paul mccartney and aziz ansari (bet you never thought those two names together would be a title on the plum, eh?)

Monday, August 23, 2010

how the hell am i supposed to fit everything that i did over the weekend (thurs - sat) in one blog post?

watch and learn people, watch. and. learn.

- as i previously mentioned i headed to pittsburgh with my mom, sissy and teen to see the one and only living legend himself paul mccartney. the concert lived up to every single one of my expectations and more, i laughed, i cried, and i danced - it was beyond amazing.

my mom, sissy and me from our seats (11th row) before the concert

i took this picture from the 5th row (upgrade!) - 'nuff said

after driving back to cleveland from pittsburgh after the show one would think i would be exhausted come friday night, and i was.... but i also wanted a beer.

- with a quick stop at nauti mermaid to meet up with AJP and JV i then headed mccarthy's downtown to meet up with "my westside friends". my westside friends like to do shots which this time was glorious because i was introduced to pinnacle whipped cream vodka - OMG. try it.

foxxy playing the punching game at mccarthey's - sabolick is coaching, obvy.

foxxy and sean demonstrating "the potato" part of the handshake

foxxy and sean demonstrating "the fries" part of the handshake

after a cocktail at
harbor inn i had a brilliant idea that i needed to take "my westside friends" to tina's night club in all it's glorious wonder - a round of drinks for 6 people for $13? DONE.

saturday - headed to geauga lake's wildwater kingdom with my sissy, 5 of my cousins and AJP. the weather wasn't ideal, but the rain held off until after we left. we tubed, we body slided, we lazy rivered, we wave pooled and we liquid lightened - i.e. had a total blast. it's so fun there!

AJP having some wildwater kingdom fun

on our way home from wildwater kingdom AJP and i stopped by beachwood mall where we both made some smart buys, but
these gorgeous jcrew flats are hands down my favorite purchase of the day.

after getting ready for the night i picked up AJP and JV and we headed to the detroit shoreway neighborhood's newest restaurant addition,
roseangel. this modern taqueria was DELISH, from their signature salsas, wide variety of gourmet tacos, tasty cocktails and creative desserts, i left the place already thinking about when i was going to come back.

my dinner, 3 gourmet tacos - lobster, seared tuna and pulled pork

JV and her dinner - get. in. my. belly.

i did have one complaint about the tacos though - they were all served with a hefty helping of coleslaw in each taco that i didn't plan on. i ended up taking off the coleslaw or simply ate the unique topping by itself. next time, no coleslaw.

post dinner we headed to the
cleveland improv to see funny man aziz ansari. we had prime seats right next to the stage for the show which not only gave us a great view but also a chance to get involved with the show.

as many comedians do, aziz chatted with the audience towards the end of his set. at some point his attention comes to our table where he asks if any of us are in a relationship - AJP pipes up saying that she's been in a relationship for one whole week.

long story short somehow aziz gets AJP's cellphone and is reading the texts from her boyfriend (hartzell) out loud to the audience. and for those of you who know hartzell personally i'm sure you can imagine how ridiculous the texts were.....

aziz ansari with AJP's cellphone reading her texts to the audience - classic.

i was crying i was laughing so hard - aziz is the funniest comedian i've ever seen.... so smart with killer delivery and he even brought out touches of RAAAAAAAANDY here and there. if you're not familiar with aziz you should be.

AJP, me, aziz ansari, janet and JV after the show

next we met up with hartzell, biondi, mark and timmybennett at harbor inn (yes, two nights in a row) for cocktails and then finally made the best decision of the evening with late night food at the big egg for among other things TOAST.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that was my weekend in cleveland.

how was yours?

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  1. Jay and I were just talking about RoseAngel last night! We'll have to try it out now.

    Isn't Paul dreamy?? So jealous of your close seats!

  2. You weren't wearing black! What the heck? Are you ok?

    Thanks for reminding me I need to go see more comedy shows!

  3. That was the best TOAST I've ever had.

    Thanks for an awesome weekend! Can't wait to repeat it soon.


  4. oh yeah you got to rock the big egg!!!

  5. I want to take a ride down a lazy river - that sounds like so much fun! Though, if I packed it in the way you pack it in, I'd need a big fluffy pillow for that ride, cuz I'd be a sleepin' most of the way. =)

  6. I just want to know how you have so much energy. Please share. I'm almost tired just reading about your weekend. (Which obviously sounds phenomenal.)

  7. I've heard good things about RoseAngel. Glad to hear it was delish... sans 'slaw.

    And OMG GEAUGA LAKE. I'm still devastated that it's only a waterpark these days...

  8. im so out of the loop. geauga lake is called geuga lake again? what happened to the six flags part of it and for that matter what happened to the sea world part of six flags? im cornfused!

    oh ps awesome photots!

  9. You are a ROCKSTAR Alexa! You do such an awesome variety of activities. You truly are a Cleveland All-Star!

    p.s. My friends think I'm so cool because I "find" some sweet spots to check out in C-Town. Little do they know I use your blog as a reference. If the Plum-dog Millionaire likes it, then I'll tell my friends to try it. Thanks :-)!

  10. i am DYING OF JEALOUSY that you not only went to that concert, but were SO! CLOSE! gaaaaaah the jealousy, it consumes me. sounds so awesome!!

  11. heather - yes, totally go! i ended up going last night for dinner too, ha.

    sara - i'm trying to integrate more color into my wardrobe, last night i even wore a stripped shirt that was NAVY not black. gasp.

    JV - thank god timmybennett ordered it for you last minute

    clevelandpoet - damn straight

    allison - 68 and still kicking

    nilsa - you could handle it, don't kid yourself!

    liebechen - drugs, lots of drugs - jk!

    suburban - maybe we can go there when you move back to ohio!

    fizzigig - yes! it's geauga lake's wildwater kingdom!

    jay - ok you're making me blush! thanks buddy :)

    alice - i cried multiple times, fact.

  12. PLEASE make a weekly feature on the Plum where you read live on video some of Hartzell's texts to AJP. PLEEEEEEZZZZEEEEE!!!!

  13. holy hell woman that is one ridiculous weekend, i love it. and so awesome you got to be a part of aziz's show and meet him and ah, good times all around.

    also whipped cream vodka?? i am so intrigued.

  14. You definitely know how to live it up. I'm so excited that you got to see Sir Paul from the 5th row!

  15. @Always a Bridesmaid - Ummmmmm, no. :)

  16. Jesus H Christ woman! You're seats for the concert and comedy show were AWESOME!!

    I have no words. Just awesome. :)

  17. Um yeah - I'm jealous of your weekend - times a million! Fun with your family? Pinnacle Whipped? GEAUGA LAKE?! Aziz - and then A PICTURE with Aziz? It's just not nice to torture me so... :)

  18. So glad you had fun at the McCartney concert. Seriously, one of the best ones I've ever seen. And Aziz is hilarious, that is so awesome. OMG I SEE YOU SATURDAY.

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