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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i've been having this problem recently where i keep having such amazing weekends that by the time sunday night rolls around the last thing i want to do is blog.

but i didn't say this was a bad thing... yet.

this past weekend was one of those all around great weekends in cleveland, lots of friends, lots of fun, and lots of laughs. and aside for the ridiculous humidity/heat on saturday the weather was even perfect.

so i'm pretty positive that running down my weekend for you guys play by play could be pretty boring even for my most enthusiastic stalkers readers so i'm thinking bullet points is the way to go today.

- friday my friend shibani, who recently started writing an awesome blog that you all should be reading, won an after work happy hour party at reddstone that a big group of my friends attended - read: too many to list, but y'all know the usual suspects by now.

- after a few cocktails on reddstone's patio myself, muffin, foxxy, kearns, AJP, JV and CK one all headed to
harbor inn to participate in wally world II where we listened to the stone pony band and drank beers in the parking lot behind harbor inn - i.e. a lot of fun

- saturday morning after waking up too early for my own good i muscled through the morning and still completed some errands and managed to get a mani/pedi at liz nails. life is hard :)

- there's this thing called the world cup going on... heard of it? well a group of my friends met at flannery's pub for a watch party/beverages and while i'm not a crazy soccer fan by any means i'm down with anything involving a U-S-A chant.

- after a couple hours of drinking and soccer watching it was time to head to the phish show at blossom music center, so muffin, jesse and matt swung by flannery's with a cab to pick up CK one and i to head east.

- a group of 26 people meet at our friends chris and caroline's gorgeous house in cleveland heights where a limo bus would be our sweet (hot and long) ride to blossom.

the view from the back of the bus... a tight fit, but at least we had beer (and ice)

MOB, nicole, drew and hunter (who happens to not really be paying attention)

my friends steve and kristen enjoying the party bus

- once we arrived at blossom CK one was "looking for his miracle" but ended up just going to the box office to get his ticket because well, there were LOTS of people "looking for their miracle"...

the line to get into the venue - how many women do you see? not many.

- now this may have been my first phish show but that doesn't mean i haven't been listening to the band for awhile now. i think initially i was content with just buying the CDs in college and putting phish songs on my mixes but not actually attending the hippied out shows. i think i thought i was too much of a yuppie to go - but yeah, that's not the case anymore at all.

- i'm SO glad i went and experienced this show, did i mention we had amazing seats?

trey, man, trey

a non-zoomed in photo from our seats, these guys were killing it per usual - probs should have got a good shot of page though huh?

my show highlights:
- sample in a jar, obviously, it's a classic for me.
- suzy greenberg into waste into character zero - holy shit, holy shit, HOLY SHIT.
- my #1 highlight though was when page absolutely killed a john lennon instant karma cover. i even found a good video of the song from the show too, check it out...

"and we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun"

good stuff guys, this won't be my last show.

- you would think i would want to sleep in all day sunday after my friday and saturday night escapades... well i did just that.

- i became human again in enough time for CK one and i to make it to progressive field by the 5th inning where the indians were losing but it was a beautiful day for a ballgame. so many friends were there too - from moe and mark, to frowns, to biscuit and oakes and katie and timmybennett.

- not done yet... after the indians game we headed to whisky island to enjoy the sun/lake, watch our friends play volleyball and have some beers at sunset grille while listening to reggae music and stare at uber hipsters.

soooooooooooooo have i mentioned that i love cleveland in the summer?

yeah, i'd say i'm pretty happy in CLE... i mean, how could you not when there is so much fun stuff to do?


  1. Arent the weekends that are so full of friends, fun, and just so much life like that some of the best?

  2. Oh CLE, you do have the best weekends.

  3. Many years ago, I went to see Dave Matthews when he was touring without his band. Trey came out for probably half the set ... and it was amazing to watch two, such talented musicians play and jam together. I'm sure the Phish concert was out of this world!

  4. My blog post from yesterday totes meshes with yours! I too love cle in the summer. Waaaay too much stuff to do on the weekends. And don't foget about our boat day in July! :)

  5. Well Turd! I was at Whiskey Island Sunday night as well. Wish I saw you, I would've bought a round.

  6. All I can say is we need more weekends. Especially the kind you have. ;)

  7. I'm not sure when you find time to sleep, lol!

  8. Fun, fun, fun weekend! You know, I've never had any desire to visit Cleveland until I started reading your blog. And after each post I read, I get more and more excited!

    I'm actually watching The View right now and the ladies from the new show Hot In Cleveland are on... thought that was kinda funny. But then, I'm amused by the small things.


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