HOT in cleveland

Thursday, June 17, 2010

you guys knew i had to comment on the new TV Land sitcom HOT in Cleveland eventually right?

well this past tuesday night i had the opportunity to attend a VIP premiere party put on by
positively cleveland and tower city center for the new comedy based in the city i call home.

the premise is simple: three fabulous yet slightly over-the-hill best friends from LA (valerie bertinelli, jane leeves, and wendie malick) end up in cleveland after their plane makes an unexpected emergency landing. upon being "stranded" in cleveland they rediscover themselves in a new "promised land" where they all end up living under one roof with a feisty caretaker (betty white).

the premiere party itself was fabulously fun. with the copious amounts of food and heavy wine pours it didn't take much for myself, seanski, lzone, lara and AJP to get equally full and looped.

and just as our wine buzz came to a head it was the perfect time to settle into the screening room to check out the HOT in Cleveland pilot.

my group screening HOT in Cleveland - can you spy my friends in the audience?

i was giggling from the very beginning, and i even guffawed at a few lines - hello, betty white!

while the pilot was entertaining, funny and surprisingly positive towards cleveland, personally i'm looking forward to additional episodes to see where the show really goes - which you can catch every wednesday night at 10pm on TV Land, fyi.

what it comes down to though is that i'm ecstatic that my fair city of cleveland is getting exposure on a national level - who cares if they take little jabs here and there, those jabs are what make cleveland cleveland in my opinion.

hey, i may not be hot in LA but damn straight i'm HOT in Cleveland.... i mean, have you seen me and my friends?

top 3% hotties FOR SURE.

may i show the jury exhibit A...

the HOT in Cleveland premiere poster...

lara, seanski, AJP and lzone reenacting the premiere poster, obvy.

post party the group headed to reddstone for cocktails and more laughs than i've had on a tuesday night in. my. entire. life. i'm pretty positive that 6 of 8 people at our table were crying because they were laughing so hard.

if you don't believe me ask zee dishes... (about their leeeeeeeeeeeeegs) #insidejoke

this entire evening is just another reason why i'm so damn happy in CLE.


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  1. youve got my vote. lit-er-ally. done and done!

  2. i'll vote for you. what an amazing 30th birthday present that will be!

  3. Lara and I are in the back of the group screening. No circles around our faces :(

    I CAN'T WAIT to karaoke Disney songs.

  4. I saw a preview and immediately made a mental note to watch it. Looks like it will be a fun show.

    I voted for your blog and you! Yeah thats right, I wrote in your name for sexiest celebrity.

  5. it was a really cute show, I kept waiting to see some sights. Maybe itll make it big and be like sex and the city and cleveland will be the fifth character?

    ohhh voting. I like to vote, it makes me feel important!

  6. AJP - i totally didn't even see you guys back there! ha!

  7. This really was the nest Tuesday ever. I would like to blog about it but I feel that it would be ridiculously similar to the content on this post. I may just direct peeps to the plum.

    What did we have again? Fuuuuuuuuun!

  8. Correction: "nest" should be "best".

  9. My hair stylist and I were just talking about this show last night. And yet, I still forgot to go home and DVR it. Damn! Writing reminder down ... now!

  10. Pardon, was I not there serving you wine and delicious food all night? No shout out for your favorite server?

    Nice, Plum. Nice.

  11. Dang! I SO wish I went to the premiere party now!! I had tickets, but decided last minute I didn't want to drive up there from Akron! :( I would have met you! :D

  12. i missed the premiere of the show but i definitely want to check it out, i mean betty is on fiiire.

  13. I can't wait to see it... looks great!

  14. crap!! i meant to dvr this! hopefully they'll replay the premiere a few times this week...

  15. Ha ha this is awesome. No joke, the first time I heard about this, I immediately thought of you. I'm not kidding!

  16. Oh man, I didn't have high hopes for that show, but the pilot was actually pretty cute, made even better by America's Grandma, Betty White.

    I moved out of Cleveland four years ago and I miss it in a way that only NE Ohio natives can. So it's kind of awesome. And so are your blog shirts - I am counting down the days to payday so I can order one!


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