ingenuity festival, carlos jones, l'albatros, tremont taphouse and lolita oh my!

Monday, September 27, 2010

it was another great weekend for the books in cleveland!

i had so much fun, traipsed all over our fair city and as i'm reflecting on what i did i'm not sure how i fit it all in and survived to tell the tale.


- dinner/drinks with CK, AJP, the klutz and the jerk at johnny's little bar.
ingenuity festival under the detroit bridge with all the aforementioned people.
- carlos jones and the plus band at brothers lounge where more friends like muffin, jesse, colleen and KJ made appearances.
- sobering up late night breakfast at my friends deli with AJP and CK that from what i can remember involved a feta cheese omelet, nom.

the man made waterfall at the ingenuity festival

carlos jones in all his glory at brothers lounge

muffin, jesse, AJP, the klutz and the jerk being a jerk giving his GF bunny ears...


- spent a couple hours at the arhaus furniture loft clearance center where purchased a new dining room / kitchen table for my new home.
- headed to beachwood place for a little shopping spree that ended up with me bring home a hot new pair of boots that i'm kind of in love with, some tops from h&m, a hot shirt from nordy's and a cute new skirt from banana that upon attempting to wear out saturday night realized that sitting down and not showing my lady parts wasn't really an option... i.e. return.
- CK and i met our wonderful friends moe and mark at
barking spider for some pre-dinner cocktails..... yes, i was actually on the east side.
- dinner at
l'albatros with CK, moe and mark where we drank wine, ate cheese and dined like civilized people at a chic french restaurant. we are soooooooo cosmopolitan, that is until someone orders a glass of cockburn port.... cock.burn.
- post dinner drinks at
the velvet tango room with CK rounded out the night perfectly especially the navan vanilla cognac, mmmmm.

the cheese tray at l'albatros, i can't even explain the heaven i was in

mark and CK in all their bromance glory showing off their supposed "unplanned" matching outfits


- brunch and mimosas at
tremont taphouse with my long lost friend JV, and my not so long lost friends (because i was with them all weekend), AJP and CK.
- brunch turned into into drinking grand marnier and watching the browns lose (again).

- played
M.A.S.H and tic tac toe during halftime naturally.
- post browns loss, CK and i headed to
lolita for a bottle of my favorite jaffurs syrah because if was a sunday night in america and we can do what we want.
- cheese and wine coma ensued.

this weekend was the epitome of fun cleveland living, in my humble option, and i can't wait to do it all again.

have a good week all!


  1. Thanks for letting me spend my entire weekend with you. I'm already going through withdrawls.

  2. I always read about your weekends wondering how you fit it all in and live to tell about it. =)

    Congrats again on the best blog!

  3. Sounds like another fantastical weekend! Mine was a bit less exciting!

  4. So I guess just being east of public square is considered "the east side?"

    I guess I live on "the east side."

  5. So while my weekend involved entirely different things, I agree. This weekend was super awesome. It seems like everyone I know had a really uncommonly good one, across the board. And I think it's because we all spent time at one point or another at Ingenuity. That bridge is fucking magic.

  6. Your weekends are the best, girlie. Always so packed. Late night drinks and late brunches are always awesome to have!

  7. So glad we rekindled our love. Remember...don't be slutty.


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