cleveland and chicago in one weekend is a win

Monday, August 30, 2010

it's sunday night, i'm watching the emmy's, eating good food, drinking wine, hanging out with my friends ANG*, maris and jess.

did i mention i'm doing this from chicago?


but let's go back for a moment to discuss friday when i was still in cleveland.

friday night i had every intention of going to the indians game but after having to go see the townhouse i'm trying to buy with MOB and seanski everything just started running late.

i got ready to go out post townhouse viewing but needed dinner so i whipped something up at home for CK and i before we headed to the clevelander to meet
up with babs and muffin - still thinking i was still going to the indians game of course.

why didn't i go to the indians game? ask timmybennett... he apparently has issue with inning counting.

we played dirty photohunt at the clevelander instead. win/win.

i did manage to watch the indians fireworks from the thirsty parrot though, drink some more cocktails and make the decision to head to tina's night club - which is always the best decision on a friday night.

muffin me and babs at the clevelander

timmybennett, KJ, CK, hartzell and AJP at the thirsty parrot

hartzell and CK singing some obviously very serious song at tina's

saturday morning i woke up and headed to the CLE airport to fly to CHI. i landed safely in chicago and headed straight to my dear friend ang's where i was greeted by her pup lulu.

our friend jess came and met us where we bopped around her neighborhood and got mani/pedi's at get nail'd - i.e. the best family owned salon EVER. the 3 sisters that did our nails were a complete riot and fully entertained us.

we got back to ang's got ready and headed to vines on clark for dinner and drinks were more friends met up and i finally got to meet jessica - the angels sang when we met, fyi.

post dinner we headed to merkle's right down the street for what i can only describe as a full out dance party - annnnnnd jennifer and stacey came to hangout too. happy times.

saturday night was my first time in wrigleyville and the only way i can describe it is like a w 6th (in cleveland) on crack. could i hangout there on a regular basis? probs not. but was it a fun sweat your ass off dance till you get blisters saturday night out? hell yes and i loved it.

thanks so much to all the girls who came and hung out!

ANG*, stacey, me, jennifer and jessica - social media unite!

my partners in crime for the weekend jess and ANG*

sunday we brunched at wilde bar and restaurent, shopped, saw the kids are all right (awesome, btw), shopped some more and that brings us to the present - i.e the first sentence of this here post.

i'm still in chicago (for work now) and i'll be back in the CLE tuesday afternoon - see ya then ohio.


tuesday is the last day to enter to win two tickets to the cleveland foodbank's taste of the browns event - comment on this post to enter!

happy friday and the rock hall ball winner announced

Friday, August 27, 2010

it's friday.


tomorrow i'm heading to chicago till tuesday for half work half play time and i can't wait. i haven't been to chicago in over two years which is just crazy to me.

watch out chicago.

but on to more important things like announcing the winner of two platinum tickets to the rock and roll hall of fame rock hall ball happening next friday.

congratulations to.......

commenter #37 (who was picked via - TWJ

TWJ, who after much contemplating who TWJ actually was (because they didn't leave any contact information) is actually my friend travis - so yay travis, have fun!

all the rest of you have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy the weather while we still can.

currently thinking

Thursday, August 26, 2010

today's the last day to enter by commenting on this post to win two tickets to the rock hall ball, and you can still enter to win two tickets to the Taste of the Browns by commenting on this post - good luck! ____________________________________________________________________

things i'm currently thinking:

i consider myself a most excellent cook, yet i still to this day have never successfully cooked a poached egg.


while i'm happy for all my mortgage loan pre-approval letters i wish someone would just tell me what the eff it all means and what the eff i should do.


while i'm very excited that i'm purchasing a house, a huge part of me still wishes i wasn't doing it by myself... i know that i can do it on my own but i just always thought i'd buy when i got married.

#oldfashioned #canthelpit #babysteps #getoverit

at the jay z / eminem concert i'm seeing next week in detroit i wonder who is going to appear on stage first?


i think i'm allergic to saying the word "boyfriend".


whatever happened to the actor that played biff tannen?


what are you currently thinking about?

taste of the browns - your chance to go!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apparently August is contest/giveaway month here on the plum, and today i have another great local event to tell you about...

