a couple of items

Monday, July 19, 2010

you guys are just going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to get the recap of my amazing weekend because i was too busy enjoying it up until the very last moment to stop an write a blog for today.

i do have a couple of housekeeping items to mention though.

first, i like you guys - thanks for reading my blog.

second, today's the last day to enter to win two tickets to the greenhouse tavern ABC Wine Dinner - simply leave a comment on this post to enter and i'll be announcing the winner tomorrow.

thirdly, if you could please help support my dear friend livitluvit in her attempts to become the first MTV TJ (that's twitter jockey, fyi), by voting for her HERE i'd be pretty thankful.

LiLu for MTV TJ

lastly, happy 30th birthday to one of my best friends in the whole entire world, teen. this blog post mention may not be as awesome as the new louis vuitton tote that your husband surprised you with but i have a feeling it's a close second, right?

i hope you have a wonderful birthday teen, i love you very much.

and on that note, have a great monday!


  1. Can't wait to hear how your weekend went. I love that you spent your time soaking up every last bit of weekend instead of writing a blog. I've been doing more and more of that this summer.

  2. I might shit myself if Dave bought me a Louis Vuitton anything because that would mean he knows what Louis Vuitton is.

    Also, go LiLu!

  3. Would love to go to ABC dinner!

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