the flats: episode three

Friday, September 10, 2010

greetings from salt lake city, utah!!!

i've been here since thursday visiting georgia peach, nameless and their new baby henry but by this afternoon i'll be in boulder, colorado for the wedding festivities of addison montgomery and her soon to be husband mike.

so much to celebrate, and you'll all obviously be able to read all about it come monday, but today isn't about my trip out west, today is about episode 3 of The Flats!

are you familiar with mine, lzone and seanski's web series The Flats?

if not check out episode one HERE and episode two HERE to catch up or refresh your memory before watching episode three below...

you can also follow The Flats on twitter at @the_flats_cle for episode updates and to find out what the cast (i.e. me) is doing.

have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Be careful there in Boulder ... and hopefully that big fire doesn't rain on the wedding festivity parade!

  2. i like the blurring of the penis straw myself and aunt beth - go aunt beth!

  3. Drama with Aunt Beth! Uh oh!

  4. Im slowly getting into that show

    Enjoy your weekend away!

  5. This definitely needs to be picked up by the networks.

  6. Sean: "Your (blanking) Aunt Beth!"

    (moment of silence)

    "They're (blanking)!


    Loved seeing the mini harmonica put to use too. Classic stuff all around. Favorite episode yet.

  7. Have fun at the wedding! Enjoy Boulder!

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