Are you ready for some football? (i simply can't wait, fyi)

Are you also ready for delicious food samplings from some of Cleveland's premier restaurants?

If so i have the perfect event for you.

Taste of the Browns, a benefit for the Cleveland Foodbank is taking place Monday, September 13th at 6pm at Cleveland Browns Stadium in the AT&T City View Club Lounge.

This party for a purpose is in its 12th year and the Honorary Co-Chair's, Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas and former Browns player Al "Bubba" Baker, will be in attendance as well as other current Browns players.

The chef/restaurant list is beyond impressive and you can see the full participation list as well as the beverage providers right here.

At the event you'll be able mingle with players (and me), eat good food, drink good drinks, all while benefiting a very worthy cause in the Cleveland Foodbank because every $1 donated (in any shape) equals four nutritious meals that the Cleveland Foodbank can provide to those in need.

Tickets are $150 a piece, but for readers of the plum you can attend the event for only $125 by getting your ticket online here - the $25 discount lasts for one full week ending 8/31.

I'm also giving away two tickets to the Taste of the Browns!

Here's how you can win:
- Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think the Cleveland Browns final record will be this year.
- Leave a comment on this post telling me that you tweeted or shared this contest on Facebook.
- Caption the following picture (yes, that's me standing tall in the middle... GO BROWNS!)


That's 4 possible ways to enter... so have at it!

The contest will end next Tuesday 8/31 and I'll announce the winner the following day.

Good luck, kids!

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paul mccartney and aziz ansari (bet you never thought those two names together would be a title on the plum, eh?)

Monday, August 23, 2010

how the hell am i supposed to fit everything that i did over the weekend (thurs - sat) in one blog post?

watch and learn people, watch. and. learn.

- as i previously mentioned i headed to pittsburgh with my mom, sissy and teen to see the one and only living legend himself paul mccartney. the concert lived up to every single one of my expectations and more, i laughed, i cried, and i danced - it was beyond amazing.

my mom, sissy and me from our seats (11th row) before the concert

i took this picture from the 5th row (upgrade!) - 'nuff said

after driving back to cleveland from pittsburgh after the show one would think i would be exhausted come friday night, and i was.... but i also wanted a beer.

- with a quick stop at nauti mermaid to meet up with AJP and JV i then headed mccarthy's downtown to meet up with "my westside friends". my westside friends like to do shots which this time was glorious because i was introduced to pinnacle whipped cream vodka - OMG. try it.

foxxy playing the punching game at mccarthey's - sabolick is coaching, obvy.

foxxy and sean demonstrating "the potato" part of the handshake

foxxy and sean demonstrating "the fries" part of the handshake

after a cocktail at
harbor inn i had a brilliant idea that i needed to take "my westside friends" to tina's night club in all it's glorious wonder - a round of drinks for 6 people for $13? DONE.

saturday - headed to geauga lake's wildwater kingdom with my sissy, 5 of my cousins and AJP. the weather wasn't ideal, but the rain held off until after we left. we tubed, we body slided, we lazy rivered, we wave pooled and we liquid lightened - i.e. had a total blast. it's so fun there!

AJP having some wildwater kingdom fun

on our way home from wildwater kingdom AJP and i stopped by beachwood mall where we both made some smart buys, but
these gorgeous jcrew flats are hands down my favorite purchase of the day.

after getting ready for the night i picked up AJP and JV and we headed to the detroit shoreway neighborhood's newest restaurant addition,
roseangel. this modern taqueria was DELISH, from their signature salsas, wide variety of gourmet tacos, tasty cocktails and creative desserts, i left the place already thinking about when i was going to come back.

my dinner, 3 gourmet tacos - lobster, seared tuna and pulled pork

JV and her dinner - get. in. my. belly.

i did have one complaint about the tacos though - they were all served with a hefty helping of coleslaw in each taco that i didn't plan on. i ended up taking off the coleslaw or simply ate the unique topping by itself. next time, no coleslaw.

post dinner we headed to the
cleveland improv to see funny man aziz ansari. we had prime seats right next to the stage for the show which not only gave us a great view but also a chance to get involved with the show.

as many comedians do, aziz chatted with the audience towards the end of his set. at some point his attention comes to our table where he asks if any of us are in a relationship - AJP pipes up saying that she's been in a relationship for one whole week.

long story short somehow aziz gets AJP's cellphone and is reading the texts from her boyfriend (hartzell) out loud to the audience. and for those of you who know hartzell personally i'm sure you can imagine how ridiculous the texts were.....

aziz ansari with AJP's cellphone reading her texts to the audience - classic.

i was crying i was laughing so hard - aziz is the funniest comedian i've ever seen.... so smart with killer delivery and he even brought out touches of RAAAAAAAANDY here and there. if you're not familiar with aziz you should be.

