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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my mom (stepho, as i like to fondly call her), is having a garage sale at her home in canton this upcoming weekend.

it's something that is allowing her to get rid of her endless collection of platters, bowls, and glasses... essentially containers in general.

this woman has an enormous house with endless storage that has literally allowed her to continue to collect "pieces" without even realizing the amount of items she has acquired.

which brings me to yesterday.

as you all know, i'm buying a townhouse, which means a have a lot of new rooms to fill with "pieces", and lots of art/furniture to buy.

obviously, i'm going to go through my mom's house calling dibs on anything of importance before she includes it in her garage sale and it's picked up by a lady named nellie wearing elastic waist pants and a floral shirt.

so i went through her house this past saturday, and i called dibs on some candlesticks, and a mirror while i unsuccessfully tried to call dibs on her some of her existing furniture to which she politely said, "yeah right, quit dreaming".

i should have been done right?


yesterday i received approximately 89 emails/texts showing me items that she thought i may want, but they were items that i already turned down.

the text messages that she sent to my email were hysterical and all titled, "???", "how about this?", "more..." or "more stuff..." - i could go on and on.

bless her heart, as i know she was just trying to be nice - but i couldn't help but laugh as message after message came through with another trinket, turning each one down.

man though, i sure hope i don't regret turning down that framed shadow box full of garlic bulbs and chili peppers for my kitchen.


i love you mom, xoxo.


  1. My mother is a hoarder to the highest degree. Whenever I go home, she asks, "are you sure you don't wan to take [x] back with you?" Mind you, I live in a studio, so it's not like I actually have the space. And I appreciate the gesture, but some of the I'm sure this won't be the last barrage of offers you get.

  2. One person's trash is another person's treasure ... or another person's trash. ha. At least you were given first right of refusal.

  3. haha awesome.

    what is also awesome/fun is creating your own shadowbox for your new place.

    or in my case having my wife create one cus I suck at stuff but it does use toys from my childhood and is awesome!

  4. Cutest. My mom texted me the other day expressing her fear that she may actually be a hoarder...

  5. I think your mom and my dad should talk. He does the SAME THING. Except I get pictures of furniture with just the color listed sometimes. So a table image shows up and the copy says "brown." Thanks dad

  6. Ooh Alexa you make me laugh. But you forgot to also mention much of the extra items were from your Grandmother's that you hadn't seen! Also...I am not a hoarder!! You are the one that still has tons of things here, Missy

  7. Umm. . . be thankful your Mom just didn't bring it to you. That's what my parents did. They brought me a hutch, an antique bed frame with head and base board, and an antique dresser.

    Also they brought some questionable lamps which my Mom kept saying I could just buy some new lamp shades to make them less antique-y looking. Oh and some shear light pink curtains because she thought they would look nice with the antique furniture.

    The kicker, I can't give them back either!

  8. Ha, thats funny. My grandfather is the same way. Only he doesnt know what picture messaging is or even own a cell phone. So he usually just brings random stuff down, I take it, then eventually find a way to sneak it back into his garage. Its a vicious cycle.

    I can't wait to see how you decorate the townhouse though!

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