letters from me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

dear fall tv,

i missed you, and my DVR is happy to be working again.

so excited,

dear eastside of cleveland,

i would like to visit you this weekend. but where should i eat dinner?

a girl who stays on the westside a little too much

dear future townhouse,

thanks for appraising well. i simply can't wait to move into you.


dear muffin,

you know what you did, ahem, interesting, ahem.


dear fellow bloggers,

i feel out of the loop on new blogs i should be reading.... any recommendations?

lazy blog reader

dear grand marnier,

as my current drink of choice you are delicious. by why must bartenders/friends look at me so inquisitively when i order you? good thing i don't care, i love you "grandma"!

alexa "drinking out of a brandy snifter is cool" marinos

p.s. you're really tasty in desserts, i need to use you more often

dear arhaus,

i would like to purchase EVERYTHING in your store, and if i could just transferring your designs into my new home that would be great. how about you drop your prices a little bit though, k?

your #1 fan

dear my little cousin jenna,

i just found out that you are applying to attend the university of dayton next year. please go there, it'll be the best decision you ever make!

flyer for life

p.s. feel free to put my name down on your application as family members who have attended the university... as long as the public safety department doesn't see your application you should be fine ;)


  1. Dear Cleveland's a Plum -
    My DVR is now on overdrive - any suggestions on making more time to watch all of it?? I am a little too far eastside to suggest somewhere for you to eat I'm afraid - unless you want to check out what the Amish have to offer (I didn't think so...) I have links to some great blogs on mine - I am going to steal some of your's as well - I need more to read because after I watch all of that stored up TV with the time you find for me, I will be all set!
    As soon as Arhaus lowers their prices for you, please let me know and I will come along.
    Have a great day!

  2. Ahahaha! That last one is great. Good luck to your cousin!

  3. never fear, east-side food-obsessed shannon is here.

    I recommend: fire, melange, blue canyon (SO GOOD, just so out of the way - twinsburg), paladar, NAYA

    re arhaus: one word for out -- OUTLET. Have you been? AMAZING!

  4. Dear Plum,

    The east side is the best - you should come more often. Moxie, Melange, Saravá, Paladar, Sushi Rock and Los Albatros, are my suggestions. And did you know Arhaus has an outlet store? 7440 Brookpark Road, Brooklyn, OH 44144


  5. Read my blog.

    Everyone else can suck it.

  6. dear alexa's weekends,

    katelin's weekends (and katelin) would like to meet up sometime so let's make it happen. stat.


  7. that letter was also supposed to include dear ALEXA and not just your weekends fyi :)

  8. I love the last letter to your little cousin. I am glad that fall tv is back too. I hope you have a fabulous fall!

  9. My DVR & I are so, so happy to be reunited.

  10. i TOTALLY agree with everyone on the Paladar {Rum Glazed Pork Cubano & Spicy Guacamole}, also try Jekyll's Kitchen {lobster pizza & fried calamari}. mmm mmm good.

  11. From a fellow westsider who rarely leaves my comfort zone (the BV, rocky river, detroit shoreway)...I recommend L'Albatros and Paladar!

  12. looking at this during italian class at school because im bored out of my mind and then i see a reference to me on your blog...still in a state of shock haha

    havent even looked at the application yet, but ill let you know how it goes (:

  13. Dear Lazy Blog Reader,

    Check mine out. Yours has been on my blogroll since I've started. I'm new to the club, and not many people know about me. I don't have many friends yet and would love to sit at the "cool kids table" someday. It's very amateur, but a work-in-progress. Yours rocks.
    Sports Stole My Man

    Congrats on being Cleveland's favorite for two years running.

  14. Cute! I love "Letter" posts. Now I'm curious about what Muffin did...

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