AJP, me, aziz ansari, janet and JV after the show

next we met up with hartzell, biondi, mark and timmybennett at harbor inn (yes, two nights in a row) for cocktails and then finally made the best decision of the evening with late night food at the big egg for among other things TOAST.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that was my weekend in cleveland.

how was yours?

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i'm coming for you paul!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i simply can't think about anything today other than the fact that in a few short hours i'll be hopping in my car with my mom and sissy and heading to pittsburgh.

we'll be meeting up with teen and heading to
the consol energy center to see paul mccartney play his second night in pittsburgh and his final stop on his US tour.

in the 11th row.

i think about the show i'm seeing tonight and i get all emotional - i'm so excited i can't even handle it. i mean it's, sir paul, who i feel is the only person in the world that would and could
render me speechless.

i've grown up on paul mccartney, the beatles, wings, all of it.

when i was 17 and in europe there were two things on my to do list - go to abbey road in london and jim morrison's grave in paris. classic rock is my favorite kind of rock.

so today as i patiently wait for the time when i can head to the burgh i'll be listening to a steady stream of paul mccartney in preparation for what can only be described as a defining moment in my concert attending career.

yes, i'm being
THAT dramatic about it.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i can't wait!

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gap jeans winner announced and enter to win rock hall ball tickets!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i had grand plans of doing a video blog with babs last night to choose the winner of my GAP jeans giveaway...

but instead my presence was required at the buckeye beer engine where a good friend simply needed some friends - done and done.

so alas, i picked the winner of a fabulous new pair of 1969 GAP Premium Jeans by the old stand by

out of 86 comments, 15 was the number randomly chosen making @jztucci the winner - congrats jenna!!

sad you didn't win?

well you're in luck because i'm currently hosting another contest (see post below this one) where i'm giving away two tickets to the rock and roll hall of fame rock hall ball!

comment on this post telling me your favorite artist in the rock hall and you'll be entered to win. tweet or announce the contest on facebook and you'll receive extra entries.

apparently it's christmas every week here on the plum.

happy wednesday, yo.

win tickets to the rock hall ball

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a few weeks back i had the honor of being asked to be a rock hall ambassador... as in THE rock and roll hall of fame... as in you don't have to ask me twice - sign. me. up.

as a rock hall ambassador part of my job is to tell my fabulous readers about an amazing event that the rock hall is throwing called
the rock hall ball.

to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of the rock and roll hall of fame they are bringing back the now infamous rock hall ball on friday, september 3rd from 8:30pm to 2am.

rock hall ball = big ass fun party

billed as the party of the year this event is sure to sell out not only because of the awesome group of people putting it on but also because of the impressive setting, food, drink, and of course
the music.

this year in regard to music you'll have the pleasure of experiencing some very well received up and coming talent that have recently been blowing up festivals like lollapalooza and garnering much critical acclaim.

Foxy Shazam - don't you just love that name? upon listening to this band and watching their videos i became kinda sorta obsessed, they are so so good and almost Queen like - 'nuff said.

Eli 'Paperboy' Reed - ok this dude is tal-en-ted, i feel like i'm listening to an updated version of motown because his music is fun, soulful and catchy and i simply can't stop tapping my foot when i hear come and get it and (doin' the) boom boom.

