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Thursday, July 22, 2010

as i was catching the end of ringo starr's concert at nautica pavilion from my apartment's deck tuesday night i got to thinking about exactly how long he's been doing what he's doing being a rock star and all.

i mean, he just turned 70!


i wonder how many times he's played a hard days night or love me do?

which got me thinking more (scary, i know)... he's been lucky enough to work/tour/etc on a ridiculously large music catalog - he's got variety at least.

but what if you were vanilla ice?

or the proclaimers?

or skee-lo?

or dexy's midnight runners?

how many times has rick springfield sang jessie's girl?

one would think it would be repetitive and monotonous right?

but then again so is working for 35 years on a factory assembly line inserting tab A into slot B.

and so is compiling endless TPS reports till your eyes bleed, fyi.

so what's worse? for me, a life filled of mundane paperwork.

at least having a one hit wonder makes you a rockstar which in turn brings groupies.

i'm sure ringo picked up some hot tail at shooters post show...

just sayin.


  1. good point - although i may never get tired of ice ice baby. i know - this is a problem! and am i weird that i was oddly excited to find out that you mentioned TPS reports - because I swear my eyes bled 24/7 from November though Feb I had to do mine so much :P

  2. Clearly you need to get out more ; )

  3. I had hoped there was going to be a tab a slot b joke in there.

  4. I'm sure it could get monotonous and all but so it seems to be with most of what we do. But they have the mos toys and i doubt they get bored or feel the monotony that much.

  5. I like to play my current favorite song over and over again until I can no longer stand to listen to it. I can't imagine having to sing it hundreds of times after that. But I guess if it was MY song and not someone else's song it'd be a little different.

  6. i was just asking my mom the same question a couple of weeks ago when we saw carole king and james taylor play... how many times do you think they've sung "i feel the earth move" or "you've got a friend"???

  7. and hes still kickin it! just like tina turner!

  8. Confession: I was trying to understand why you were saying that Keith Richards was singing Beatles songs... and then I realized you were referring to Ringo, not Keith. My brain shut down about 3 hours ago... sorry!

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  10. Haha. The TPS reports comment just reminds me of Office Space. You could always just stop working, and who knows. You may be promoted.
    Really. Hollywood says so.

  11. I think maybe the lesson here is to make everything you do so good, you don't mind having to do it again and again when people ask you to.

    Or just really really like money.

  12. That's exactly why Bobby McFerrin refuses to perform "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

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