cleveland and chicago in one weekend is a win

Monday, August 30, 2010

it's sunday night, i'm watching the emmy's, eating good food, drinking wine, hanging out with my friends ANG*, maris and jess.

did i mention i'm doing this from chicago?


but let's go back for a moment to discuss friday when i was still in cleveland.

friday night i had every intention of going to the indians game but after having to go see the townhouse i'm trying to buy with MOB and seanski everything just started running late.

i got ready to go out post townhouse viewing but needed dinner so i whipped something up at home for CK and i before we headed to the clevelander to meet
up with babs and muffin - still thinking i was still going to the indians game of course.

why didn't i go to the indians game? ask timmybennett... he apparently has issue with inning counting.

we played dirty photohunt at the clevelander instead. win/win.

i did manage to watch the indians fireworks from the thirsty parrot though, drink some more cocktails and make the decision to head to tina's night club - which is always the best decision on a friday night.

muffin me and babs at the clevelander

timmybennett, KJ, CK, hartzell and AJP at the thirsty parrot

hartzell and CK singing some obviously very serious song at tina's

saturday morning i woke up and headed to the CLE airport to fly to CHI. i landed safely in chicago and headed straight to my dear friend ang's where i was greeted by her pup lulu.

our friend jess came and met us where we bopped around her neighborhood and got mani/pedi's at get nail'd - i.e. the best family owned salon EVER. the 3 sisters that did our nails were a complete riot and fully entertained us.

we got back to ang's got ready and headed to vines on clark for dinner and drinks were more friends met up and i finally got to meet jessica - the angels sang when we met, fyi.

post dinner we headed to merkle's right down the street for what i can only describe as a full out dance party - annnnnnd jennifer and stacey came to hangout too. happy times.

saturday night was my first time in wrigleyville and the only way i can describe it is like a w 6th (in cleveland) on crack. could i hangout there on a regular basis? probs not. but was it a fun sweat your ass off dance till you get blisters saturday night out? hell yes and i loved it.

thanks so much to all the girls who came and hung out!

ANG*, stacey, me, jennifer and jessica - social media unite!

my partners in crime for the weekend jess and ANG*

sunday we brunched at wilde bar and restaurent, shopped, saw the kids are all right (awesome, btw), shopped some more and that brings us to the present - i.e the first sentence of this here post.

i'm still in chicago (for work now) and i'll be back in the CLE tuesday afternoon - see ya then ohio.


tuesday is the last day to enter to win two tickets to the cleveland foodbank's taste of the browns event - comment on this post to enter!


  1. Clearly, Chicago girls know how to show a Cleveland girl a good time! Sorry I missed out on the fun. We did, however, drive through Wrigleyville on our way back into town on Sunday and things definitely felt different. Must be that the Plum left her mark for good! =)

  2. Sweet home Chicago! :) I miss that city sometimes! Good thing I live in mini-Chicago now! haha! Merkle's is definitely a good time. Did you go to Bar Louie's as well?

    Did you guys also do Southport or just stick to Wrigleyville??

  3. Lady, where ever you go, you bring a good time with you don't you? Come back to DC please??

  4. I have fond memories of chi town but it's been a long while since we've been there.

    enjoy and get back safely.

  5. Super fun night! It was so nice to meet you and hang out. We must do it again soon! No link love? Touche, I deserve that.

  6. I'm so excited that you were able to meet up with Jessica in Chicago! I want to meet you both at some point! I spent the weekend with Kyla, Nora, and Lisa in Minneapolis, hooray for blogging meet ups!

    Can we talk for a minute about that necklace you're wearing in that first picture. Details please? I love silver and turquoise. Also, you're looking absolutely fabulous!

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