the love bubble: part one

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i have been to a lot of weddings, this is a fact.

i have not been to a lot of weddings in california though, this is also a fact.

but the wedding i attended the past weekend in manhattan beach, california that joined my dear college friend tigger and her wonderful husband nik in holy matrimony was one of the happiest weddings i have ever been too, FACT.

the wedding was literally a bubble of love.

so much joy, so much love, so much perfection.

it was contagious.

so contagious i tongued a bartender.


seriously though, my friends and i had such a fabulous time celebrating tigger and nik's big day and
i couldn't be happier for them - congratulations guys!!

now let's discuss the details and show some pictures, shall we?

muffin, MOB and i arrived at LAX airport saturday morning where we headed straight to the shade hotel in manhattan beach where everyone was staying and the wedding reception was being held.

i would like to go ahead and gush about the shade hotel for a minute. the rooms were amazing, the staff was attentive and fun, the cocktails/food was delicious and the swank was officially brought. i think we all felt cooler by simply staying at the boutique hotel. upon our check in at the shade we quickly met up with our friends and walked over to the manhattan beach brewing company for lunch. but not before MOB decided to test out the bathtub in our suite.

comfortable MOB?

lunch was delicious but the fun was just beginning.

at this point i left the group to go meet up with my friend rahul. a blogger who used to
blog here, but now blogs here, that i've been reading and chatting with for like two years now.... but have never met in real life. that is until saturday when i crashed was invited to his friends house, which was also conveniently located in manhattan beach, for a BBQ. it was so cool finally meeting him and he's exactly how i thought he would be, which is awesome, especially because he wore the cleveland tshirt that he won from a giveaway on my blog back in may 2008.

post bbq party i headed to rock'n fish to meet back up with my friends for dinner and drinks.

i ordered a delicious lobster tail which was even more awesome when poo poo decided to pick up the entire table's tab. totally unnecessary but ridiculously appreciated. i got you next time poo poo.

muffin (who wore her small earrings) and pichee (who is glowing and preggers) at our tasty dinner

after dinner we headed back to the shade to meet up with the bridal party and hangout in the zinc lounge - happy times all around.

my loves holler, bridesmaid mistiburr and MOB - all smiles.

bridesmaid kim, poo poo and the beautiful bride, TIGGER!

around 11 or 12 california time the majority of my friends were ready to hit the hay, but not me... i was persuaded to continue to go out by rahul, who ended up not having his ID and couldn't even go out. good thing the dave's (pack and nations) wanted to continue going out.

and that's how i ended up at shellback's doing shots of tequila and lemon drops with two of my good friends husbands. i mean, they are obviously my friends too, but you know what i mean, ha.

we decided we needed to document the randomness by taking a picture....

yeah, that didn't really work out.

that's better, thanks random dude who took the picture... pack, me and nations.

from there nations and i somehow ended up at a bar called shark's cove where because there was live music walked in and danced to pearl jam and who knows what else. good times.

by now i'd been up for almost 24 hours with the time change and it was officially time for bed but when i got back to the hotel room i found this:

muffin, holler and MOB sleeping together in the giant king bed

for whatever reason i just couldn't stop laughing when i walked into the room and saw them. it may or may not have had something to do with the beer though...

and to think, this was just saturday night.

check back tomorrow for the recap tigger and nik's actual wedding day!


  1. what is that space ship/sattelite looking thing on the bathtub? did you see anyone famous?

    that bed looks comfy. even if there were 3 people in it!

  2. awesome time it appears. If I came back to find my friends all asleep like that in a bed I'd laugh too tho beer and shots would probably help that too.

    also no matter what the answer to what that thing in the tub with her is in my head it will be the steering wheel because it is clearly a time traveling bath tub.

  3. I can't believe you didn't post that Pic I texted you.

    I'm pretty sure that summed up your saturday night.

    Ladies, I'll wear your city's shirt too. LADIES.

  4. Sounds like an awesome way to kick off the weekend! You always have so much fun wherever you go!

  5. Please tell me you burned, I mean hugged, Rahul for me.


  7. How freakin' fun!! And don't even get me started about how jealous I am that you weren't in Ohio this weekend. It was craptastic all around. True story.

  8. Those pics are too damn cute! How did we both end up in Cali on the same weekend and not know it?! So if the girls were all in bed, did you have to crash on the floor? By the way, I'm totally staying at that hotel sometime JUST for the bathtub!


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