cleveland bar hoppin', house warming party, greek fest and fun in canton

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

looking back at my foursquare history from this past long weekend i'm beginning to think i'm a bit of a gad about town, a social butterfly, a party girl.

maybe, just maaaaaaaaaaaybe.

last thursday night (wow, that seems like forever ago), brought dinner and vino at market avenue wine bar with CK one, and then drinks on velvet dog's rooftop patio where the DJ, kosher kuts, was playing some damn good music - good enough to make me want to go back this thursday in fact.

[side note: speaking of thursday, if you are in cleveland are you going to the and cleveland indians sponsored tweet up at the corner alley? you should, i'll be there and so will a lot of my fabulous friends.]

thursday night at velvet dog was also where i got to meet miss
@clebitty1407 due to her sweet stalking skills and even got a hot bathroom twitpic in the process, love it!

friday night was supposed to be my night in spent "resting" but somehow i ended up at
the harp with beaver, muffin and lindsey for a couple of apple ciders before we relocated to map room to meet up with WAY too many friends to list here.

it was good to see friends i haven't seen in way too long, ahem, selvaggio, ahem, but the abc tavern was calling my name and muffin and i headed that way to meet up with lara and jon and pick up one mr. hartzell as well.

with a final stop at bier markt where we ran into clark, ahmed and kim the night was officially complete and time for everyone to go home..... only about 7 hours later than i had anticipated.

tired of this recap yet?

too bad, i still have three days left!

saturday i picked up JV to head over to our friends
shibani and nick's house warming party but had a couple snafu's to deal with... but not before we purchased a gigantic bottle of carlo and rossi sangria.

i love jugs of sangria from target, fact.

but before we even got to take a sip of said sangria JV and i had a wardrobe malfunction to take care of as JV's dress straps busted causing me to literally sew up her dress, while she was wearing it mind you, in the target parking lot.

good thing i can knock out a mad whip stitch when i need to.

dress fixed we finally made it to the party where shibani and nick were able
to show off their amazing new home... but amazing is an understatement, btw.

there's a veranda, hardwood floors, built in wine refrigerators, granite counter tops, and a, wait for it... guest house!

this place was amazeballs, and after checking it out it was definitely pushing me towards purchasing a house instead of a condo, but
who knows, i change my mind daily.

JV, lara and myself being awesome

shibani, lara and JV chillin' in some gazebo type thing that i have zero clue what is actually called. regardless it was an excellent backyard accent.

after the party the gang all headed to the annunciation greek orthodox church greek festival in tremont where they served
gigantic pitchers of beer, delicious loukamathes and offered up some sweet greek tunes where i couldn't help but greek dance to.

my friends lara, JV and jon surprised me by hopping in the dance line as well, they did pretty good too as long as i was screaming, forward! backwards! forward! hysterical.

greek dancing!

sunday brought me home to canton where
i vegged out all day at my cousin cathi and greg's pool catching as much sun as possible before heading over to the ostrowski's for some quality time with my "north canton" friends.

playing cornhole - it ended up being a heated competition from what i could tell

biscuit, keter-o, birdie and gayle hanging out poolside

good times with good friends paired with great conversations and laughs all while sitting outside sippin' on an adult beverage is quite possibly my favorite pastime.

monday, memorial day and my mom's birthday, brought the family over to my tia jo and uncle david's house for a family cookout, where i made a sweet birthday cake for my mama....

the pioneer woman's strawberry shortcake cake - it was ridiculously delicious, try not to mind the smartphone picture though.

but by now i was starting to fade fast...

i wonder why... it's not like i was busy or anything. #sarcasm

and after all that i STILL somehow was able to start my third week of the vital juice bikini body challenge once i got back to cleveland monday night - that's what you call dedication ladies and gentlemen.

that's also what you call a wrap.


  1. I love how it's taken you *this* long to realize you're a jet setter. Honey, we all knew that a long time ago. =)

    Oh, and I think that garden thing is called an arbor. Or an arch. Or something.

  2. That carlo rossi sangria jug is my weekend staple. Some people think its a lot to drink, but I think its normal.

    a guest house? thats fancy schmancy!!!

  3. sounds amazing! i missed out on the pool this weekend, alas... it was super hot here too, would have been perfect!

  4. We shall be playing cornhole this weekend in LA.


  5. Alexa...

    you are looking really good!!!

    just fyi.

  6. holy crap woman, yet again another weekend full of awesome, i am impressed.

  7. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Last weekend was super fab. Your mad sewing skills had me in stitches (pun intended)! Mama Vojta was very impressed that you were able to come to my aid in the middle of the Target parking were the couple watching sitting in the car next to us.


  8. When you shot that greek dancing photo I was in the dance line. Didn't even know I was near the plum blogger.

  9. you can rest when your dead

    or perhaps party it up dead style?

    I'd love to go to the clevelanddotcom one but the jobleness nature of my current state has dwindled the cash flow and it wouldnt be wise to go.

    alas next time I may fulfill my goal.

  10. You have no idea how lucky you are that you can buy alcohol at Target. Although, maybe it's better that I can't because then my target spending would go Waaay up!

    Also, how do I not know about a game called Cornhole? I must look into this!

    Glad you had such a fun weekend!


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