yet another successful krusty's summer sauce camp on the books

Monday, August 9, 2010

it was yet again another glorious krusty's summer sauce camp this past saturday.

the weather was perfect, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky but i must say i won't wear wedges next year as i think i fell like 32 times.

classy. or sloppy. either or.

per tradition the klutz and i had people over our apartment for a pre-krusty's mimosa and bloody mary breakfast. i made two great egg bakes that turned out to be pretty tasty as well as an apple coffee cake - delish.

martha, the klutz, babs and katie chilling on my deck pre-krusty's

once we arrived at whiskey island you could literally smell the fun in the air - the awesome combination of the lake and beer of course.

molls, katie, your truly, cara and julie with our "yay, it's krusty's day!" faces on

the klutz, martha, jen and muffin being awesome

DBLB, reagan, and bo also maintaining the awesome

me and janet who got to be in a pic this time instead of taking them for metromix

myself the brunette in a blond sandwich of court and muffin. also take note of the beautiful background scenery

adam, seanski and lzone looking fabulously attractive

post krusty's cocktails at sunset grille - babs, jen and katie

now post krusty's in my opinion is always where it gets interesting because essentially everyone has been drinking for way longer than any human should and then you hop in a cab and get dropped off somewhere outside of the krusty's bubble and people just look at you like you're crazy.

people had the honor of looking at me and my friends like we were insane at edison's pub in tremont. where babs, katie and i decided that we needed something more/better than a simple slice of pizza... we needed fahrenheit.

fahrenheit was a brilliant and tasty idea no doubt, but did we need a $50 bottle of champagne after drinking for 11 hours? probably not. but man were the nachos, pizza and short rib we ordered delicious per usual.

once our "late dinner" was complete it was time for B-E-D which was proven even more so by the fact that i may have started to fall asleep in the short cab ride from tremont to the warehouse district - you'll have that.

ah, krusty's saturday, you never let me down - can't wait till next year!

have a good week kids.

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  1. So, basically what you're saying is, for all the hours I spent in the car on Saturday, you spent an equal number drinking? I think you win. =)

  2. I used to love Krusty's, um, 10 years ago!!! :) Glad to see it's still a blast!

  3. someday... someday i'll make it to Krusty's.

    btw- not sure if you saw this yet or not:

  4. Fact: You fell over approximately 46 sloppy times.

  5. Ditto, Seanski. I was witness to at least half of those falls.

  6. whatever sean and AJP - i can't help it that someone forced me to drink all that vodka before we got to krusty's!!!! goooooooooooooosh.

  7. it was a gorgeous day for my friend's wedding too!

  8. yeah my time line was blowing up with happy krusty updates. It was not in the cards for me this year but next....

  9. i always seem to be somewhere else when this is going on!! this time im at the beach..ill take it!! glad it looks like as much fun as ever! ps love the port o lets in the photo, classy! lol

  10. looks like so much fun!! i spent a few years living in cleveland. i loved it :)

  11. So much fun. Day drinking is always a win in my book -- add friends, the sun and the weather and its a perfect recipe for a great day.

  12. Sounds like a blast! Love the pic with the toilettes in the background... tres chic!

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