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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

weekend. weekend. weekend.

- slept off my hangover from thursday's abc wine dinner, obvy.

- celebrated the upcoming wedding of my friend addison montgomery by attending her bridal shower in brecksville

top row: meghan, liz, the bride addison montgomery, meghan #2, and yours truly. front row: foxxy, muffin, MOB and beaver

- decided that there wasn't a need to go home and "rest" before going out for the evening so myself, beaver, muffin and MOB shielded ourselves from heat by hiding out at harry buffalo in lakewood with our friend john daly.

at harry buffalo the four of us created a band called KAMM which stands for kara(beaver), alexa(me), mary(MOB) and megan(muffin) - yes we are 30 and yes you can tell who the greek girl is among 3 irish girls by our skin coloring.

- once the sun, and temperature, went down we headed to reddstone where we meet up with more friends (thanks to 4sq stalking), for dinner and drinks

- quick pit stopped at old angle before muffin, beav and i walked to bier markt to help our friend shibani celebrate her 30th birthday - this is also where we started drinking blackout beer.

AJP, lara, JV and the birthday girl shibani at bier markt

beaver and muffin sitting on the pool table because that's what we do.

- headed back to old angle to meet up with more friends where i decided to call it a night after lots of sex talk with my girlfriends.

- spent a quiet and enjoyable evening at home with a bottle of wine and a cute boy where i reminded myself yet again what a phenomenal cook i am. (why yes, i AM humble, thanks for noticing!)

sooooooooooooooooooooo is it the weekend yet?


  1. Oh yeah, weren't you going to cook for us in July?!?! :)

  2. Wait, you just said you stayed in one night. And that there was a cute boy involved. And wine. And good food. And you're just going to leave it there? You're such a tease! =)

  3. I agree with Nilsa! Tease.

    Were you drinking blackout stout?

  4. bite buff - truth, august? haha.

    nilsa and mandy - omg you guys! i can't let anything slide in my posts without notice can i? ;)

  5. Wow, the name "Addison Montgomery" sounds like a great character name in some novel or movie.

    Looks like lots of fun!

  6. I want a lazy Sunday with a cute boy instead of bad Lifetime movies.

  7. lazy Sundays with someone are the best!

    but then drinking with a bunch of pretty girls who are talking about sex would be the best too.

    if it helps I thought it was Wednesday and went outside to get my paper and then got mad when it wasn't there until I remembered it is Tuesday.

  8. another fabulous weekend? nicely done. and your dress looks super cute in that first pic.

  9. I agree with Jessica above--I was going to say Addison Montgomery completely sounds like a name from a novel.


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