DJ Tommie Sunshine - will be closing out the night by spinning his legendary hybrid of rock, pop and electronic music. when i started listening to his remixes i started chair dancing, fact.

there are two ticket options for the rock hall ball and i must admit i adore the fact that there's a $15 option.

platinum ticket, $65 non member/$55 member
- with this ticket the doors open at 8:30 for you
- admission to the museum
- includes heavy appetizers
- open bar (beer and wine) until 12:30am then cash bar till 2am
purchase platinum tickets here

vinyl tickets, $15
- with this ticket the doors open at 10pm for you
- admission to the museum
- includes cash bar and all live entertainment until 2am
purchase vinyl tickets here

another perk of being a rock hall ambassador is that i get a discount promo code to share with you guys.... when purchasing your tickets online enter "AMVIP" to save $5 and get the platinum tickets for $60!

tickets are also available at all ticketmaster locations, the rock hall box office and at the door the day of the event if not sold out.

oh yeah, and two platinum tickets are also available to win here on the plum!

simply leave a comment stating your favorite artist currently inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame and you'll automatically be entered to win two tickets to the rock hall ball.

for a second (and third) entry share this giveaway on twitter (and facebook) and leave another comment(s) telling me you did so with a link to your status update(s).

i'll close comments next thursday the 26th and announce the winner next friday the 27th to allow all you non-winners to still buy tickets to this ultimate rock and rock party - cleveland style.

good luck kids and don't forget to include your contact information if i don't already know how to get a hold of you!

moe's bachelorette party

Monday, August 16, 2010

hopefully jay has checked back this fine monday morning to see that i'm back to my regularly scheduled plum debauchery.

although the debauchery didn't really start until saturday...

friday was a mani/pedi at liz nails, grocery shopping at the heinen's in rocky river (1st time ever at a heinen's, fyi) and then home for some much needed rest and relaxation.

saturday morning i headed to canton bright and early for a haircut and color at
GSV design group and to pick up my new eyeglasses.... unfortunately though the glasses were a bit off and i had to send them back to get fixed, sadness.

after some shopping at
belden village mall i headed back up to cleveland to get my apartment ready for my dear friend moe's bachelorette party. the plan for the evening was to have a good old fashioned girls night out dancing on west 6th.

truth be told i was nervous about going out on west 6th on a weekend night which is funny in and of itself because i live but a 1/2 block away from the main west 6th st drag, but it's simply not my crowd anymore...

weekday happy hour or to watch a game? absolutely.

weekend evening? not my crowd - but there's lots of fun to be had if you're into strobe lights, meatheads, and young easy girls...

of course we ended up having a blast.

we started the evening out at my apartment where the other hostesses (tanya and sarah) and i put together an italian themed menu with lots of champagne. we played hysterical games like naughty pictionary (SO FUN) and a cute pass-a-gift-around-while-answering-funny-questions game (where i won a hot pair of panties - win).

the bachelorette moe and me being awesome

melinda using her mad art skills while playing naughty pictionary... that's a bone, fyi

moe also opened presents at my apt, and our favorite was the candy bikini naturally

ladies, all the ladies! well all the ladies minus jamie who was taking the picture...

by 11ish we were ready to head out to the bars.
first stop suite sixx which while i really enjoy the decor the techno "unce unce" music wasn't for us so we walked to the other side of the bar, to liquid, where a fun cover band was playing that moe needed to join on stage.

moe = the 4th beatle

after liquid we walked across the street to
tequila ranch for the only reason that anyone really ever goes to tequila ranch - for the mechanical bull and to dance on the bar.

exhibit A

exhibit B

moe, sarah and tanya being the awesomest women at tequila ranch

we made a stop at barley house and then ended the night at map room before we went back to my place for a late night chow fest with three hungry men which helped me in the leftover food department.

sunday morning i had a big day planned with my mom and MOB - we had brunch at luxe kitchen and lounge, house hunted all over the near west side (that's a 2nd post altogether), and finally saw inception at capitol theater. yes, the movie was good, blah blah blah, but can we please talk about how gorgeous leo and joseph are? damn.

and that's my weekend, at least the parts and pic i can share publicly on the internet ;)

have a great week and don't forget to enter to win a pair of GAP jeans by commenting on this post!

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help me pick out my new fall handbag

Friday, August 13, 2010

guys i have a problem.

you know when you want something really bad and you simply can't stop thinking about having it in your possession it until it is?

well that's my problem, i.e. real life altering shit here, until i find/own a new black purse for fall.

this season my summer staple has been my MARC by Marc Jacobs totally turnlock cross body bag, and while this purse can easily be worn into the fall/winter i need a new rich leather black bag.

my staple fall/winter oversized black bag for the last 4+ years has been my botkier sasha large duffel - yes, my purse is considered a duffel bag... i have a lot of stuff (sue me).

for the last couple months i've planned on making a bag purchase and i think i've finally narrowed down the list but i want your opinion -
which one should i buy?!?!

