some random lebron jabs

Thursday, July 15, 2010

full disclosure, i didn't watch the ESPY'S last night.

but upon looking through my facebook feed this morning i felt like i did due to all the re-posting of the lebron spoofs/comments.

thanks to mr. verdova i read that the host, seth meyers, said this to cleveland fans:

"Don't worry Cleveland, every team who has ever won a championship did it without Lebron James."

so true.

also this steve carell and paul rudd parody of the circus that was "The Decision" is worth watching, if only to simply see my future husband paul rudd - marry me?

for me personally, the disappointment has passed and it's time to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

sidenote: are you going to the and indians tweetup tonight at the treehouse in tremont? you should, i'll be there!


  1. humor is always the way to go.

    I only saw the clips to but they were funny.

    also damnit I can't go tonite or else I would totally sneak into one of your pictures or you know say hi.

  2. I didn't end up watching either - except for a few pre-show comments - but I love that video.

    I'm also more and more convinced that Paul Rudd doesn't age. Clueless could just as well have been yesterday.

  3. Ahhh, that vid is amazing! Three of my favorite things (okay, two of my favorites and one former favorite): Steve, Paul, and Bron.

  4. that skit was so funny, i was definitely laughing while watching it last night. also the lebron jabs were pretty entertaining,

  5. My favorite has been the nwo spoofs they have been doing of lebron wade and bosh. Hilarious... and he deserves every bit of it.

  6. I did watch that skit and it was hilarious. When Paul Rudd realized they had 58 minutes still? Hilarious. They crack me up

  7. Hahaha! I love those two! And why hasn't Paul Rudd asked you to marry him yet??!

  8. can lebron be done being the most hated man yet?

    i know a real douche everyone can hate if they want!

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