moe's bachelorette party

Monday, August 16, 2010

hopefully jay has checked back this fine monday morning to see that i'm back to my regularly scheduled plum debauchery.

although the debauchery didn't really start until saturday...

friday was a mani/pedi at liz nails, grocery shopping at the heinen's in rocky river (1st time ever at a heinen's, fyi) and then home for some much needed rest and relaxation.

saturday morning i headed to canton bright and early for a haircut and color at
GSV design group and to pick up my new eyeglasses.... unfortunately though the glasses were a bit off and i had to send them back to get fixed, sadness.

after some shopping at
belden village mall i headed back up to cleveland to get my apartment ready for my dear friend moe's bachelorette party. the plan for the evening was to have a good old fashioned girls night out dancing on west 6th.

truth be told i was nervous about going out on west 6th on a weekend night which is funny in and of itself because i live but a 1/2 block away from the main west 6th st drag, but it's simply not my crowd anymore...

weekday happy hour or to watch a game? absolutely.

weekend evening? not my crowd - but there's lots of fun to be had if you're into strobe lights, meatheads, and young easy girls...

of course we ended up having a blast.

we started the evening out at my apartment where the other hostesses (tanya and sarah) and i put together an italian themed menu with lots of champagne. we played hysterical games like naughty pictionary (SO FUN) and a cute pass-a-gift-around-while-answering-funny-questions game (where i won a hot pair of panties - win).

the bachelorette moe and me being awesome

melinda using her mad art skills while playing naughty pictionary... that's a bone, fyi

moe also opened presents at my apt, and our favorite was the candy bikini naturally

ladies, all the ladies! well all the ladies minus jamie who was taking the picture...

by 11ish we were ready to head out to the bars.
first stop suite sixx which while i really enjoy the decor the techno "unce unce" music wasn't for us so we walked to the other side of the bar, to liquid, where a fun cover band was playing that moe needed to join on stage.

moe = the 4th beatle

after liquid we walked across the street to
tequila ranch for the only reason that anyone really ever goes to tequila ranch - for the mechanical bull and to dance on the bar.

exhibit A

exhibit B

moe, sarah and tanya being the awesomest women at tequila ranch

we made a stop at barley house and then ended the night at map room before we went back to my place for a late night chow fest with three hungry men which helped me in the leftover food department.

sunday morning i had a big day planned with my mom and MOB - we had brunch at luxe kitchen and lounge, house hunted all over the near west side (that's a 2nd post altogether), and finally saw inception at capitol theater. yes, the movie was good, blah blah blah, but can we please talk about how gorgeous leo and joseph are? damn.

and that's my weekend, at least the parts and pic i can share publicly on the internet ;)

have a great week and don't forget to enter to win a pair of GAP jeans by commenting on this post!

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  1. We were on w 6th on Saturday night too, I wanted to shoot myself. We had to retreat to Nauti to get away from the madness. Btw, when did women stop wearing clothing a la w 6th on a Saturday?!?! Btw, you should come look at re house 2 doors down!!!

  2. Alexa, you had me at debauchery. Sounds, and looks, like another fine weekend for the Plum-Dog Millionaire. I don't envy you at all about West 6th though. I'm beyond over that scene. I was at Shooters Saturday night and it wasn't too heavy on Ed Hardy shirts!

  3. Why does it seem that every city with a strip of cheesy bars has one where you dance on the bartop and ride the bull? That said, it's usually a bunch of fun - glad you had some yourself! =)

  4. You look beautiful in something other than black :) That patterned shirt really makes you glow!

  5. Don't forget how adorable the little kids were too! (They would be my little cousins, so. . .)

    I told Taylor that I'm very jealous at her young age she's hugged Leo, Tobey Macguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

  6. Once again, I'm totally jealous of your weekend! Especially after I was stuck at home puppy-sitting all weekend!

  7. get your coyote ugly on

    damn can't believe I dropped that reference.

  8. Are you wearing a dress that isnt black? You look fantastic! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate with friends.

  9. Haha looks like a great night on W 6th! There are still some good places left on the street. I'm one of the door guys/bouncers at Dive Bar, so I'm kinda partial lol. Thanks for all the CLE love! The city needs more people like you :-)

  10. it totally looks an awesome party out there , loved watching the pics , share more in future.

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