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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

guess what?

i had yet another fabulous weekend in the CLE.

actually, i'm starting to think i sound like a broken record in regard to my fun weekends, but i'd rather write about the fun then the suck.


thursday (cause the weekend really starts on thursday)
- delicious lunch at crop bistro with CK.
- delicious strongbow and caprese salad at reddstone with lots of friends including the likes of CK, miss metromix janet herself, and salami rose.

friday (it was a K and A kind of night)

- K and A kind of night means quality beaver and alexa hangout time, ftr.

- had a mouth orgasm over spoon me (i order the natural flavor with coconut, almonds and white chocolate chips, ridiculous). you guys all know my obsession with pinkberry.... well the fact that this spoon me opened up in westlake makes the fact that cleveland doesn't have a pinkberry almost bearable.
- The A-Team at crocker park with beaver. ok, i enjoyed this movie way more than i expected to, WAY MORE. it was SO entertaining, way funnier than i expected and the cast was perfect, i actually want to go see it again and i hope there's a sequel. "i love it when a plan comes together"

saturday (some of this, some of that and lots of icing)
- tons of errands, with some shopping in between.
- sunning with AJP on my deck paired with a killer
vital juice bikini body workout was the perfect pregame to a fun saturday night out.
- cubby's 30th birthday party at madison square lanes where too many good friends to list got together to celebrate yet another one of us crossing into our 30's.
- the screaming rooster for post bowling cocktails and lots of bros icing bros. i wonder if i can start hos icing hos?
- laughing so much i snorted, taking more shots than i have in a VERY long time and hanging out with good people makes me happy.
- finding
things like this in bowling alleys also makes me happy.
- oh, and i ran into
HARTZELL at harbor inn. (hartzell likes attention, fyi)

the birthday boy cubby and his wonderful wife martha

boooooooooooooooooooowling at madison square lanes

beaver, verdova, the klutz, babs, martha, and mrs verdova rockin' the cubby-esque shades

sterl icing cubby at the screaming rooster

taking a knee and chugging said ice

mmmmmm tasty.

suns out guns out! a father son pick-up team showing off their guns, they're like weapons i tell you, weapons.

babs, beaver, me and the klutz

sunday (funday)
- world cup watching at barley house with CK.

- a very enjoyable
U2 3D viewing at the rock and roll hall of fame (thanks KJ for the tickets!! xo)
- landsharks and beautiful weather at
sunset grille with CK, AJP, hartzell, timmybennett, colleen and katie.
- back to the future soundtrack on vinyl, mojitios, sunnyside pizza and frites with CK, AJP and hartzell.

yeah, i'm thinking i did pretty good this past weekend.

i like my friends.

and of course i'm already thinking about this weekend....
is it friday yet?


  1. and i was super excited to go to a tastefully simple party, ad out for cocktails with a girlfriend on saturday. lol. perspective....its all about perspective...

    so you loved the ateam w/o mista t? i find this hard to believe!!!!!

  2. That sounds like a really fun weekend! I feel like everyone that hates on the Cleve should read your blog. It really IS cool.

  3. icing is everywhere!! i'm avoiding that ish like the plague.

    sounds like you're having tons of fun :)

  4. "beaver, verdova, the klutz, babs, martha, and mrs verdova rockin' the cubby-esque shades"

    Those are my kinda dancers.

  5. My kickball team's name is "Ho's icing Bro's." Tonight, we're icing the umpire. I love organzied kiddy sports for adults ;)

  6. This "Hartzell" sounds very high maintenance.

  7. Weird, weirder, weirdest.

  8. broken record or not i always vote on sharing the fun weekends, i mean it's part of who you are. fun weekends for the win! and love that your friend got iced and there was bowling and ah. love it all.

  9. I always enjoy reading about your weekends. They are very "you" and a big part of the reason I love to visit this blog. =)

  10. so happy i checked in tonight...took your recc for spoon me. a-mazing! i had pinkberry on vacation in nyc & was beyond upset cle had nothing like it.

  11. Friday should've been here yesterday. It's taking WAY too long.

    You reminded me, I need to go bowling. Haven't done that in the longest time (since I lived in Boston). It's hoards of fun with a big group of friends.


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