buy local week july 3 - 10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

as a general life rule i make it a point to shop and buy local as often as possible.

for example, i go to constantino's market more often than i care to admit.... for christmas one year i bought every single gift i needed to buy at banyan tree... and i
rarely ever eat at chain restaurant or bar.

go independent or go home, yo.

so i can obviously get behind the 2nd annual Buy Local Week that is happening from july 3rd to 10th - i buy NEO and COSE are asking the people of northeast ohio to pledge to redirect $100 of existing spending to locally owned and operated businesses.

easy enough right?

a startling fact is that if everyone in NEO participated in the buy local challenge $48 million would be pumped into the local economy - how awesome would that be?

personally i took the Buy Local Pledge (with probably all $100 being spent at local bars this weekend, FTR), and by doing so i'm going to receive a thank you gift within the next week that allows for discounts at up to 40 local businesses - so sign up for yourself here to get your own!

i hope you sign up and take the buy local challenge seriously - think of it as a 30th birthday gift to me... that and voting the plum as the best blog in cleveland would be rad gifts.

i also accept diamonds and cash - either or.


  1. I like that idea of a whole Buy Local week. I could see DC getting behind that, too.

    Especially if it's for local bars.

  2. i will be spending some on Friday - looking forward to it!

  3. buying local alchohol counts? Well then, I'm supporting the local economy quite well!

  4. FTR is dead, FYI.

  5. Happy Birthday, I voted for the blog.

    Ummm... do you know if these NEO or COSE groups have counterparts in other areas of the country? I think it would be cool if every state got involved somehow. Thanks for the info!

  6. True story: I was a bitch to B earlier this week, so I sent him a mini Banyan tree (or something similar) to his work with a note that says "It's our love fern!"

    I'm such a good girlfriend.

  7. I made the pledge too. I think I easily spend that much at local businesses any week. Which is probably overboard. oops.


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