it was a milestone birthday weekend

Monday, August 2, 2010

as i'm typing this sunday night i have a lingering weekend wound that i'm going to take as an honor badge of how much fun i had.

let's just hope this injury (something fiercely painful in regard to my right hip) doesn't linger too far into the week cause i REALLY don't feel like having to go see a doctor... we'll see.

stupid bum hips.

let's talk about something more positive shall we? like the weekend.

friday night i headed to canton to help celebrate my cousin suzanne's 40th birthday, we had a great time with a nice dinner with friends and family at brookside country club. i heart my family, it's a shame i didn't take any pictures.

saturday night the birthday party themed weekend continued as it was time to celebrate the klutz's 30th at
sunset grille.

the klutz and her family, aunt pam, the klutz, her mom, her sister ginenne and her dad

shots seemed to be a theme of the evening as i don't recall the last time i did so many of them in one night - the klutz, the jerk, cousin tony/tommy (?), ginenne and clark

ahmed's pumps - no caption needed.

now this is a random photo as court became friends with a nice guy named chris "the mad greek" abatsas who is a competitive eater, yes, i couldn't make this up. obviously we needed a picture - bradly, the jerk, court, the mad greek, hatchel and bo.

AJP, babs, the klutz and court being awesome

post sunset grille icing at harbor inn - come to think of it, i think i got iced by babs... she'll get hers. that's CK and hartzell taking the knee but personally i enjoy ahmed and babs's faces in the background.

i wonder when this icing trend will end?

i hope never.

so that's my weekend in a nutshell as i had to spend all sunday on the couch instead of out in the sun due to my stupid hip - at least it was a good excuse to simply relax and watch HBO all day.

happy monday and happy august kids!


  1. sometimes forced relaxation works out the best.

    also I saw it as stupid burn hip and was like whaaaa?

    I met a "competitive" eater once and tried to get him to take a picture with me with some food stuffed in his mouth and he said no.

  2. I think it's time for Pumps to make a rebound.

  3. you have the best captions.

    ice that hip!

  4. The sneaker pumps - I can't get over them. Do they still make those??

    Awesome weekend! And hope that hip of yours gets better soon!

  5. Those pumps are sort of awesome. Haha. I hope your hip is feeling better!

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