summertime and the livin's easy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wait, what did i do this past weekend?

let me check foursquare.....


ok, memory refreshed.

friday: reddstone, speakeasy, flying monkey and lava lounge

saturday: barley house, mercury and touch supper club

sunday funday: sunset grille and tremont taphouse

apparently, i like to go to bars. apparently, i like the near west side. apparently, i'm a lush. apparently, i like to celebrate birthdays (MOB and moe's on friday).

yet another great summer weekend with great friends is on the books.

too many of my friends participated in the weekend festivities to list in fact.

although i will say that i was with hartzell... cause he'll whine like a baby if i don't.

let's look at some (of the very few) pictures i took over the weekend shall we?

the jerk had a brilliant realization at reddstone on friday - our friend hartzell (left) looks like scott from keeping up with the kardashians (iphone pic on the left). fact.

moe, myself and lzone at speakeasy on friday for moe's 30th birthday party

AJP, sara, shibani and JV at touch supper club saturday for old school hip hop night

lzone and selvaggio at sunset grille for sunday funday... save the date card?

some of the sunday funday crew - myself, seanski, lzone, moe and selvaggio. this picture was blatantly stolen from moe's FB page, fyi.

so where did you go that was fun in cleveland (or your hometown) this past weekend?

sidenote: i turn 30 in three days, omg.


  1. I love how your life involves as much or more drinking than mine does. Perhaps that is essential when one is 30 and single? Anyways, my weekend...well, here in Philly most peeps go "down the shore" (being from Ohio, it irritates me that people leave out prepositions here), anyways Philly becomes kind of a "dead city" in the summer since most are tanning themselves at the shore. But, Friday I went to a happy hour where beers were a penny from 5-7; Sat. I volunteered at a triathlon and some guy projectile vomited on my arm. It was made better a few hours later though when I found myself at a pub drinking and watching whatever this World Cup business is. Sunday I did nothing b/c it was too hot/humid to think.

    Have you decided what to do for your 30th yet?!

  2. You are going to love turning 30 and joining the uber-cool 30-something crowd. Seriously, it really does just get better!

  3. Whoa, that guy really does look like Scott of Kardashian fame!

  4. I am so impressed- I don't have near the same amount of energy you do. I would like to work on it and get out and about more!

  5. I cannot wait until I can foursquare with the rest of you. Cannot wait for my Droid!

    P.S. You still have to post some pics on FB from the Hot in CLE party!

  6. 1) 30 is awesome
    2) this sunset grille may be a place I have to check out, it looks awesome!
    3) I went to rockin on the river to see the JOURNEY tribute band, and got way too drunk in front of people who work FOR me, which is kinda like seeing your teacher out drunk..right?

  7. FTR, Hartzell doesn't just look like Scott... he acts like him too.

  8. 30 isn't bad... I PROMISE! If I made it, I know you can, too!

    I spent all of Saturday cleaning the house for my house warming party (8 months later). The party was a success though, so it all paid off!

  9. Okay missy, do you ALWAYS heave gum in you mouth? I am going to start keeping a count!! :)

  10. putthelotioninthebasketJune 30, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    how does that hartzell guy get his hair to stay that way? impressive.

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