#1 - marc jacobs paradise rio bag

#2 - chloe marcie large bag (shown in brown, but obvy i'd get black...)

#3 - chloe marcie small bag (don't worry, it's still 'large'...)

#4 - chloe victoria bag

#5 - chloe cary bag (i can only find it in red and dark grey, but, it's pretty hot...)

can you tell i love the brand chloe? but then again i've always wanted a true marc jacobs. decisions, decisions.

so what do you think?

sidenote: happy friday, and don't forget to enter to win a FREE pair of 1969 GAP premium jeans by leaving a comment on this post.

who wants a pair of FREE GAP 1969 Premium Jeans?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i've been a lucky little GAP brand enthusiast recently.

a few weeks ago i was surprised with an awesome GAP summer denim jacket that i can't stop wearing and then,
AND THEN, i was surprised with a new sexy pair of GAP 1969 Legging Jeans.

holy crap i'm in love with these Legging Jeans.

they are super stretchy, super soft and super skinny and while they look great with flats, i can't stop thinking about wearing them this upcoming fall with a hot pair of tall boots.

mmmm, fall = football, tailgating, pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves and bonfires

i can't wait, but that's not the point of this post...

i was sent the faded dark denim variety (shown above), but the GAP Legging Jeans also come in 5 other denim washes as well including gray and black - obviously this girl is also buying the black too.

and maybe the gray - decisions, decisions.

i would like to give one of my loyal plum readers the opportunity to make a decision on what pair of GAP 1969 Premium Jeans they want to own for themselves.... i.e. it's contest time!

simply leave a comment telling me what variety of GAP 1969 Premium Jeans you want the most (men and women can enter!) and a week from today i'll announce one lucky winner who i'll mail a FREE jeans voucher worth up to $69.50 to.

good luck everyone, and don't forget to include an email address in your comment if i don't already know how to get a hold of you.

now if you'll excuse me, i have a new pair of GAP jeans to rock.

yet another successful krusty's summer sauce camp on the books

Monday, August 9, 2010

it was yet again another glorious krusty's summer sauce camp this past saturday.

the weather was perfect, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky but i must say i won't wear wedges next year as i think i fell like 32 times.

classy. or sloppy. either or.

per tradition the klutz and i had people over our apartment for a pre-krusty's mimosa and bloody mary breakfast. i made two great egg bakes that turned out to be pretty tasty as well as an apple coffee cake - delish.

martha, the klutz, babs and katie chilling on my deck pre-krusty's

once we arrived at whiskey island you could literally smell the fun in the air - the awesome combination of the lake and beer of course.

molls, katie, your truly, cara and julie with our "yay, it's krusty's day!" faces on

the klutz, martha, jen and muffin being awesome

DBLB, reagan, and bo also maintaining the awesome

me and janet who got to be in a pic this time instead of taking them for metromix

myself the brunette in a blond sandwich of court and muffin. also take note of the beautiful background scenery

adam, seanski and lzone looking fabulously attractive

post krusty's cocktails at sunset grille - babs, jen and katie

now post krusty's in my opinion is always where it gets interesting because essentially everyone has been drinking for way longer than any human should and then you hop in a cab and get dropped off somewhere outside of the krusty's bubble and people just look at you like you're crazy.

people had the honor of looking at me and my friends like we were insane at edison's pub in tremont. where babs, katie and i decided that we needed something more/better than a simple slice of pizza... we needed fahrenheit.

fahrenheit was a brilliant and tasty idea no doubt, but did we need a $50 bottle of champagne after drinking for 11 hours? probably not. but man were the nachos, pizza and short rib we ordered delicious per usual.

once our "late dinner" was complete it was time for B-E-D which was proven even more so by the fact that i may have started to fall asleep in the short cab ride from tremont to the warehouse district - you'll have that.

ah, krusty's saturday, you never let me down - can't wait till next year!

have a good week kids.

