dirty mind? clean it up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i decided to work out, do two loads of laundry, clean my bathroom, clean half of my bedroom and watch so you think you can dance while performing all of the above instead of writing my second blog post recapping the gloriousness that was tigger and nik's wedding.

organizing alexa's life: 1

blogging: -5

entertaining my faithful readers: -2,431

you'll have that.

but on a random note, i think i would rather consecutively give the entire cleveland browns starting line up hand jobs rather than clean my bathroom/shower ever again.

side note: the previous sentence was brought to you by a combination of daddy issues and the fact that i had a cleaning lady clean my bathroom/shower every two weeks for my entire life.

i'm thinking it's time to get a maid, OR call joe thomas.

either or.


  1. ..and that's the day I showed up to the Cleveland Brown's training camp.

  2. Finally, your life is catching up with you. I knew you couldn't do it all forever! Glad to see you're picking life over blogging. Seriously. Without a life, there is no blog. =)

    BTW, I'll second your interest in a cleaning lady. I grew up having one every week and now, as an adult, absolutely refuse to clean bathrooms. Eiwwww! Sweets was pretty mad I wanted to get a cleaning lady, but I stood my ground. And now? Our condo is cleaner than ever. Every other week. Beautiful. We're never going back!

  3. Well I don't like that last statement at all!!! Maybe I should of had you clean the house more growing up.

  4. mom, what you don't like me talking about hand jobs? why ever would that be?

    jk jk jk

  5. Hahahahaha. Oh my god, you're too funny. or I didn't get enough sleep last night. Either or.

    Anyway, love your style :)

  6. i was just putting up a post for tomorrow and in it i refer to cleveland as a plum - went to google the origin of this expression and discovered your delicious blog!!

    you can count on me back for plenty of nibbles!

    thanks for sharing our wonderful city with the rest of the known universe!!

    will be back sometime to order one of those great t-shirts by the way!

  7. a cleaning lady. this is the second blog this week where i heard those two words.

    I think I am reading blogs out of my social class.

    I dont even buy real clorox wipes, I buy value time!

  8. i *did* grow up cleaning bathrooms and trust me, i still also want a cleaning lady.

    actually, you know what? i want a cleaning lady for my BOYFRIEND more than i even want one for myself, because while i hate cleaning my bathroom, at least i *do it.*

  9. We had a cleaning lady for a few years growing up, but my Mom still made us "pick up/clean" before she came, so what was the point?!? Really??

    And I have to commit on the hand jobs as this is like the 3rd time those have come up in my conversations in the last 2 weeks. My friend John said that no guy really enjoys those because they can always give themselves one better. haha! He said just go for the bj either way. Then my friend Keith said that he doesn't actually enjoy bjs. They don't do anything for him in which every. single. guy. in the bar turned around with mouths agast in astonishment. Why is it it always gets quiet at odd times?!? He compared it to putting his junk in a jar of mayo or Smuckers. I can no longer look at Mayo or Smuckers the same.

    And I'm sorry Alexa's Mom if you read this comment.

  10. You should just installed a new bathroom.

    Its what I do.

  11. No joke, my dream is to have a cleaning lady. I could cry with how excited that would make me

  12. can always pay some dude in hand jobs to clean it.

    that was probably not helpful

    but I'm going to go run the idea of me cleaning for her in return for such payments

  13. I feel that way about cleaning in general!


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