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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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things i'm currently thinking:

i consider myself a most excellent cook, yet i still to this day have never successfully cooked a poached egg.


while i'm happy for all my mortgage loan pre-approval letters i wish someone would just tell me what the eff it all means and what the eff i should do.


while i'm very excited that i'm purchasing a house, a huge part of me still wishes i wasn't doing it by myself... i know that i can do it on my own but i just always thought i'd buy when i got married.

#oldfashioned #canthelpit #babysteps #getoverit

at the jay z / eminem concert i'm seeing next week in detroit i wonder who is going to appear on stage first?


i think i'm allergic to saying the word "boyfriend".


whatever happened to the actor that played biff tannen?


what are you currently thinking about?


  1. You should be proud you're buying a house by yourself, that's an amazing accomplishment! I'm thinking: #isittheweekendyet?

  2. Currently thinking about:

    Why I keep forgetting what I'm going to post the next day.

    Why is that guy across the way grunting so much.

    When the hell will the coffee be ready?

    Also friend just bought a house and it rocks and when we visit I catch the I want a house bug.

    And weirdly/ironically right before I read this post I came across this video of Biff singing (a while back) for a stand up comedy thing about what he gets asked.

    Bff Sings

  3. I always thought I'd be buying a house when I was married, too, but honestly, it's such a great feeling to know you did it on your own.

    You'll be fine!!!

    Also, if you're allergic to the word boyfriend does that mean that one boy is now a boyfriend?!?

  4. The guy who played Biff was just in town in June and did a few minutes on the radio... Rover maybe? and sang a version of the song ClevelandPoet linked!

  5. Dude, it's way more awesome when a gal can buy herself a home. Congrats!

    I'm discovering I'm allergic to the word 'fiance.' It just sounds really stupid.

  6. I'm thinking, "Is Alexa going to be my dinner date Tuesday for the French-Viet dinner at Tartine?"

  7. What I learned from my pre-approval letter is that the bank was willing to give me a lot more money that I was willing to spend. My "max" was well below theirs. And I won't gloss over things - that first year of home ownership was scary. Not because anything actually went wrong (I was lucky), but because I was constantly thinking about what could go wrong. That said, eventually, you learn to get over it. And the benefits of owning a home far outweigh the costs (for me, at least). Can't wait to hear more!

  8. I was totally #clueless when it came time for my husband and I to buy a house. Your Realtor will explain everything as it needs to be explained. Plus, you can always to talk people who've been through the process. ;)

  9. That Biff guy moved to Cleveland, became a salesman, and then dumped me last month for a 19 yr old.

    At least, my ex looks exactly like Biff.

  10. What I am currently thinking:

    What the heck am I doing with my life?


  11. blerg, i don't want to buy a house until i'm married either, except seeing as i'm about to be 30 as well.. um.. maybe i need to get over that.

    of course, there IS also the wee issue of not having a downpayment, so it's not like that's the ONLY thing holding me back :)

  12. Buying a house is sooo confusing/terrifying/fun all at the same time. Utilize your realtor and mortgage broker for all your questions. They can help you with everything you need to know.

    I really wanted to have been married by the time I bought a house as well, but since I was 29 and still living at home, I figured it was time to get my shit together. Yes, it's scary but it's so worth it!

    Keep us posted on your process. I'm excited to hear all about it!

  13. Oh my goodness that is a lot on your mind. I totally understand what you mean about mortgage stuff, I have zero idea what it means either. And I totally understand what you mean about buying a place on your own, I know you hoped you might be married, but think how amazing this is that you CAN do it on your own

  14. Who cares about purchasing a home when you are married. That sounds so traditional. BORING. You can do it. You are a big girl.


    How about the possibility that you may be moving right across the street from me in my hood!!!


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