think, this was just saturday night.

check back tomorrow for the recap tigger and nik's actual wedding day!

if only there were more hours in a day

Monday, June 7, 2010

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd i back from california.

but i'm back just in time to spend my monday evening working...

not blogging.

so the tigger and nik california wedding recap is just going to have to wait till tomorrow night when i actually have time to write.

check back wednesday morning kids, it's gonna be a good one.

let's talk about making an entrance

Thursday, June 3, 2010

this past weekend some friends and i were talking about if we had to choose one song to be our entrance song what would it be?

"entrance song" being... the record stops, the whole party looks to the door and you strut on in.

owning the mother effing room.

what song would you want playing in the background as you make your entry?

for me this was a VERY easy question to answer as i've had this song picked out in my head for a very long time.

mine would be callin' out by lyrics born.

this is the PERFECT song for me.

the way the bass beats starts, the drums come in, the soulful songstresses ask "people are you ready?", and finally lyrics born bringing it.

you simply can't listen to this song without wanting to strut down the catwalk like naomi campbell.

and i may or may not have practiced said strut in my living room on more than one occasion.

stop judging me.

so ladies and gentlemen, what's your perfect make an entrance like whoa song?

cleveland bar hoppin', house warming party, greek fest and fun in canton

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

looking back at my foursquare history from this past long weekend i'm beginning to think i'm a bit of a gad about town, a social butterfly, a party girl.

maybe, just maaaaaaaaaaaybe.

last thursday night (wow, that seems like forever ago), brought dinner and vino at market avenue wine bar with CK one, and then drinks on velvet dog's rooftop patio where the DJ, kosher kuts, was playing some damn good music - good enough to make me want to go back this thursday in fact.

[side note: speaking of thursday, if you are in cleveland are you going to the and cleveland indians sponsored tweet up at the corner alley? you should, i'll be there and so will a lot of my fabulous friends.]

thursday night at velvet dog was also where i got to meet miss
@clebitty1407 due to her sweet stalking skills and even got a hot bathroom twitpic in the process, love it!

friday night was supposed to be my night in spent "resting" but somehow i ended up at
the harp with beaver, muffin and lindsey for a couple of apple ciders before we relocated to map room to meet up with WAY too many friends to list here.

it was good to see friends i haven't seen in way too long, ahem, selvaggio, ahem, but the abc tavern was calling my name and muffin and i headed that way to meet up with lara and jon and pick up one mr. hartzell as well.

with a final stop at bier markt where we ran into clark, ahmed and kim the night was officially complete and time for everyone to go home..... only about 7 hours later than i had anticipated.

tired of this recap yet?

too bad, i still have three days left!

saturday i picked up JV to head over to our friends
shibani and nick's house warming party but had a couple snafu's to deal with... but not before we purchased a gigantic bottle of carlo and rossi sangria.

i love jugs of sangria from target, fact.

but before we even got to take a sip of said sangria JV and i had a wardrobe malfunction to take care of as JV's dress straps busted causing me to literally sew up her dress, while she was wearing it mind you, in the target parking lot.

good thing i can knock out a mad whip stitch when i need to.

dress fixed we finally made it to the party where shibani and nick were able
to show off their amazing new home... but amazing is an understatement, btw.

there's a veranda, hardwood floors, built in wine refrigerators, granite counter tops, and a, wait for it... guest house!

this place was amazeballs, and after checking it out it was definitely pushing me towards purchasing a house instead of a condo, but
who knows, i change my mind daily.

JV, lara and myself being awesome

shibani, lara and JV chillin' in some gazebo type thing that i have zero clue what is actually called. regardless it was an excellent backyard accent.

after the party the gang all headed to the annunciation greek orthodox church greek festival in tremont where they served
gigantic pitchers of beer, delicious loukamathes and offered up some sweet greek tunes where i couldn't help but greek dance to.

my friends lara, JV and jon surprised me by hopping in the dance line as well, they did pretty good too as long as i was screaming, forward! backwards! forward! hysterical.

greek dancing!

sunday brought me home to canton where
i vegged out all day at my cousin cathi and greg's pool catching as much sun as possible before heading over to the ostrowski's for some quality time with my "north canton" friends.

playing cornhole - it ended up being a heated competition from what i could tell

biscuit, keter-o, birdie and gayle hanging out poolside

good times with good friends paired with great conversations and laughs all while sitting outside sippin' on an adult beverage is quite possibly my favorite pastime.

monday, memorial day and my mom's birthday, brought the family over to my tia jo and uncle david's house for a family cookout, where i made a sweet birthday cake for my mama....

the pioneer woman's strawberry shortcake cake - it was ridiculously delicious, try not to mind the smartphone picture though.

but by now i was starting to fade fast...

i wonder why... it's not like i was busy or anything. #sarcasm

and after all that i STILL somehow was able to start my third week of the vital juice bikini body challenge once i got back to cleveland monday night - that's what you call dedication ladies and gentlemen.

that's also what you call a wrap.