perhaps a little TMI for your friday

Friday, September 17, 2010

i have a conundrum for you all.

hypothetically speaking of course...

once upon a time there was a young lass named "alexis", doing her laundry at a communal laundromat in her apartment complex, when she found a very distinct pair of lace pink leopard print panties from victoria's secret that she had been missing since the last time she did laundry.

awesome right?

well, "alexis" found the aforementioned panties
in the trashcan of her communal laundromat because apparently she had left them in the dryer the time before.

what should "alexis" do?

should she take the panties from the trashcan knowing that there's about a 98% chance that they are in fact hers, or say ew, they are in a trashcan full of dryer sheets and i'm not taking them?

random situation right?

well, spoiler alert...

i'm "alexis", and this happened to me last night.

and as i stood there with the clean panties in my hand, i thought about taking them back for a quick second but then promptly threw them back in the trashcan.

i mean they were nice and all but who knows what had happened to them in the span of a week in the 10th floor laundry room of bridgeview apartments.

but what would you have done? taken them back or left them to swim with the dryer sheets?

sidenote: how weird is the word panties? i kept typing panties, then underwear, then panties, then underwear, but for whatever reason when i think of "underwear" i think of the big ugly cotton variety and the "panties" that i was describing hardly were that variety... so panties is was!

sidenote 2.0: it's friday!!!! GO BROWNS!!!



  1. LOL - panties is the worst word! (but i do agree with you on what the word "underwear" conjures up) :P

    also - becuase of this conversation - i know have the word skivvies stuck in my head - which is a million times worse than panties. fact.

    i would have done what you did :) happy friday friend!

  2. Might have taken them.... that IS a dilemma - the "unmentionable's, I mean.... ;)

  3. Under no circumstances should anyone take garments....out of a trash can to wear them again. It doesn't matter how many times you wash them, you'll always be sketchy about wearing them ever again. Happy Friday and have a great weekend! Here We Go Brownies Here We Go!!!!!

  4. i would leave them. i also say both panties & underwear. sometimes, i like to throw an undies in there, too! Not a huge fan of panties though. probably 90% underwear (even though NONE of them are huge ugly cotton ones)

  5. So long as the word moist does not appear in the same sentence as panties, you should be just fine using that word. And yeah, I probably would've left them, too ...

    BTW, my word verification is muttsomi ... like Mutt SoMi ... as in my dog, who is a mutt. How fantastic is that?!

  6. I'm not of the female persuasion, so this wouldn't happen to me, but if I were, I would have done exactly what you did. Mostly, this is because as a member of the male persuasion, I know what might have happened during the time they were not in my possession.

    At times, we humans are strikingly animalistic, particularly when we know we will never be called upon to answer for our behavior. New undies can be bought. Comfort, however, cannot. Don't wear undies of unknown provenance!

  7. Panties almost sounds dirty...but maybe that's just me. But I agree that it's the better option here.

    And no. Never ever ever take underthings out of the trash - especially if it's not you who put them there.

  8. I don't get why people have a problem with the word panties. It's one of my favorite words actually.

  9. One week is waaaaaay past the 3 second rule!

  10. this is such a funny problem to have! i would have left them, although i would have had to think about it first, haha

    panties is a LITTLE less awkward to type than to say in person! still awkward nonetheless.

  11. haha i probably would have left them and gone and bought some new ones stat. but still weird to find them and have them be yours. bizarre.

  12. Hahaha! That's hilarious! I probably wouldn't have been able to take them either. And totally agree with the panties vs. underwear debate... Panties feels like a dirty word, but underwear gives me a granny-panty type of feeling... Strange. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  13. I totally agree... "Panties" are cute and youthful. "Underwear" is serviceable and grandma-like. I think I would have been tempted to take them. And wash them before I wore them, of course.

    Then again, I also cut the moldy bits off cheese so that I can eat it.

  14. That's like Sophie's Choice but I would have left them. I would be tempted to take them too, but yeah, that situation has a 24 hour rule to reclaim.

  15. ooooh i totally hate the word "panties" because to me it sounds like what little girls wear. so when adults use the word panties i get a very "lolita" vibe which skeeves me right out.

    i... am at a complete loss about what i'd do in that situation. i mean, they were clean.. and yours.. but trashed. i wish i could say i would have thrown them away but i'm just not sure :)

  16. depends. my 'time of the month' panties seem to grow and grow, while my 'good' and 'only for a special boy' panties seems to diminish for the first said reason.

    if it were the time of the month kind, id let them go.

    but vicky v's aint cheap sweet cheeks! I'd have taken them back!

  17. hahah i just laughed out loud reading this. i think signora is catching on to the fact that I am not really writing an Italian report on volcanoes....

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