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Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm still not sure what (if anything) i'm going to say about the lebron situation.

i think i need to let it marinade for a while longer to gather my thoughts - we'll see.

but in the meantime i do have something to say about my personal style.

the lovely allyson from front row tally blog asked me recently to fill out the tally questionnaire which focuses on learning about ones personal fashion and style choices.

so if you want to know why i wear so much black check out my answers HERE.

and if you are into fashion/design/awesomeness start reading the front row tally blog!


  1. marinade is what you put on steak. marinate is the act of letting it sit. :P

    can't wait to hear what your thoughts are!

  2. Well, I'll tell you my thoughts. (And don't hate me for them - they're not anti-LeBron nor anti-Cleveland.) The media are a bunch of whores who should be covering things other than LeBron's decision. In the grand scheme of things, who the hell cares where he plays next year?! He's not the first nor the last player to make a major move. He's not the first nor the last player to choose a team that's not in his hometown. He's not the first nor the last great player. It's so short-sighted for everyone to freak the fuck out over this very personal decision. He owes nothing to anyone but himself (and maybe his creditors). I'm just grateful it's over, so we can all go back to not caring. Sigh. /rant Have a great weekend, friend! =)

  3. I've always wanted to ask you why you wear so much black, but now i know--you're greek. :)


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