au bon climat wine dinner at the greenhouse tavern

Monday, July 26, 2010

last thursday i was lucky enough to attend the Au Bon Climat Wine Dinner at the greenhouse tavern. it was an amazing evening with ridiculously good food and wine with great friends.

i love these types of dinners because the thought put behind the five courses and wine pairings always impresses me and getting to hear directly from the chef and the wine maker is pretty legit - can't get much better than that.

chef sawyer of the greenhouse tavern and jim clendenen of the au bon climat winery in southern california discussing the food/wine (and amelia rehydrating, obvy.)

1st course wine: au bon climat pinot blanc
1st course food: potato roasted monk fish with herb salad

2nd course wine: stanford & benedict chardonnay
2nd course food: corn roasted pork with spicy soubise and fresno chilis (my hands down favorite of the evening!)

3rd course wine: santa barbara pinot noir
3rd course food: rattatouile stuffed zucchini flower, chevre de provencal, tomato broth and fresh herbs de provence

4th course wine: isabelle pinot noir
4th course food: fatted calf with poached cherry, proper polenta and filbert

5th course beer: dogfish head red and white
5th course food: pinot noir granita

CK and amelia toasting the granita after we all because pretty toasted

thanks again to chef sawyer and the greenhouse tavern for hosting the event! it was an excellent night out and fun to hangout with my blogger friends, classy chaos, chef's widow, cleveland foodie, i heart cleveland, greendog wine, mile 26 and more and so i married a chef.

let's all do it again sometime ok?


  1. I've always wanted to attend a dinner where the pairings were hand picked to go together. I reall should do this sometime. I bet it was a neat experience hearing from both the chef and the winemaker.

  2. sounded fun and looks like a good time. I bet listen to those two talk about it was awesome. I drank plenty of jack that night so will pretend that is the same as being there.

  3. OMG, that looks like such an intimate and really good time! I did a tasting like that once, where they paired each course with wine. I was pretty shitfaced by the end ... chefs should throw in the wine pairings with the food, because I'm pretty sure I LOVED that meal like none other. hahaha.

  4. Back when I used to sell wine, I used to attend a lot of these dinners. I rarely get the opportunity anymore, so I do it on my own once a year-though I am certainly no great chef like Chef Sawyer or Chef Brandt Evens! The food looks amazing!

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