the love bubble: part two

Friday, June 11, 2010

let's continue to talk about tigger and nik's manhattan beach, california wedding shall we?

if you missed
the first post you can find it here.

but if you are too lazy to click through to the link you can also just scroll the page down.... i'm obviously all about the user experience kids.

i said it before and i'll say it again the entire wedding experience was perfection and seriously made me appreciate my friends all the more - we are pretty lucky to have each other.

i'm being a sap, i'll stop now.

pictures are less sappy, so let's get it on, cause there's a lot of them....

while we were waiting for the bus to take us to the ceremony me, MOB and poo poo all realized our dresses were rockin' the pockets which obviously warranted a photo

the ceremony was held at the wayfarers chapel, which with its ocean view and natural light was an absolutely GORGEOUS venue.

the beautiful bride tigger and her proud father walking her down the aisle.

and now they are officially husband and wife - YAY!

poo poo, addison montgomery (formerly kate), muffin, me, pichee, holler and MOB outside of the chapel - that would be the pacific ocean behind us.

upon arriving back to the shade hotel for the reception we were greeted with the coolest place cards ever - SAND DOLLARS with our names on them!

addison montgomery signing the surfboard for the bride and groom.

a shot of the dinner area of the reception

the most delicious (and stylish) dessert/candy table ever!

dance party at the reception, obvy.

all the UD girls! muffin, pichee, MOB, tigger, addison montgomery, me, holler, mistiburr and poo poo - this was right before we made the DJ (who was awesome) play escape by enrique

nations and mistiburr attempting to reenact a specific wedding picture set up - i'm thinking something got lost in translation though, ha.

post reception we headed to the side door where champagne was flowing and then to the kettle for late night food where i think i had the best BLT&Avacado ever.

from this point we begrudgingly headed back to the hotel not really wanting the weekend to come to an end...

but as we left california we all headed back home with wonderful memories of tigger and nik's wedding - congratulations again guys and thanks for having us!

and in the blink of an eye it's friday again... no complaints here.

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for not posting the Parkour video!

  2. What an awesome wedding location. You guys looked like you had such a fun time. California does that to people, from what I understand. =)

    BTW, I've been eating open face turkey, avocado and cheese sandwiches lately - yummmmm!

  3. what a beautifully classy wedding!! I love the colors, and the sand dollars!

  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous. And I love your dress! Pockets are so key.

  5. You realize for an event planner whose ultimate goal is to be a wedding planner that this post is practically porn for me, right?! I'M LOVIN THIS. I'm also lovin' on your dress BTW!

  6. The wedding looks great! But I particularly love your dress.

  7. LOVE your dress! You look gorgeous and that wedding is stunning too, especially the chapel

  8. you tell your friend I think the reception looked absolutely beautiful!

  9. that wedding looks like it was so much fun, and yum to the dessert table! i love how they stuck with the ocean theme so well.

    also, i WANT all of the dresses with pockets, seriously so cute!

  10. The chapel is gorgeous! The reception looks awesome. What a cute and fun wedding. I love that they did all the traditional things in a not-so-traditional style. Love the pics!


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