i know how to weekend

Monday, July 12, 2010

it was yet another weekend win for me here in cleveland.

friday night being spent in tremont for the art walk, at flying monkey to be exact, with friends like AJP, lara, jon, CK, hartzell, cubby, martha, KJ, colleen and more.

the whole evening was a little fuzzy based on the amount of wine and grand marnier i consumed. yes, i said grand marnier, i'm thinking of a drink change - go with it.

after multiple hours at flying monkey it was time for me, CK, AJP and hartzell to make a location change to tina's nite club for some late night karaoke. for the record though i'm still on a no karaoke streak, but i'm gonna be honest in saying that friday night was the first time i actually considered it only because i knew i could do better then the people on stage, minus CK of course.

with the final stop of the evening hartzell's condo in battery park for continued randomness i'd say that friday was a successful night out on the town.

saturday morning waking up still half in the bag i kinda felt like i was in college, it was weird. there was no time for hangovers though because it was beach day for lara's birthday!

by noon it was time to hop on my bike, yes, my bike, as AJP and i peddled over to shooters to start our day of fun. i mean, nothing prevents a hangover like a pina colada on a beautiful saturday.

brothers matt and jon strutting their stuff in short shorts for the day - there's nothing sexier, RAWR.

after multiple cocktails at shooter's the group of us biked over to edgewater park to spend some time at the beach. random alexa fact: i've never been to edgewater park until saturday but it's official i'm 100% obsessed and want to spend all my saturday's at the beach.

yes, cleveland has beaches.

pretty nice huh?

AJP, JV and lara enjoying the weather and water

jon and lara - baywatch style run? but of course.

after a couple of hours at the beach AJP and i biked back downtown to winking lizard for dinner, drinks and to cheer on our friends who were participating in the shot in the dark run. it was fun for many reasons but mostly because they close down the street for a beer garden and have a band. there's nothing wrong with a little street drinking in my humble opinion.

post shot in the dark party myself, AJP, hartzell, muffin, the klutz, captain, timmybennett, colleen, and allison made the loooooooooooooong walk to the clevelander to enjoy more cocktails and meet up with more friends.

it was around that time that i facebook updated that "i love cleveland and my friends, that is all." .... i can't help it, i love cleveland in the summer! i also had been drinking for about ten hours at this point.

the biking continued but AJP and i kinda cheated because we only biked back to our apartments on w 9th and then hopped in a car to take us to hotz's in tremont for our final bar destination. our butts were tired, sue us.

the gang reconvened at hotz's where upon realizing that the dim and den sum food truck was parked in front of flying monkey myself, babs, cubby and martha decided that walking to grab some grub was the best decision ever - and it was.

while i had the pineapple burger which was good, but not amazing, i'm kicking myself in the butt for not ordering the reuben like martha because upon taking a bite i think i fell in love with a sandwich.

ridiculously good, seriously.

if you see this truck parked somewhere you should immediately stop and order something or you'll regret it.

post food stop back at hotz's it was apparent that my bed was calling my name so i headed home waking up 11 hours later sunday morning totally refreshed.

which was good because lzone and i had to head over to seanski and nugget's condo to shoot scenes for the flat's first episode (it's going to be posted wednesday morning, fyi).
it's going to be so good.

and that ladies and gentlemen is how you weekend.


  1. forward any butt modeling requests to my agent. who is me.

  2. We went to see the Tall Ships on Sunday with half-of-Cleveland. It was so crowded I said, "Let's go to the beach." I haven't been to edgewater in years and omg the water was so warm. Kids swam in their clothes. Classy.

  3. The butt on the right looks especially gross.

  4. sounds just like my weekend you know minus the going to lots of places with people.

    I did party it up at a wedding where I'm pretty sure I freaked people out because I put a flower in each ear. all night people kept bringing it up.

    plus that sandwich pic made my stomach moan lovingly.

  5. ajp...just wait...i'm in cahoots with alexa to get the flamingo's a guest spot on 'The Flats'...and that butt on the right...YUM-MY!!!

    i'd tap that.

  6. hmmm ive only ever been to headlands beach, since there is a lighthouse and waves i pretend im somewhere else.

    no one will go in with me though, buncha wusses!

    street food = the bomb!

  7. as always, a fabulous weekend. nicely done alexa, and um now i'm hungry. send that sandwich my way please.

  8. You and your friends always seem like you have the best time!

  9. No joke, the guys in those shorts scare me with the 70s cheese. But bold statement

  10. Why are there no pics of the flamingo? Just saying...

  11. If I have a drop of grand marnier I'm bound to pass out. Yes I am that much of a wuss.

    And that sandwich looks DELICIOUS!

    Can't wait for the first episode!

  12. dim and den sum? Love it!

    Girl, I don't know how you survive your weekends! I'd be wiped out for a month after a weekend with your crew!

    Glad you had a good time. The beach looks gorgeous!

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