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the beav turns 30

Thursday, August 5, 2010

have you watched the 2nd episode of The Flats yet?

seriously, you should.

but moving on to more important things on this fine thursday...


hope your day and this upcoming year is full of nothing but awesome for you.

now hurry up and blow those candles out or those containers of spoon me are going to melt.

the flats: episode 2

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the time had arrived, ladies and gentlemen, for the highly anticipated second episode of The Flats.

if you haven't watched episode one yet i recommend you doing so before starting episode two - i mean, i wouldn't want you to get lost in the oh so very complicated story lines.

so without further ado may i present to you The Flats, episode two, where lisa and moe rekindle their friendship, sean makes and interesting suggestion and my car breaks down.

hope you enjoyed it because episode three is already in the works, and remember it's all in the name of fun!

krusty's summer sauce camp and jason mulgrew: so different yet oh so similar

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i have two awesome cleveland events to tell you about today.

first being my favorite event of the entire summer the fabulous krusty's summer sauce camp.

i've been singing the praises of krusty's, the annual fundraiser in its 19th year that benefits the Malachi House, for quite some time now. want proof? see whose mug show's up when you google the event.

essentially it's an all day party with 2,000 of your closest friends on whiskey island with live music, food and lots of beer.

krusty's is taking place this upcoming saturday, august 7th at noon and tickets are $50 in advance or $60 at the door for all you can eat and drink.

it's a bargain for the amount of beer one consumes fun that is had, AND the money goes to a worthy charity - win/win.

there are 1,500 pre-sale tickets available at the following locations for purchase:
- merry arts bar and grille
- kenilworth tavern
- rocky river brewing company

- brennan's colony
whiskey island marina
the loco leprechaun
aj rocco's

the pre-sale tickets will most likely sell out by the end of the week so it's smart to call ahead to make sure the bar you're going to still has tickets available.

so will i be seeing you at krusty's this saturday? HOPE SO!

the second event i want to share with you has to do with a book reading, yes, a book reading - although i'm thinking that there will still be plenty of debauchery at this event too.

you guys remember jason mulgrew right? the author of the awesome book Everything Is Wrong With Me: The Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong? that i forced to hangout with me in NYC?

well he's coming to cleveland for a book reading!

this upcoming monday, august 9th at 6pm, jason mulgrew will be doing a reading/beer drinking/hanging out event at flannery's pub.

it's going to be a fun night out with jason, and perhaps if cleveland shows him a good enough time we can end up in his next book...

you can find more info about the event and to RSVP here.

so that's that kids... two great events and two guaranteed fun nights out - hope you can make it to both!

side note: i sure do make it easy for you guys to stalk me don't i?

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it was a milestone birthday weekend

Monday, August 2, 2010

as i'm typing this sunday night i have a lingering weekend wound that i'm going to take as an honor badge of how much fun i had.

let's just hope this injury (something fiercely painful in regard to my right hip) doesn't linger too far into the week cause i REALLY don't feel like having to go see a doctor... we'll see.

stupid bum hips.

let's talk about something more positive shall we? like the weekend.

friday night i headed to canton to help celebrate my cousin suzanne's 40th birthday, we had a great time with a nice dinner with friends and family at brookside country club. i heart my family, it's a shame i didn't take any pictures.

saturday night the birthday party themed weekend continued as it was time to celebrate the klutz's 30th at
sunset grille.

the klutz and her family, aunt pam, the klutz, her mom, her sister ginenne and her dad

shots seemed to be a theme of the evening as i don't recall the last time i did so many of them in one night - the klutz, the jerk, cousin tony/tommy (?), ginenne and clark

ahmed's pumps - no caption needed.

now this is a random photo as court became friends with a nice guy named chris "the mad greek" abatsas who is a competitive eater, yes, i couldn't make this up. obviously we needed a picture - bradly, the jerk, court, the mad greek, hatchel and bo.

AJP, babs, the klutz and court being awesome

post sunset grille icing at harbor inn - come to think of it, i think i got iced by babs... she'll get hers. that's CK and hartzell taking the knee but personally i enjoy ahmed and babs's faces in the background.

i wonder when this icing trend will end?

i hope never.

so that's my weekend in a nutshell as i had to spend all sunday on the couch instead of out in the sun due to my stupid hip - at least it was a good excuse to simply relax and watch HBO all day.

happy monday and happy august kids!