weekends make me happy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

this past weekend was so damn near perfect that i hesitate to even write about all the details here on the plum.

surprisingly i am allowed to keep things to myself every so often... even if i am a blogger.

perhaps i'll just conveniently leave some parts out, ya know, for the sake of mystery.

thursday: cleveland.com and cleveland indians tweetup at treehouse, and cocktails at abc tavern, dragonfly and garage bar to celebrate lara's birthday was an excellent kick off to the weekend. what is it about thursday's that make me want a cocktail?

friday: headed down to canton for some quality time with my mom. we cooked dinner, i did some laundry and watch the movie leap year which i may or may not have fallen asleep during. you'll have that.

saturday during the day: shopping! headed to beachwood where aside from some makeup, dresses, and earring purchases i bought
a hot new pair of chanel sunglasses from saks. i also hung out at beav's pool with babs and the klutz before beav and i headed to anthony vince at crocker for mani/pedi's and new dress procurement at urban.

saturday evening: my friend CK and i had an awesome night out that began with delicious dinner and drinks at lolita and ended with the best cocktails in all of cleveland at velvet tango room -

sunday: it was taste of tremont day! ANG* was in town! we got to drink mimosas! i used lots of exclamation points all day!

myself, CK, beaver, ANG*, and jessi all started out at babs's house in tremont for morning cocktails before heading over to the taste. we met more friends at
flying monkey, wandered around, ate some food, sweated our asses off it was so hot, went back to babs's for icings and ended up at treehouse to see the boys from county hell perform. sadly a storm was brewing at the show had to be cut short around 8 but what they did get to play they nailed per usual, i love them.

lara, me and ANG* being awesome on flying monkey's patio

jessi demonstrating exactly how hot it was on sunday

beth and mitch being the adorable couple that they are

babs, my bottle of miller lite and muffin

another one of me and ANG* just for good measure

for so many reasons this was just a fun/happy/awesome weekend, i could get used to this.

finally as promised, i'm going to announce the winner of two tickets to the greenhouse tavern ABC Wine Dinner this thursday at 7pm - drum roll please....

congrats to carly from the blog so i married a chef - kinda fitting she won huh?

if you sadly didn't win the contest i think seats are still available so call and reserve some for yourself!

happy tuesday kids.


  1. All of your sunglasses are FABULOUS.

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way about events or weekends, no words could do them justice and a lot of the time I just don't want to put the experience out there for everyone to read.

    I'm glad that you had such a near perfect weekend, Alexa!

  3. jessica - thanks! sunglasses just might be my favorite accessory after shoes

    mandy - i knew you would understand :)

  4. You inspire me to get a little more action into my weekends!

  5. what a great weekend. It was hot as hell as I sat my ass outside for a wedding shower.

  6. Um your friend Jessi is a genius. I need a dress like that. You guys are super smart in Cleveland

  7. Seriously, I need to come hang out with you guys. You have waaaay too much fun without me all the damn time!

  8. Why do you look so different? Is it the sunglasses? It doesn't even look like you!

    Does babs work at SPACES?


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