foxxy's birthday, the white party and the browns home opener

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

this past weekend was the official summer to fall turning point for me, and i'm pumped.

there's so much to look forward to in the upcoming weeks that i can barely contain my excitement.

but let's talk about this past weekend before i get too ahead of myself here.

friday night myself, beaver, MOB, and muffin all headed to buckeye beer engine to celebrate foxx's 30th birthday since we missed her actual birthday while attending addison montgomery's wedding last weekend.

we had dinner, drank some beers, laughed amongst ourselves like only old friends can, before we made our way to the west end tavern for the remainder of our evening. it was a great night out with some of my very best friends, life is good.

me, foxxy, beaver and muffin at the west end tavern. this pic was blatantly stolen from MOB's facebook wall, ftr.

me, MOB and foxxy partaking in a shotty shot for double X's 30th

saturday brought the 2nd annual white party hosted by seanski and nugget at their beautiful condo in the painter's lofts.

this years party was bigger and better than last year with every detail perfectly designed and organized from the champagne cocktails when you walked in the door, to the famous cookie table and DJ/dance party.

the white party was a total blast and i can't wait for the 3rd annual!

AJP, CK (as the pope, an obvious white clothing choice), lzone, mark and moe

our fabulous hosts seanski and nugget with his holiness the pope, er, CK

lzone posing with the toilet paper dressed mannequin

john posing with what was left of the aforementioned mannequin post dance party

bzone and AJP fighting over a silly boy... oh no you didn't!

the following video is actually a time lapse of the entire white party, a camera set up in each floor. i'm acutally pretty easy to spot in this video as i stick out like a sore thumb in my black dress.

sunday morning brought one of my most favorite day of the year, the browns home opener!

it was a glorious day in cleveland and by 9:30am i was already in the pit tailgating with my friends, mimosa in one hand, pudding shot (courtesy of AJP) in the other.

the klutz, martha, muffin, mrs verdova and erin showing their browns love

cara, me, colleen and katie making supporting the cleveland browns look good

when it came to game time a couple of my guys friends from UD were in town from chicago/cincy (hurt, keough and eberle respectively) so my friend reagan got us some sweet seats in the friends/family of the players section where we were surrounded by some of what we are assuming were players children resulting in the following picture....

hurt got attacked by some stickers... standard browns attire, natch.

despite the browns loss we had an awesome time thanks in part to the weather holding and the sun coming out.

post game we headed to barley house but eventually opted for the map room where i think we camped out for like 5 hours - sunday funday say whaaaaaaaaaaat?

there were bombs to be had, dancing to be done, and debauchery to be participated in but after 12 hours of fun the night ended with CK and i eating chinese takeout and watching football on my couch, i.e. the perfect end to a great day.

and that ladies and gentleman is another amazing weekend in cleveland.



  1. If you tell me you still made it to work on Monday, I'd say you're my hero, but the fact of the matter is, you're already my hero. What a blast of a weekend!

  2. White party! Browns game! I want all of these things. Your life is lovely. ;) And by the way, you look great these days!

  3. when i was in CLE a few weeks ago, i made of point of making chris show me where map room was, since i've heard so much about it here! :)

  4. love that your friend dressed up as the pope, that is awesome. and a black dress? did you at least wear white shoes? haha.

    and woo brownies, even if they lost i'm a cleveland fan by association :)

  5. Why do your weekends ALWAYS sound so much more fun than mine? I've got a hankering for a football game and damnit, you've inspired me.

  6. Thanks for bringing the pope. I am glad his schedule allowed for a visit to CLE. And he is way cooler than P. Diddy.

  7. The white party seems like such a lot of fun. I would be a rebel like you and wear black too though.

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